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LibGuides, LibCal, LibStaffer, and LibInsight Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you over the next 2 weeks, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, May 24, 2024.


  • The all new Blogs are here! We're excited to bring you a new host of homepage options, blog statistics, and much more granular controls over all types of functionality, including appearance and comments. Check out the lounge post on the new blogs functionality for the full scoop!
  • Our new Sublists functionality is here! Use the new sublist functionality to identify a subset of your existing A-Z databases, and highlight that subset  in its own searchable landing page. Use this option for creating lists of databases that are available on or off campus, or databases that are available to alumni, faculty, and students, or databases available at different libraries within your LibGuides site - so many options to explore!
  • And our Multi AZ functionality is here too! With this new option, LibGuides CMS clients can create custom assets, complete with customized fields related to each type of asset, and use them to generate searchable A-Z landing pages to highlight those resources. This solution is perfect for creating lists of anything, from OER resources to etc.

For more details on these and more, head over to the Lounge post on the new Blogs functionality, and the post on Sublists and Multi AZ functionality!

Training resources for LibGuides: live sessions | recorded sessions

Training resources for LibApps: recorded sessions


  • We've updated our API documentation to use the Open API standard, for easier readability and a more universal experience.
  • We've made several additional bug fixes and improvements

For more details on these and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibCal May Release Post!

Training resources for LibCal: live sessions | recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning


  • We've added a filter field for the COUNTER 5 dataset's platform so that you can narrow down the data displayed in your charts to the selected platforms. You can group the data by displaying the data as an aggregate of the selected platforms or group them separately.
  • We added a breakdown of the Other choice contents in Field Analysis → Analyze All Select Fields.

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibInsight May Release post!

Training resources for LibInsight: recorded sessions


  • We've added alternative display names for accounts, which will display across LibStaffer instead of the LibApps first and last name.
  • We've added a way to indicate how many hours of time off should be reflected in the "All Day" time off option.
  • We've added an option to prevent admin level users from approving their own time off.

For more details on these and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibStaffer May Release post!

Training resources for LibStaffer: recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning

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