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Code Release: New LibCal, LibAnswers, LibInsight, LibGuides, & LibConnect Updates Coming Your Way!

LibCal, LibAnswers, LibConnect, & LibInsight releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of day on Friday, May 27, 2022. LibGuides/LibApps release will be live in all regions by the end of day on Friday, June 3, 2022. LibCal The credit card payment screen now supports Name & Zip Code for payments. Admin-side users can trigger and submit credit card payments for pending bookings from the admin pages. A note about Microsoft Exchange Online & the Basic Auth Method: Recently, Microsoft notified customers still using Basic Auth protocols for…

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Code Release: LibCal, LibConnect, & LibStaffer Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you in the next 2 weeks, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. LibCal Hybrid Events Have Arrived! – With this release, we’ve added the ability to create events that are held both Online and at a Physical location. You can set separate maximum registrations for the Online and Physical portions of…

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Your Springshare End of Year Checklist

As 2021 draws to a close, we know that many of you are preparing for the end of the year and the end of the fall semester. This means you’ll likely be thinking about how to best communicate building closures to your patrons, work out holiday coverage plans, and update policies and documentation for the new year. We always aim to be as helpful as possible here at Springshare so…

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Launch LibChat, Literally, On Any Website

Offering a chat reference service is a great way to give real-time, personalized, reference services to library users. It helps patrons who are unable (or too uneasy) to enter a building or visit a desk to ask for help. Virtual chat reference is an accessible extension of your library’s reference desk – into the web ether. It’s an emoji smiley face instead of a physical one. However, it relies on…

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Route LibAnswers & LibChat Through Authentication Layer!

Do any of the scenarios sound familiar? Do you only want registered card holders or students/faculty to launch a LibChat? Are you a hospital, government, or law library needing to restrict access to your LibAnswers FAQs to only your authorized list of patrons? Do you want to restrict your LibAnswers ‘Ask Us’ Form from being submitted by anyone on the world wide web? In case you missed it, LibAnswers recently…

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Code Release: New LibCal, LibAnswers, LibInsight, LibStaffer, LibConnect, & LibWizard Features Coming Your Way!

We’re thrilled to bring you all new updates for Fall! These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, November 19, 2021. LibCal We’ve added a new “Integration Status” report, so Admins can see the current integrations that each account holder has set up – this includes both Exchange/Google Appointment syncs, and Online Appointment/Event…

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Thanks for a Great LJ Fall Summit!

We had a wonderful time at this year’s Library Journal Fall Summit. While we missed the hustle and bustle of the exhibit hall, we loved chatting with all of you during our live screencasts and in our virtual booth!   Watch Our Presentation on Exceeding Patron Expectations in the New “Normal” Speaking of Screencasts…. the LJ Fall Summit may be over, but you can still watch our recording from the conference! This presentation discusses the patron experience during the Covid-19 pandemic and how that has…

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LibConnect w/ ILS Integration: Save Time & Increase Engagement with Auto-Updates

At the end of August, we (re)Introduced LibConnect to the Springy verse. Long story short, we rebranded LibCRM to be LibConnect because we’re rolling out amazing Email Marketing functionality with ILS Integration. And, we’re happy to say, that functionality has now arrived! LibConnect’s Email Marketing tool has ILS integration which auto-retrieves patron information making it easy to send them stunning marketing emails. Even better, our ILS Integration has auto-update functionality…

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Springy Participation in Upcoming Conferences

We can’t begin to tell you just how much we miss attending traditional conferences like we did in the before times. They’re always this terrific opportunity to be in the same room with our enthusiastic librarians. We love to answer your questions, show you what’s new and exciting, share awesome little tips and tricks, and you just can’t beat the fun of putting a face to an email. We hope…

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Staying in the Know – Keeping Up with Springshare

Knowing all the stuff you’re supposed to know that you don’t know – it’s an exhausting endeavor. How can you know the stuff you don’t quite know yet that you’re supposed to know?! See, even we’re tired just thinking that through. Here at Springshare, we have several different channels for you to communicate with each other, with us, and to keep updated on Springshare news. So, we thought we’d make…

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Recent Webinars You Might’ve Missed! Recordings Available

No matter what library type you work for (Academic, Public, Special, K12, etc), back-to-school season seems to affect us all. Whether you’re getting yourself geared up for students to come back to your building/campus, or you’re getting your own kiddos ready, or you’ve been inundated with back-to-school ads and commercials – August and September seem to be dedicated to one thing. Okay maybe two things, is anyone else sick of…

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