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Conference Travel Tips From Your Fave Springys

For over 2 years we sat at home or in our offices… attending conferences virtually. But now we’re back to traveling in person to conferences, even more than we did before the pandemic! So we surveyed the Springy team and asked them to pull together a list of their favorite conference and travel tips. If we see you in a few weeks at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago (Booth #1525), let us know which one was your favorite or share a tip of your own! 1. If You See Springy Talia On Your Plane, RUN This is a “kidding,…

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Introducing LibWhisper: ASMR for Libraries

Brain-Tingling Goodness Delivered Straight To Your Ears Springshare’s latest and greatest product – LibWhisper – launches tomorrow, April 1, 2023! We don’t normally launch a new product on a Saturday, but we couldn’t wait to announce it to the world! LibWhisper is a brand new state-of-the-art ASMR tool, designed specifically for libraries. With LibWhisper, you can layer audio clips from our sound library to craft your ideal library setting. Your…

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Post-ACRL Recap: Amazing Guest Speakers & More!

Springys had an amazing time at last week’s ACRL Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Was there a gorgeous river view from the conference hall (if ya know, ya know)? Absolutely. Did we all enjoy some amazing tacos at Condado’s? Also yes. Was everyone bummed to get in their cars or planes to head home? Without a doubt. But the best part about this year’s ACRL conference, aside from the fact…

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One Webinar Left for Chatbot

Our third and final product demo for the new LibAnswers Chatbot is next Monday, March 20th! In this quick overview, we’ll show you… How Chatbot can serve as the first point of contact for your library patrons with our example Chatbots for different scenarios – you’ll get a feel for how your patrons can interact with Chatbot! Where to design Chatbot flows that answer common questions, connect users to your LibGuides…

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It’s Nearly Time for ACRL! – Find Us at Booth #711

In less than a week, the Springy Team will be in Pittsburgh, PA, for the ACRL 2023 Conference! Attending in person? Stop by Booth #711 to pick up some Springy swag and chat with us about #LibraryLife. Plus, you’re going to want to carve out some time in your busy conference schedules to catch our flash presentations! We’re bringing you a stellar lineup of Springy experts demonstrating new product features,…

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Are You Heading to ACRL in Pittsburgh, PA?

The last time Springshare attended ACRL was in 2019! We can’t believe it’s been four years (it feels both longer and shorter than 4 years, doesn’t it?!) since we’ve see all your faces. And guess what? We’re looking for guest presenters at the Springshare Booth #711. Learning From Each Other The whole point of attending conferences is to learn from others. To get inspired by what they’re doing and see…

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LibAnswers Chatbot is Here!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, LibAnswers Chatbot is here! Chatbot can serve as the first point of contact for your chat patrons, guiding them through search options, assisting with finding common FAQs and general library information, and passing them off to live chat operators whenever needed. Depending on the Flows you create, Chatbot can route patron questions to specific chat departments, prompt them to create a new LibAnswers ticket, execute a LibGuides or LibAnswers search,…

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Code Release: LibCal, LibAnswers, LibGuides, LibApps, LibConnect, LibInsight, LibStaffer, & LibWizard Features Coming Your Way!

We have lots of exciting updates to share with you in our February release! From our all new Chatbot functionality, to nested subject categories in LibGuides, to better field rule management in LibWizard and accessibility improvements across the board, these releases truly have something for everyone! These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on…

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Did You Miss Our ‘Library of Things’ Webinar?

Staying On Top of Your Unconventional Collections Whether your library lends board games, checks out passes for discounts to local museums, circulates in-house tech like laptops or chargers, or all of the above, the Lending Hub helps you keep these items organized. During our webinar earlier this week, we showed you how to use the Lending Hub to create a visual catalog for your nontraditional collections of physical and digital…

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We’re Back from LibLearnX – Here’s the Recap!

We had a whirlwind of a weekend at ALA’s LibLearnX Conference at the end of January! Our time in New Orleans meant basking in the beautiful weather, enjoying delicious food, and, of course, connecting with library folks and Springshare clients. We loved getting the chance to highlight what Springshare has planned for the year ahead, showcase how our guest presenters use Springy tools at their libraries, and take you behind…

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Catch a Sneak Peek of LibCal’s Lending Hub Functionality!

From Library of Things collections to museum passes, LibCal’s Lending Hub makes it easy to manage your library’s unconventional collections. The Lending Hub combines the existing Equipment Booking module with the new Museum Passes & eTickets functionality so you can manage both physical and digital tickets, as well as physical items your library lends. Want to catch a sneak peek of the Lending Hub in action? Join us for a…

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