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Major LibGuides/CampusGuides update

Last night we updated our production servers with the new code for LibGuides/Campusguides, that we’ve been working on for the past few months. This was a major code update and it fixed all outstanding bugs, in addition to introducing several important new features:

  1. Better (much better) full-text search capability with real relevance-based ranking and search syntax highlighting. In other words, when you perform a search in your system and jump to any of the guides which are listed as search results, the search string will be highlighted on the page. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds 😉 For example, check out and note the search term highlighted in yellow.
  2. The ability to search within a guide only. Yes, it’s here – finally!
  3. Search-and-replace function for admins (when updating many links at once) can now be case-sensitive, if chosen.
  4. Several new API functions and performance improvement in API in general (all API functions can be found under the “Widgets & API” tab on the Admin screen.
  5. Support for using Syndetics images for book covers in the “Books from the Catalog” option, if your library already subscribes to the Syndetics service.

The features above are available for both LibGuides and CampusGuides (or CommunityGuides, for our non-higher ed clients). We also added several CampusGuides/CommunityGuides – specific new features.

  1. Added IP-based authentication rules. Now you can limit access to the whole system, or to certain Groups, or to individual guides, based on IP addresses for the visitors. This is a major, major new feature for CampusGuides.
  2. Added user-based authentication. At the option of the system administrator, access to the entire system can be limited to users who have an account. In other words, to access anything you would have to have an account in CampusGuides. This is an ideal situation for staff-only or intranet-based usage scenarios, where only people who have an account in the system should be able to access content. Another major new functionality for the system.
  3. We added Group homepage links to the main CampusGuides homepage.

As always, we’d like to thank our Community for the great ideas – most of the new features in our systems come as a direct result of customer input and suggestions. So, keep up the good work, and we’ll do our part to make these into reality. We’re here if any questions pop up –

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