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LibGuides & Faculty Collaboration = Scholarship to ALA

Graduate Assistant Laura Browning was on a mission! She wanted to cultivate a strong collaborative relationship between faculty in the English department and the library’s instruction program at Florida State University. How did she accomplish this? Start off with a strong line of communication with English faculty and their T.A.s. Next add in a dash of marketing and library promotion. Mix in personalized emails and face-to-face meetings. And the cherry on top? Build a LibGuide that addresses each English class’s needs. View Laura’s ENC1142 & ENC1145 LibGuide.

Through hard work, Laura’s English LibGuide grew to over 7,000 views since August 2012 and is ranked 3rd in popularity of all the Florida State University’s research guides. English T.A.s walked away feeling that their class was treated specially and not glommed in with all the ‘English’ classes. Laura was able to meet the needs of the English T.A.s by building a targeted LibGuides page designed to address their research requirements.

“Libguides were a fundamental element in strengthening my collaborative relationships with the T.A.s.”

Not only was the project wildly successful it was also rewarding personally and professionally. Laura submitted her project to the Robert F. Alseson Memorial ALA Conference Grant and her winning essay afforded her a trip to ALA! She stopped by Springshare’s booth to share the good news and we couldn’t wait to interview her!

Congratulations Laura!

1 thought on “LibGuides & Faculty Collaboration = Scholarship to ALA”

  1. Hello! This is great and very timely for me as I want to do the same thing with my subject areas – how can I see Laura’s English Libguide?

    Thanks – Jennifer ________________________________________

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