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Cross ‘Watch Patron Point Webinar’ Off Your To-Do List

It’s the human condition to always overestimate how much time we have. “I’ll get to that tomorrow,” we tell ourselves. Tomorrow becomes next week, and that becomes next month, and so on and so forth. Until suddenly, December is around the corner and the end of the year is nigh – and we go into full rushing-around-mode trying to fit everything we wanted to get done by year’s end into just a couple of weeks. Well, have no fear – there’s no rush to watch any of the Springshare webinar recordings by the end of 2023. They’re not going to…

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Explore the Library of the Future with this LibWizard Escape Room

Journey With Us to the Year 2147 The Center of Knowledge’s Quantum Computer needs your help fending off a malicious virus! No, we haven’t built a time machine (yet), but we’ve got the next best thing: an immersive online escape room built using LibWizard and intricately designed by librarians at Central Economics Library at the School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From CEK to the Future Urban Golob,…

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Webinar Series: Setting Staff Up for Success with Springy Tools

This September, we’re digging into setting staff up for success! We’ve organized a series of webinars that are all about onboarding, training, and scheduling your staff. To kick things off, we’ve got an exciting SpringySession to help you coordinate a staff training program. Springy Jen, a master trainer, will take you behind the scenes to show you how Springshare trains employees. The series continues with two webinars all about successfully…

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Get Ready for Fall: Tips from Your Favorite Springys

The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the weather’s cooling down (or maybe not quite yet), that can only mean one thing… autumn is just around the corner! Some of us are gearing up to head back to school and others are already in the swing of things, so we’ve put together a list of tried-and-true tips from the Springy crew to help you get ready for fall!…

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Exciting News! Announcing Springshare’s Acquisition of Patron Point

You might have heard the news earlier today that Springshare has acquired Patron Point! We are beyond excited about combining the strengths of our two companies to deliver best-in-class marketing automation and engagement software to libraries. Both Springshare and Patron Point teams are already brimming with integration ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you about your ideas and suggestions, too. Here are some highlights of the acquisition and our…

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SpringyCamp 2023 Roundup

SpringyCamp 2023 was a blast! From our lineup of amazing presenters to attendees’ questions and discussions in the Lounge, we loved hearing from so many of you. SpringyCamp is our totally free virtual user conference where you get to hear how other libraries and institutions from around the world are using their Springshare tools in interesting and innovative ways. This year, we did things a little bit differently, with the…

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Countdown to the Last Day of SpringyCamp 2023

Can you believe it? SpringyCamp Day Two is tomorrow! Grab a s’moresational snack – August 10 is National S’mores Day, after all – and settle in around the campfire. It’s time for another afternoon of sharing stories and getting Springy-inspired. What is SpringyCamp? SpringyCamp is our annual virtual conference – it’s fun, informative, and totally free for all Springshare users! You can hear real-world stories of how librarians are using…

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Springshare Partnerships & Integrations You Might Not Know About!

Over the years, Springshare has partnered with many different vendors to better integrate our tools with theirs! And while you might have caught those announcements here and there, we thought we’d do a roundup of all our partnerships and integrations into one blog post. So, if you subscribe to any of the below tools, or you’re thinking about it, read on to see how you can integrate them with your…

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SpringyCamp Day One: 72 Hours Away!

It’s going to be August 1 tomorrow. Yup, you read that right. August 1 is tomorrow! If that’s making you feel like this summer has been flying by, join the club. Here at SpringyHQ, we can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through 2023. But, if you’re hanging on by your fingernails as time quite literally flies by, there is something to look forward to as the clock ticks on at lightning…

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Code Release: LibCal, LibAnswers, LibGuides, LibStaffer, LibInsight, & LibWizard Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, August 4, 2023. The LibWizard release is live in all regions as of Thursday July 27th, 2023. LibCal Building on our new Spaces search UI, we’re thrilled to bring you the ability to create custom attribute filters (in addition to the current “Accessible” & “Powered”…

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Head Off to SpringyCamp This Summer!

Roasting marshmallows. Telling stories by the campfire. Slathering mustard (or ketchup) on your hotdog. Spraying on copious amounts of mosquito repellent… But nothing truly says summer like SpringyCamp! Pack up your virtual knapsack and join us on August 3 and August 10 for our annual free virtual user conference! This year, we’re doing things a bit differently – come and go as you please and simply drop in to the sessions…

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