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LibAnalytics: Numerical Analysis, Kapow!

We’ve added a new tool to the LibAnalytics data arsenal – Numerical Analysis! It’s perfect for answering these types of questions:

  • On average, how many people use your study rooms after 3pm on Thursdays?
  • In July, how many people were in the building before 10am?
  • What are the total and average number of attendees in your instruction sessions?
Numerical Analysis offers answers to all of these mysteries – it will give you the sum, average, median, and a max/min value for each numerical field you create. Here’s how to use it:
  1. Create an instance that contains numeric fields (head count, study room use, instruction attendance, etc.) & collect some data
  2. Head to the Data Explorer, and apply any filters you’d like (date/day/time, field values, etc.)
  3. Click “Apply Filters” – Numerical Analysis is the last tab option:
    Screenshot - Numerical Analysis Table
Numerical Analysis is a major advance in the LibAnalytics arsenal, and offers a new level of insight in the data you collect. With numbers like these in your holster, your annual reports will wave the white flag of surrender in no time. A big thanks goes out to the folks who requested this feature!

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