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Building a Global LibGuides Community – 25 Countries and Counting

Every now and then we stop for moment, take a deep breath, and marvel at the amazing growth of our LibGuides Community – 1,100+ libraries and 17,000+ librarians creating useful guides, collaborating, and sharing content and ideas.

We knew we had many international libraries on board, but we recently realized we’re global in a real “global” way – 25 countries and counting: from dozens of libraries in our northern neighbor Canada, and just as many (if not more) in the Land Down Under – Australia, to South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Egypt, Singapore, etc. The venerable Oxford University in UK is on board as well, as is the prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

We’re building a global community of libraries, with many opportunities to collaborate and share ideas and content on a global scale. It’s a beautiful thing, and it will only get better!

Speaking of collaboration, next week we are going to announce a big, bold, new LibGuides initiative/feature aimed at increasing and enhancing collaboration beyond individual libraries, so stay tuned – it will rock your world  – in a good way, of course 😉

As always, we’re here if any questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. pop up.

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