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Holiday Support Hours + Springy Learning!

With winter holidays and vacations, December is a quiet time for many libraries and offices. Projects are stalled, patrons are home, you’re left sitting at the Reference Desk wondering how to stay productive. We have an idea for you! How about some online learning to sharpen your skills with Springshare tools? Whether you want to take a deep dive into LibGuides or learn how to create your own canned messages in LibAnswers, our Springy online learning tools are sure to help you discover something new! But first, a quick reminder about our own holiday closure schedule.

Upcoming Springshare Support Schedule 

Closed (Including Training & Social Media) 

We'll be monitoring for emergencies only. All non-emergency questions will be answered when we reopen. 

Friday, Dec 24
Monday, Dec 27
Friday, Dec 31 

Reduced support hours (9am-5pm U.S. EST):
Tuesday, Dec 28 – Thursday, Dec 30

Springshare 24/7/365 Global Reference Will Be Open! 

Our Springshare 24/7 global reference service, which backs up your reference chat service with MLIS-degreed librarians, will be open! When we say 365 days a year, we mean it. 🙂 

If you’re interested in adding 24/7/365 chat coverage to your reference outreach, contact us at 

Self-paced Learning with SpringyU

If you’re just starting out with LibAnswers, LibCal, LibStaffer, LibWizard, or Pickup Manager, SpringyU is an excellent place to start! SpringyU is a self-paced learning space, designed to help you learn these tools at your own pace, then move on to more advanced topics. What is SpringyU? Welcome to SpringyU! Learn about the blocks, courses, and projects you'll find.

SpringyU is made up of:   

    • Blocks - Quick bits of instruction about specific functions. These are great if you want to learn how to do a specific thing with one of your Springshare tools.
    • Courses - Groups of blocks about a specific tool. Courses are the best way to build a solid foundation.
    • Projects - Groups of blocks focusing on practical use of one or more Springy Apps. This one is ideal for aspiring Springshare super users! 

This format allows you to tailor your learning experience to your skill level and the amount of time you have available. Hop on over to SpringyU to start learning!

Recorded Training Sessions

If you prefer webinar-style learning, or you want to try out some more advanced LibApps techniques, we have many recorded training sessions! From quick tidbits to in-depth instruction, there are training sessions for all skill and user levels.

Training Session Examples:

Visit our training site for a full list of recorded training sessions and our upcoming live training offerings!

Learn From Other Springshare Users in the Lounge

And finally, if you're a super collaborative learner who loves to bounce ideas around in community forums, you should check out the Springhshare Lounge! The Lounge is a user-driven site where you can post questions, chime in with answers, and read the latest product updates.

LibGuides Design ShareHere are some examples of ways you can participate:

  • Join the LibGuides Design Share - We thought it might be fun to start a friendly design share post as a resource to inspire each other during the end of 2021/start of 2022! Some great examples have been shared already. Visit the Lounge to join in!
  • Read a Discussion Roundup - We put together a roundup of the most interesting discussions that happen in the lounge each month. Topics include what people are calling their LibGuides (other than LibGuides, of course), what to do when you have too many chats in LibAnswers, and more! Click here to read the October highlights.

While this isn’t our last blog post of 2021, we’re sending you wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season and a successful new year!

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