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Monthly LibGuides Stats – February 2009

Here are the most recent stats for the LibGuides community!  Despite being a short month, new records were set across the board, with all-time high numbers of unique visitors and page views.  February was also the first time that our community reached over 1,000,000 individual visits in a single month!…

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Item Linking and Reusing of Content

After a few months of working on this (thank you to all our clients who suggested and contributed to the idea), I am very pleased to announce a major step in the evolution of LibGuides: item-level linking and reusing of content in the system. Say what? Here’s the scoop… Previously,…

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Updating the LibGuides Facebook Apps.

Some of you may notice that our three Facebook applications are unstable (or even not working) for the next couple of weeks. Do not be alarmed – we are working on updating (in fact, re-writing) all three of our FB apps to take advantage of the new Facebook API. It was frustrating to have to…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – January 2009

Here are the most recent stats for the LibGuides community! Community Sites: 492 Librarian Accounts: 8236 Total Guides: 25,962 Total Pages: 163,486 Unique Visitors: 327,142 Page Views: 10,615,000 !!

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Monthly LibGuide Stats – December 2008

Its time to wrap up 2008 – an exceptional year for the LibGuides community!  In addition to the community totals, we have also included our 2007 totals and the percentage growth for each row, so you can see the progress we all made this year.   2008 Total 2007 Total…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – November 2008

Here are the most recent stats for the LibGuides community! Community Sites: 428 Librarian Accounts: 7201 Total Guides: 21,553 Total Pages: 134,521 Unique Visitors: 354,656 Page Views: 8.79 MM

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – October 2008

Congratulations to the LibGuides community members – your unique visitors increased by 25% when compared to September and total page views were just a bit shy of 10 million! Community Sites: 396 Librarian Accounts: 6813 Total Guides: 21,189 Total Pages: 116,818 Unique Visitors: 337,795

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2008

Here are the most recent cummulative stats for the LibGuides community. Community Sites: 362 Librarian Accounts: 6218 Total Guides: 17,101 Total Pages: 112,669 Unique Visitors: 246,513 An important milestone was reached in the month of September – as a community, our members have now published over 100,000 pages of content…

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OpenSearch Compliance and LibX Browser Bar Support

LibGuides is now OpenSearch compliant!  From the OpenSearch Wikipedia page: “OpenSearch is a collection of technologies that allow publishing of search results in a format suitable for syndication and aggregation. It is a way for websites and search engines to publish search results in a standard and accessible format.” What…

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New LibGuides Features, and Improved Community Site

Thanks to the (awesome) feedback and ideas from our client libraries LibGuides is getting better all the time. The latest round of feedback/ideas resulted in the 4 new features we just released. The new look for the Community Site (, with cleaner interface and the ability to browse guides by Subject. See…

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