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LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, and LibStaffer Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, July 26, 2024. LibAnswers We’ve introduced Publishing Workflows for FAQs! SMS tickets now support sending/receiving images in the US and CA regions. The Out of Office status can now send an “away” reply to patrons. For more details on these and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibAnswers July Release post! Training resources for LibAnswers: live sessions | recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning LibCal SMS Reminders for Event Registrations are here! We’re adding customizable Event…

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LibGuides Blogs Refresh

We’re excited to bring you a new Blogs experience – coming to all LibGuides systems this month! LibGuides Blogs will feature an updated look, a centralized Blogs Management area, and new features to make blogging easier for you and your readers. Read on for a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on or sign-up for our April 30 training session to see it in-depth. Three Homepage Layout Options Every…

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Introducing LibBNB: Bookable Book Nooks

LibBNB Opens Its Doors on April 1st The escape from reality that you’ve been waiting for… Reserve a Book Nook Anywhere in the World… …for days, weeks, even months at a time! Explore such features as: LibBNB Categories: Select from our extensive list of curated category filters to find your perfect book nook match. Amenities Galore: Pillow fort? Ceiling-high TBR stack? Sound system with LibWhisper integration? Discover what each book…

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Conference Travel Tips From the Springy Crew

Library conferences bring folks together for a few days packed with books, ideas, resources, and some of the best people in the world – librarians! The Springy team collectively has quite a few years of travel experience under our belts, so we’ve compiled this list of conference and travel tips for you. Whether you’re a seasoned conference-goer or a relative travel newbie, we hope some of these tips will help…

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Catch Us in Columbus, Ohio! — PLA 2024, Booth #501

The Springshare team is heading to the Public Library Association conference next month! This is our first PLA since forming a dedicated Public Library Division and acquiring Patron Point, so we’re especially excited to see you there and share all of our new public library initiatives. Attending in person? Stop by Booth #501 to chat with us and pick up some swag. Plus, you’re going to want to carve out…

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Code Release: LibCal, LibAnswers, LibStaffer, LibGuides, and LibInsight Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, March 22, 2024. LibCal It is now possible to apply geofencing or IP restrictions to the Check In/Out process for Seat/Space bookings! For more details on these and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibCal March Release post! Training resources for LibCal: live sessions |…

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March Maintenance Madness

Sure, we’ve all heard of March Madness, and perhaps even March Mammal Madness, but have you heard about March Maintenance Madness?! Well, we did just make that up – but still, we can predict its gonna be #trending so jump on board the early train! March Maintenance Madness is meant to encourage all of you to take some time to review the security and safety of not only your Springshare systems,…

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Updates from the Springshare Lounge

The Springshare Lounge is the place to be! Why? First of all, the Lounge gives Springshare users like you an online community space to collaborate, ask questions, and help out other customers. But that’s not all – the Lounge is also where we connect with you to share information, including product Release Notes with the latest details about new and improved features. And the best part? We’re making it easier…

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Learning Lab: Create Sold Out Events @ Your Library!

We’ve all been there… You’ve worked hard to create an amazing event at the library. Lined up speakers. Coordinated everyone’s availability, which often feels like herding cats. Sent endless emails getting everything worked out. Arranged all the materials, both high-tech hardware and low-tech crafting supplies. Got there early the morning of to make sure everything’s all set up for the big event, and turnout is well… lackluster. You deflate a…

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LibGuides + March Mammal Madness

As the last remaining hours of February pass by, the days begin to grow longer, and the air slowly gets warmer, it can only mean one thing… March Mammal Madness is almost here! If you’ve somehow missed out on this viral LibGuides sensation over the past 12 years, we’re here to fill you in and give you all the details about Arizona State University’s March Mammal Madness tournament. March Mammal…

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Recent Webinars You Might Have Missed

You may be asking yourself, “How is it already 2024?!” Well fasten your seatbelt, hold onto your hat, and brace yourself – because not only is it 2024, we’re already over halfway through February! If you’ve completely lost track of time, it’s possible you may have missed out on some of our awesome Springy webinars. But never fear! We have all the recordings available of the recent webinars you’ll definitely…

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