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LibAnswers Updates

LibAnswers got a major upgrade last week. You’ve probably noticed the major toolbar organization changes, and may have seen our guide on the LibAnswers Update, but we have tons of additional features and upgrades to tell you about! Here’s the highlights reel:

  • The New pop-up Widget is an awesome way to integrate your Ask a Librarian service in any website! Check out our Widget help guide for examples and more info.
  • The question submission form is now more customizable. There are now a total of 3 multiple-choice fields and 2 free-text fields to work with, and the labels for every element of the form are customizable! More info
  • We’ve consolidated new incoming content (new questions, replies, and comments) into a centralized “Unanswered” stream. Question Replies are easier to keep track of, and we’ve made it easy to break replies out out into new questions (for those “one more question… type replies)
  • There are tons of new filter & sort options available for  knowledge base and Reference Analytics content, including date/day/time filters, name/email info, question-form data, etc. More info
  • Query Spy now includes referrer URL information for every record (so you can see where people are asking questions – a little context goes a long way!) More info
  • We’ve added monthly reporting for public question views (beginning with 8/2011)
  • Chart and Stats export options also got an upgrade – it’s now easier to export, edit, and print all the beautiful data you can find in LibAnswers. More info
  • We’ve also added new Cross-Tab reports for Reference Analytics clients! Compare two Analytics fields for in-depth data analysis.

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