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A Shining Example of LibGuides – Gulf Oil Spill Information Center (GOSIC)

When we see impressive examples of the content created by librarians with LibGuides, we don’t just yell “holy smokes!”, we also share it with the world. The Gulf Oil Spill Information Center (GOSIC) site, created by the librarians at the University of South Florida (USF) is a great example of…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – June 2010

The calendar may say its summer vacation, but the LibGuides / CampusGuides community is growing faster than ever.  We set another record last month, adding 90 (ninety!) new libraries to our member list, and we couldn’t be more excited! Community Sites: 1445 Librarian Accounts: 20,862 Total Guides: 93,597 Total Pages:…

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Spring 2010 Code Updates

As some of you have surely noticed by now, we released some pretty significant updates to LibGuides, LibAnswers and CampusGuides over the last weekend.  These updates represent several months of work from our talented tech team, along with dozens of suggestions from our LG / LA / CG user communities!…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – April 2010

This month we celebrated the 3 year anniversary of the first LibGuides site being installed. Thanks to all our community members for helping to create a truly amazing resource for students around the world! Community Sites: 1274 Librarian Accounts: 19,754 Total Guides: 85,260 Total Pages: 542,293 Unique Visitors: 1.43 million…

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The Unquiet Librarian: Top Ten Reasons I Love LibGuides

This morning we wanted to do something a bit different, and feature a blog post from one of our LibGuides community members – Buffy Hamilton aka the Unquiet Librarian. Buffy is a media specialist/teacher-librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia and is also one of the most active proponents…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – March 2010

Another record month for the LibGuides Community – we welcomed 73 new libraries and our “page views” and “unique visitors” stats were the highest they have ever been! Community Sites: 1208 Librarian Accounts: 18,956 Total Guides: 81,573 Total Pages: 518,035 Unique Visitors: 1.51 million Page Views: 39 million

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – February 2010

We added 60 new libraries to the LibGuides community in February – and that’s the shortest month of the year! Community Sites: 1132 Librarian Accounts: 17,900 Total Guides: 76,813 Total Pages: 488,073 Unique Visitors: 1.24 million Page Views: 33 million

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“No Cover Art” Placeholder Images for Books

Even though you have options to use cover art for books from both Syndetics and Amazon, there are some titles for which there are no covers available. So, we created a few placeholder images you can use instead. This is useful if you have 3 or so books in your Books from the Catalog…

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Montly LibGuides Stats – January 2010

The LibGuides Community started off 2010 with a bang, adding 49 new member libraries in the month of January! Community Sites: 1072 Librarian Accounts: 16,947 Total Guides: 71,325 Total Pages: 455,024 Unique Visitors: 978,139 Page Views: 26.1 million

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Facebook API Problems

We have had several reports that the LibGuides applications for Facebook have had intermittent problems over the last week or so.  Since the applications have not been changed in some time, it appears that the problem may be with the Facebook API.  This is further supported by the Facebook Developers…

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