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Post-PLA Recap: Amazing Guest Speakers & More!

Is PLA actually over?! Our disbelief stems from the fact that we’re still buzzing from the event and feeling like the conference vibrancy and vivacity are still with us! Alas, if only! We had such a great time at this year’s PLA conference in Columbus, OH – overeating (just a smidge) from Bare Burger across the street (I mean, those fries, right?), chatting with so many of you at our booth, and hearing about how you are using Springshare Tools to meet the needs of your patrons. From guest speakers presenting at our booth (recordings linked below) to sessions mentioning…

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LibGuides + March Mammal Madness

As the last remaining hours of February pass by, the days begin to grow longer, and the air slowly gets warmer, it can only mean one thing… March Mammal Madness is almost here! If you’ve somehow missed out on this viral LibGuides sensation over the past 12 years, we’re here to fill you in and give you all the details about Arizona State University’s March Mammal Madness tournament. March Mammal…

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Recent Webinars You Might Have Missed

You may be asking yourself, “How is it already 2024?!” Well fasten your seatbelt, hold onto your hat, and brace yourself – because not only is it 2024, we’re already over halfway through February! If you’ve completely lost track of time, it’s possible you may have missed out on some of our awesome Springy webinars. But never fear! We have all the recordings available of the recent webinars you’ll definitely…

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Celebrating Black History Month 2024

In honor of Black History Month, observed in February in the United States and Canada, we’re highlighting some incredible LibGuides that celebrate Black voices and stories. This month is dedicated to “paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society” ( and “honour[ing] the legacy of Black people in Canada and their communities” ( From the LibGuides Community Marymount Library…

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Happy Library Lovers’ Month from Springshare!

Here at Springshare, we’re constantly amazed at the ingenuity and determination of our member libraries and their staff. We love when you ask a question or share ideas in the Springshare Lounge with fellow members of the Springy community. We adore when you write in to our Support Team to ask for advice on how you can accomplish your next great idea. It makes our day when you present about…

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New LibWizard Interactive Tutorials

LibWizard Interactive Tutorials are here! With Interactive Tutorials, you can create an engaging learning experience for your students and patrons using interactive hotspots, callouts, and questions built into your slides. Interactive Tutorials launched for all LibWizard Full systems in December 2023, but if you haven’t had a chance to check it out or you want some more info, we’ve got two upcoming webinars! What can you do with Interactive Tutorials?…

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Code Release: LibCal, LibAnswers, LibStaffer, LibGuides, LibApps, LibWizard, & LibInsight Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, February 9th, 2024. LibCal We’ve added a Free Image Library to the Create Event screen, which makes it very easy to find images from Pixabay to use as featured images in your events! Our new Remotelock integration is certified and ready! We have new bulk…

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A New Integration: LibChat & LibKey Nomad++

We’ve got some great news for you on this lovely Friday afternoon – LibKey Nomad++ from Third Iron can be integrated with Springshare’s LibChat to help your library meet users wherever they’re researching! LibKey Nomad++, an enhancement of LibKey Nomad, is a browser extension that enables access to a library’s full-text resources as research is conducted online. LibKey Nomad provides one-click access to full text from sites like PubMed, Wikipedia,…

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Present With Springshare at PLA 2024!

LibLearnX is in our rearview mirror, and the Springy Team is gearing up for a busy conference season! With our newly formed Public Library Division, we’re especially excited for PLA in Columbus this April. Here at Springy HQ, we’re busy preparing, but there’s one thing that would make PLA the best conference ever – you! Join us for a flash presentation! There are many reasons to attend a conference –…

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Where’s Springshare the Next Few Months?

Our conference calendar is filling up! Here’s a preview of where you can find Springshare between now and April. (Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of conferences coming for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!) ALA LibLearnX – Baltimore, MD When: Saturday, January 20 – Monday, January 22 Where: Baltimore Convention Center, Booth #1016 At the end of this week, the Springy crew is braving the brisk January temperatures…

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A Platinum Win for Patron Point in 2024 MLAs by LibraryWorks

Awards Season is upon us! No, we’re not referring to the Golden Globes or Academy Awards; we’re talking about the red-carpet event of the library world, the Modern Library Awards from LibraryWorks. We are thrilled to report that our email marketing and engagement tool, Patron Point, has received a platinum award in the tenth annual MLAs. This is the third consecutive year Patron Point has received the honor!  The MLAs…

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