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Happy Library Lovers’ Month from Springshare!

Here at Springshare, we’re constantly amazed at the ingenuity and determination of our member libraries and their staff. We love when you ask a question or share ideas in the Springshare Lounge with fellow members of the Springy community. We adore when you write in to our Support Team to…

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Celebrating YOU for National Library Week

National Library Week calls for parades! Fireworks! Dancing in the streets! But in lieu of an all-out bash, we’re celebrating library workers by revisiting some of our favorite stories and presentations from over the years. Let us share your story! Take a minute to tell us what makes your library…

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We Asked School Librarians One Question…

At the American Association for School Librarians Conference (AASL) in October, 2015 – we asked School Librarians one question. Why do you love LibGuides? And the responses we got were as varied as they were astonishing. Here’s a quick recap: Holly Bunt, Library Director at Western Reserve Academy “My students tell…

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LibGuides & Librarian Savvy Help Solve a Mystery

Students at Boston College, with a little help from a librarian and her LibGuide, helped solve a mystery that began a century ago in a Chinese orphanage. The students, undergraduates at BC studying history and art, were trying to determine what had happened to 86 intricately carved wooden models of…

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Awesome LibGuides Customization – With a Twist!

There are three things you should know about Oregon State University. First, their mascot is Benny the Beaver. Second, OSU has more majors and minors than any other University in the state of Oregon – impressive! Third, they are the newest members of the LibGuides Community, with one of the…

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LibAnalytics & the Institutional Review Board

There are few information gathering processes in academia as important as those of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Federally-mandated in the U.S. (other nations have their own systems), IRBs are designed to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who take part in research. But the IRB process, while…

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LibGuides & Faculty Collaboration = Scholarship to ALA

Graduate Assistant Laura Browning was on a mission! She wanted to cultivate a strong collaborative relationship between faculty in the English department and the library’s instruction program at Florida State University. How did she accomplish this? Start off with a strong line of communication with English faculty and their T.A.s….

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Teen Tech Week: Spotlight on LibGuides for Teens

Yesterday marked the start of Teen Tech Week, sponsored by the Young Adult Libraries Services division (YALSA) of the American Library Association. This year’s theme encourages libraries “to throw open their physical and virtual doors to teens and showcase the outstanding technology they offer.” To celebrate Teen Tech Week, we’re…

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We Heart the Springy Community!

We noticed a great exchange happening right now in the Springshare Lounge – it’s the type of conversation that reminds us of the power found in the collective knowledge of the Springy Community. The discussion kicked off as a request for information on adding LibChat widgets to library databases. The…

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200,000 Library Guides (and still counting!)

We’ve often been amazed by the astounding growth rate for guides in LibGuides & CampusGuides – clearly, librarians have a lot of wisdom to share! And today’s milestone has surprised us yet again – as of today, there are over 200,000 librarian-created guides in the system, and more than 1.3 million pages…

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