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Blog URL Changing on Monday

We’ve been using as our blog URL for a lot of years now, but it’s time for a change. As of Monday, March 10, 2014 our blog URL will be What does this mean? Your current feeds will need to be updated to the new feed URL. If you do not…

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Announcing the newest Springshare product – LibStapler is here!

The next major innovation from your friends at Springshare is here! We’re moving into the physical realm and introducing LibStapler – the stapler that not only staples, but provides all the great features, statistics, and support you expect from a Springshare product. Here’s a quick taste of what LibStapler has…

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Web Developers: Come Work for Springshare!

Hey there, Springy Nation! We’re a fast growing company, so we’re always looking for ninja-skilled Web Developers to help us carry out our mission of providing the best web software for libraries. This is what we’re looking for:  LAMP skills of the ninja caliber, including 3+ years PHP / MySQL experience…

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Springshare does not support SOPA or PIPA

As we were wrapping up some fixes regarding the LibGuides connectivity issues today, we noticed some tweets alluding that we somehow support SOPA/PIPA because the attack on GoDaddy coincided with the LibGuides server connectivity issues. Let me be clear in no uncertain terms – we do not support SOPA or…

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Springshare gets nostalgic – it’s our 5-year anniversary!

Five years ago, George Bush was president, the Writers Guild of America went on strike, Steve Jobs announced the first generation iPhone, and a library-loving company called Springshare came into being. What a long way we’ve all come since then! As you can tell, we’re feeling a little nostalgic on…

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Web Developer Ninjas: Come Work with Springshare!

Hey there, Springy Nation! We’re hunting for a few great Web Developers to help us carry out our mission of creating awesome web software and providing even awesome-r service to our libraries. If you have mad skills and a thirst for innovation (or you know someone who does), we want…

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Announcing Mobile Site Builder and LibAnalytics

After we gave a sneak peek to our clients via last week’s newsletter, today I am pleased to announce that the Mobile Site Builder and LibAnalytics systems are now available for anybody to check out. These two new tools expand our Springshare web platform in two important directions – mobile web and statistical analysis….

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Introducing the LibAnswers FAQ!

We’re happy to announce a new way for you to get help with your LibAnswers questions – the LibAnswers FAQ! On this new site, you’ll be able to look for commonly asked questions and submit new questions that will be answered promptly by our Community & Training team. Not sure…

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Springy Training Program

Have you met our Community & Training team? Cause we’re excited to meet with you! This month, thanks in large part to requests from the Springshare Community, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new training program! Whether you’re just starting out with a brand-new system, or you’re a…

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Springy News – October 2010

The theme for our October newsletter is “mobile”! As a premier provider of useful (and cool) web apps for libraries we want to make sure we got your mobile needs covered as well. We released the mobile version of LibGuides, and the reviews have been uniformly great. We did not…

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