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New to LibInsight: Track Individual Reference Questions, and More!

Up until now, to track and analyze reference questions, a library had to create a custom dataset. That’s still possible, of course, but if you’re a librarian who likes things in the right categories (and we know you are!), you can use a new option in the Reference Dataset to track…

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New in LibAnalytics: Analytics Engine Overhaul

Our new analytics engine will turbo-charge your data analysis, making it possible to analyze exponentially larger datasets in LibAnalytics. What does that mean exactly? With the previous engine, sites with especially large numbers of individual records in a single dataset (in the neighborhood of 50,000 records) could experience lags and…

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LibAnalytics & the Institutional Review Board

There are few information gathering processes in academia as important as those of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Federally-mandated in the U.S. (other nations have their own systems), IRBs are designed to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who take part in research. But the IRB process, while…

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LibAnalytics Insight Platform

We hope we got your blood pumping with yesterday’s post about the next-gen LibGuides. But there’s more good news to share – we’ve been busy working on another platform which, we believe, will have an even greater impact on libraries than LibGuides has had. Here’s the scoop… We know librarians…

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New in LibAnalytics: Duration Analysis

You probably know this about us by now, but when we hear great ideas from clients, we like to make them happen fast. Created thanks to a mix of great ideas and Ninja know-how, our new Duration Analysis report is a great way to view how much time you’re spending…

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New LibAnalytics Features: Instance Designer and Widgets

We are announcing two important new features for LibAnalytics: Instance Designer and LibAnalytics Widgets. These new features open up a slew of possibilities to use LibAnalytics in a whole new way. Our new Instance Designer makes it easy to fully customize the look and feel of your instance! It has everything from reordering…

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LibAnalytics: Numerical Analysis, Kapow!

We’ve added a new tool to the LibAnalytics data arsenal – Numerical Analysis! It’s perfect for answering these types of questions: On average, how many people use your study rooms after 3pm on Thursdays? In July, how many people were in the building before 10am? What are the total and…

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LibAnalytics: Customization Galore!

Last week we introduced you to our awesomesauce Cross Tab reports. This week we’re all about bringing you the cherry on top: customization…and more customization! 1. Custom Ordering of Fields You’re psyched you have so many options and can really record any data you want – we hear ya, it’s…

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LibAnalytics: Cross Tab Reports are here!

If you thought LibAnalytics was tasty, then our new awesome-sauce feature will blow your data tastebuds away! Cross Tab Reporting is like the umami of comparative statistics.  It enables you to see a full comparison between any 2 multi-choice fields, making it easy to identify interdependencies between the data you track. For…

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Announcing Mobile Site Builder and LibAnalytics

After we gave a sneak peek to our clients via last week’s newsletter, today I am pleased to announce that the Mobile Site Builder and LibAnalytics systems are now available for anybody to check out. These two new tools expand our Springshare web platform in two important directions – mobile web and statistical analysis….

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