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Holiday Breaks Approaching? Let your patrons know!

Winter breaks and holiday closures are just around the corner. Here are some cool tips and tricks from the Springy Elves to help get the word out on holiday changes to your library hours. LibGuides: Change your System Tagline – You’ve got 140 characters to communicate info on holiday closures. Instructions…

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Your Secret Weapon: The LibGuides Community

Last week, we read a great article by Joyce Valenza on her NeverEndingSearch blog in School Library Journal. She mentions several excellent resources for digital curation, and as you might imagine, one of them happens to be our favorite – the LibGuides Community. Here’s a quick excerpt: Lately, I find…

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Back to School Checklist

The telltale signs are starting to show. Campus orientation tours are rolling past office windows. Freshmen are enrolling in classes. The energy on campus is starting to build. These are all signs that school is about to start! It’s time to spruce up those guides, ready the study room sign-up, update the…

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Springshare gets nostalgic – it’s our 5-year anniversary!

Five years ago, George Bush was president, the Writers Guild of America went on strike, Steve Jobs announced the first generation iPhone, and a library-loving company called Springshare came into being. What a long way we’ve all come since then! As you can tell, we’re feeling a little nostalgic on…

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200,000 Library Guides (and still counting!)

We’ve often been amazed by the astounding growth rate for guides in LibGuides & CampusGuides – clearly, librarians have a lot of wisdom to share! And today’s milestone has surprised us yet again – as of today, there are over 200,000 librarian-created guides in the system, and more than 1.3 million pages…

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Springshare Lounge: Groups Galore!

Hi everyone, Today is an exciting day! We are announcing a new feature as part of our Lounge Extreme Makeover – Groups! What are Groups? Groups are micro-communities where you can easily share ideas, get questions answered and discuss strategies with like-minded peers. We’ve created 10 Groups, so far –…

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Springshare Lounge Redesign!

Good news –  we are totally revamping the Springshare Lounge! The goal is to make it more of a user community where you all are interacting with each other. Plus, its time that the orange and green banners got an overhaul. So here is what’s on the horizon. The first…

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Spring Is In The Air!

I’ll tell you a secret; Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s not the fresh-faced daffodils and tulips, or the Sparrow’s returning song, nor is it the return of reasonably priced berries in the grocery store. Hands down, the absolute best part of Spring is the super energizing phenomenon…

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LibGuides: Information is a Candle in the Dark

We love sharing great examples of librarians using LibGuides/CampusGuides to publish high quality, timely information. When we saw Kathy Park’s guide about the tragic events in Japan, we were inspired by its breadth, quality, & currency – so we’d like to share her work with the community. Check out the COM Library’s guide to the Japan…

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CampusGuides Transform Librarians into Tech Innovators

Just as the librarians at Johnson & Wales University (Providence) found Springshare tools helped them earn a “Rock Star” status on campus, we’re pleased to report that another library recently earned kudos from their university community.  Nova Southeastern University Libraries won 1st place in the professional category of the university’s…

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