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LibGuides 2.1.8 Update

It’s an exciting week – a new month is starting, school has started / is starting, and we’re getting another LibGuides release ready for you! As usual, there are some big things, some small-but-big-impact things, and some bug fixes coming your way. This release is currently slated to go out…

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LibGuides Release 2.1.7

New month, new stuff! We’re planning on releasing yet another action-packed LibGuides release this week. Here’s a peek at what’s coming… 🙂 E-Reserves: Additions! Modifications! Fixes! This release has it all. Oh E-Reserves…how do we love thee? Let me count the ways: E-Reserves Form & Administrative Area: Yup, it’s true…E-Reserves…

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LibGuides 2.1.6 Coming Soon!

We’re bringing you some really exciting updates with v2.1.6, including a new LTI tool, enhancements to E-Reserves, custom column widths in tabbed-nav guides, and a bunch of great fixes. We’re aiming to release this update later this week Thursday, April 30th at 12pm Pacific. There will be no downtime. 🙂…

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LibGuides 2.1.5 – Updated Release Date

As promised, we’re posting to keep you up to date with the latest release. LibGuides 2.1.5 is now slated for release on Monday, March 23, 2015 at around 4pm PDT. Changing the release date allows us to squash the last couple of bugs we found in testing…something I’m sure everyone can…

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LibGuides 2.1.5 Coming Soon

LibGuides 2.1.5 is coming soon, and it’s all about the little things that have big impacts…and a pretty big thing for good measure! 😉 We’re aiming for Friday, March 20, 2015 Monday, March 23, 2015 starting around 4pm U.S. PDT.* There will be no server down time nor disruption in functionality when…

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LibGuides v2 Planned Maintenance – Friday, February 13th

LibGuides v2 servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 90 minutes on Friday, February 13th starting at 10pm U.S. EST / 7pm PST. Why the down time for this release? Well, we’re making some updates that require database changes while no one is using the system. 🙂 This…

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LibGuides v2 Default Template Update

Hey LibGuides v2 Admins – this one’s for you! We pushed out an update to our default templates (for both tabbed nav and side nav) today, which requires some work on your side. 😉 Our code update only updates the default templates – it doesn’t touch your custom templates since…

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LibGuides 2: Content Migration is Here!

You can now request migrations of your LibGuides v1 content into your LibGuides v2 Beta sites! (We’re not sure who’s more excited right now – you or us! 😉 ) Key Information: Before we even tell you about the awesome reports we have available to you or how to request…

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LibGuides v2: Content Migration FAQ

Are you ready for it? We know you are. 😉 Well, we’re nearly there! We know you have tons of questions, so we’re here to answer the ones we’re getting most often… When will I be able to migrate my LibGuides v1 content into my LibGuides v2 system? We’re working…

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LibGuides 2 Beta Code Update Yesterday

Hey everyone – hope you’re all enjoying your LibGuides v2 beta sites! 🙂 We released new code into LibGuides 2 Beta sites yesterday & there are a couple of things that y’all should know as you’re using your systems today: Rich Text Editor Update The first one affects everyone: we…

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