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Monthly LibGuides Stats – December 2009

What a great way to end the year – with Charles Darwin University becoming LibGuides member library #1000.  Congratulations to all LibGuides sites for being part of such an amazing community of educators! Community Sites: 1023 Librarian Accounts: 16,068 Total Guides: 66,703 Total Pages: 424,688 Unique Visitors: 792,496 Page Views:…

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LibGuides Statistics Clean-up

Happy New Year to all the LibGuides admins, librarians and content creators around the world!  This quick blog post is to let you all know that the yearly statistics clean-up for LibGuides was performed this afternoon.  This annual maintenance ensures that our database and reporting engine are optimized and ready…

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Using Syndetics Book Covers in LibGuides

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Syndetics Solutions, to enable you to use Syndetics book covers in LibGuides “Books from the Catalog” content boxes. You do not have to be a Syndetics subscriber to use this new functionality. We are thankful to our friends at Syndetics for…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – November 2009

What library will have the honor of being LibGuides member #1000?  Stay tuned for an announcement coming in the next few days! Community Sites: 995 Librarian Accounts: 16,669 Total Guides: 64,500 Total Pages: 400,208 Unique Visitors: 1.18 million Page Views: 30.10 million

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Major LibGuides/CampusGuides update

Last night we updated our production servers with the new code for LibGuides/Campusguides, that we’ve been working on for the past few months. This was a major code update and it fixed all outstanding bugs, in addition to introducing several important new features: Better (much better) full-text search capability with…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – October 2009

Community Sites: 952 Librarian Accounts: 16,083 Total Guides: 61,643 Total Pages: 389,578 Unique Visitors: 1.20 million Page Views: 34.20 million

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Embedding Wolfram Alpha Search Widget Inside your LibGuides

You have probably heard about Wolfram Alpha by now. It is a new search engine/technology – a “computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly.” (quote from their website).  Some people think it’s the next big thing in search, others disagree, but one thing is…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2009

With 1 million unique visitors generating a combined 30 million page views in the month of September, we think its safe to say that school is definitely back in session! Community Sites: 914 Librarian Accounts: 15,288 Total Guides: 56,363 Total Pages: 356,204 Unique Visitors: 1.01 million Page Views: 31.64 million

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A-Z Database Lists in LibGuides – Beta Testers Needed (Serials Solutions Users)

We noticed that many of our clients are creating A-Z Database Lists in LibGuides. So, we want to make it easier for you to create and maintain these guides, and to that effect we are close to finishing a major new enhancement called, well, A-Z Database List Management (not a lot…

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New Features for Subject Categories Pages

We’re excited to announce the new and expanded subject category functionality in LibGuides and CampusGuides. These changes are significant in both the UI sense (see below) but also in that they represent another step in opening up our platform to let you organize and track non-LibGuides resources. With this, LibGuides can (and should 😉…

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