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LibAnswers – New Features are Live!

Can you feel it? Spring is here, and we’re celebrating with a new crop of LibAnswers features! New in LibAnswers: SMS now available in Canada and the UK! Picture it: a text messaging service that’s directly tied in to your LibAnswers workflow. Send and receive SMS messages, create auto-responders, and enjoy…

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LibAnswers Code Update: Full Text Indexing, and More!

The last LibAnswers update was just 4 weeks ago, but our LibAnswers development team has been feeling hyper this August, so we’ve just rolled out some excellent new features! Full-text Search has arrived – WOO HOO! You can now search the full text of question and answer contents, both in…

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LibAnswers Updates

LibAnswers got a major upgrade last week. You’ve probably noticed the major toolbar organization changes, and may have seen our guide on the LibAnswers Update, but we have tons of additional features and upgrades to tell you about! Here’s the highlights reel: The New pop-up Widget is an awesome way…

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New LibAnswers Features Released!

We are very excited to announce a brand-new release of LibAnswers system with tons of new features and improved functionality. The updates went out this past weekend so everything is live already. Here is the rundown of the new stuff: LibAnalytics. We introduced a new product called LibAnalytics, which borrows from the functionality of…

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Introducing the LibAnswers FAQ!

We’re happy to announce a new way for you to get help with your LibAnswers questions – the LibAnswers FAQ! On this new site, you’ll be able to look for commonly asked questions and submit new questions that will be answered promptly by our Community & Training team. Not sure…

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LibAnswers helps libraries win the race!

Here’s a “too good not to share” story from our friends at Albuquerque/Bernalillo County (ABC) Libraries, who published a LibAnswer that received 11,000+ views in 5 days. An online trivia contest (“Outwit the West” – top prize: $1 million dollars) recently caused an internet sensation, and a patron submitted one of…

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LibAnswers Code Update – Mobile, Multi-lingual, Faster… Oh my!

If you noticed a lack of code updates for LibAnswers in the past couple of months, that was just the quiet before the storm because we are excited thrilled to announce a major LibAnswers code update which went live last night. There are lots of little fixes in this update…

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New Features for LibGuides/CampusGuides and LibAnswers

Over the weekend we successfully completed another major code update (without any system downtime – kudos to our tech team!) and rolled out many new features. Watch for the full details of all new features in our upcoming October newsletter, but here is the summary: LibGuides/CampusGuides: Mobile interface for your…

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Promoting your LibAnswers SMS/Texting service

Our client libraries will really like this new thing we’re doing – namely, we have started creating marketing/advertising/pr materials to help our clients promote the wonderful things they are doing with our products – LibAnswers, LibGuides, and CampusGuides. The first marketing/advertising “how to” we put together is for LibAnswers –….

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August 2010 Code Update

July and August are (we’re told) the “Dog Days” of summer – apparently for some, the heat and humidity of the season is supposed to cause stagnation and inactivity. Frankly, we think it’s a bunch of hooey – librarians are as busy as ever, and so are we! So while…

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