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LibAnswers: SMS, Notes, and Keyword update now Live!

We have a belated Valentine’s Day present heading your way (we didn’t forget, we promise!) in the form of a LibAnswers update! Read on to learn about all the new features.

Notes Makeover

Notes associated with individual questions got an upgrade:

  • Multiple Notes – Add multiple notes to questions to track the internal history of a question. Notes are now Rich-Text optimized, so feel free to add links, lists, and even tag questions for later follow-up as a searchable way to retrieve past questions.
  • Share Notes outside LibAnswers – Ever felt the need to consult on an answer with someone outside of your LibAnswers system? You can now email new notes to users outside your system – and best of all, replies to your notes are automatically added as a new note on that question.

SMS Threading & Updates

We’re making it easier to keep track of discrete SMS interactions with:

  • Better “Previous Messages” Views – We’ve improved the info on the ‘View Previous Messages’ link so you’ll get a more complete picture of the full SMS conversation.
  • Edit SMS Transaction & Threads – By default, the system defines an SMS “thread” as all questions & replies from one user in a 24 hour period. If new replies are part of an older original thread, move the new conversation to the old thread.
  • SMS Notifications to multiple numbers – We’ve added more notification options to let you know when new questions come in to your system. Head to Admin Stuff System Settings SMS Notification Number and add multiple numbers separated with a space.

Secure / HTTPS module

We now offer HTTPS support in LibAnswers – both for full sites, and for widgets and APIs.

  • If you’re loading LibAnswers content or embedding LibAnswers widgets into a separate https site (Blackboard / Moodle / Desire2Learn / etc…), our new HTTPS support will avoid those pesky ‘unsecured content’ error messages. Email us at to set it up!
  • New API Security Features – We’re adding new options for security-conscious sites to help keep API data secure. You can:
    • Turn off the API entirely
    • Add IP restrictions so only certain users can generate API calls
    • Force API calls to load over HTTPS

Please note – HTTPS support is currently available for sites on a * domain. We’re still investigating HTTPS support for sites with custom domains.

Keyword Overhaul

Admins, head to Admin Stuff Metadata Keywords Tab to see these new features:

  • Keyword Admin Screen – View all the keywords in your system and view questions assigned to a keyword. Need to add/edit keywords? You got it!
  • View Questions Without Keywords – View the questions that aren’t assigned any keywords and add them with one click.

Bonus Updates

  • LibAnswers SPAMBlocking Options for Email & SMS – Has your system received a spam email or SMS message? Then SPAM it! You’ll find a new ‘Spam’ icon in your Unanswered Queue. Click to report suspicious spammy emails and we’ll rollout a red-carpet SmackDown!
  • Improved Notifications in LibChat – We’ve upgraded the LibAnswers notifications on the LibChat screen:
    • Replies to existing questions will display
    • Preview new questions
    • Want to answer the question? Just click it to claim it you’ll go straight to the answering page
  • New System Backup API – Grab a full feed of your public knowledge base!

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