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LibAnswers Update is Live; Important Info for Email Settings

In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, “It’s Aliiive!” – the LibAnswers update, that is. In case you missed our preview post last week, remember: you can check out a full list of the new features available at We’re super excited to tell you about the new Email features. You can now choose to funnel emails sent to a specific email address – like – straight into your LibAnswers system.

Instructions for setting up the new Email features can be found below. We highly recommend that admins take a look at the new Email Settings page (found under Admin Stuff -> System Settings) to confirm settings.

If your Libanswers system is on the domain:

We’ve set you up with a generic email address already – ask@* (where * is the lead part of your domain). Change this to whatever you’d like – head to Admin Stuff -> System Settings -> Email Settings.

If your LibAnswers system is on your own domain (ex:

We’ll work with you (and your IT folks) on set up – email us at to get things rolling. There are two primary options:

  • Ask your IT folks to redirect a whole domain (like to LibAnswers. Similar to setting up Custom Domain Mapping, this requires your IT to set up a DNS record. Contact us for specific instructions. This is the most reliable way to receive and send mail with a address. [Please note – this will apply to the entire domain – it won’t work for one address in the domain, like We recommend using a dedicated domain, like, for this reason.]
  • If your IT folks aren’t keen on setting up a custom domain, you can forward specific email accounts to an Incoming Email Address. Patrons can still email, but the message will forward to for ingestion into LibAnswers. Contact us and let us know what you’d like to be (ex:
If you’re using the Email feature, we also highly recommend setting the Send Answer/Reply Emails “FROM” setting to your primary Incoming Email Address. This way, when users reply to a message, those replies are routed into the system.

Plus, LibChat is here!

Check out the features and view a 3-minute video of the new functionality. When you’re ready to jump in, email us at to get chatting!

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