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LibGuides v2 Planned Maintenance – Friday, February 13th

LibGuides v2 servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 90 minutes on Friday, February 13th starting at 10pm U.S. EST / 7pm PST.

Why the down time for this release? Well, we’re making some updates that require database changes while no one is using the system. 🙂

This only affects LibGuides v2. Our other products – LibAnswers, LibStaffer, LibCal, etc. – and LibGuides v1 are unaffected.

It may be happening on Friday the 13th, but don’t be scared! This scheduled down time of our LibGuides v2 servers isn’t scary – it’s exciting!

When you come back to work on Monday morning (or over the weekend, if that’s your gig), you’ll have both shiny new and revised functionality to play with. Things like:

  • changes in the way Assets work (based on your feedback, Regular users will be able to edit Assets they don’t own on guides where they are a Guide Editor)*;
  • guide-level XML export;
  • more API options (CMS only);
  • URL referrers in the stats area (CMS only);
  • and so much more!

The actual down time may vary slightly, but will be about 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly. (Btw, this is a great use for LibAnswers’ Systems & Services Management tool!)

We’ll have more info for you about the release soon, so keep an eye on our blog.

Here’s what users will see if they go to your site during the down time:

Message users will see when they go to a LibGuides v2 site during planned down time.

* More info on the Assets thing:

  • Regular users will be able to edit Assets they don’t own on guides where they are a Guide Editor;
  • If Regular users reuse an Asset someone else created, they can edit certain fields to customize them for that particular instance of the Asset, but those edited fields do not affect the original or any other mapped version;
  • Changes to the original Asset still cascade down to all mapped versions, though customized fields will not be affected;

Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for being part of the Springshare family! 🙂

LibGuides v2 Default Template Update

Hey LibGuides v2 Admins – this one’s for you! We pushed out an update to our default templates (for both tabbed nav and side nav) today, which requires some work on your side. 😉

Our code update only updates the default templates – it doesn’t touch your custom templates since those are, well, custom, and we don’t want to do anything to mess with them. This means, of course, that if/when we make changes to the base (default) templates, you also need to update your custom templates with the new / modified info.

  • If you are using the default templates for your guides, you don’t need to lift a finger. This update has already applied to those guides!
  • If you are using custom templates for your guides, though, you’ll want to pay attention to the next section of this post so you know how to update your templates.

In this case, we removed the gray bar that has the page name / print icon on the public side of the system. (The {{guide_nav_info}} keyword.) Previously, removing that keyword meant that you also removed the incredibly important admin side functions, but not anymore! The admin functions will remain where they are on the admin side, but the public side will be that much cleaner. W00t! 🙂

Public view of a LibGuides v2 guide before the template change.


And so, fearless LibGuides Admins, here’s what you need to do to update your custom templates:

  1. Go to Admin > Look & Feel > Guide Pages Layout > Edit a custom template.
  2. Delete this line / keyword:

    Do not delete the surrounding <div> tags (as previously mentioned, oops!) because that will remove the super-important menus from the admin side!

    See Screenshot

  3. Add the {{page_title}} keyword to your template. In the default template, we added it just after guide title, so that line now looks like this:
    <h1 id=”s-lg-guide-name”>{{guide_title}}: {{page_title}}</h1>

    See Screenshot

  4. Add the print icon to the footer. Look for the ul tag in the footer area. Add another li tag after the one for the guide’s URL:
    <li id=”s-lg-guide-print-url”>
    <a href=”{{guide_print_url}}”><i class=”fa fa-print” title=”Print Page”></i> Print Page</a>

    See Screenshot

  5. Save your changes.

Repeat these steps for all custom templates in your system.

If you do not make this change, at least the step to delete the {{guide_nav_info}} keyword from your templates, you will see a message on the public side of your guides telling you that it needs to be removed:

Error message if you do not update a custom template.

You also now have another Keyword Parameter option! You can choose to display the guide title on all pages of the guide, or just the homepage.

Enjoy…and let us know if you have any questions. 🙂

LibGuides 2: Content Migration is Here!

You can now request migrations of your LibGuides v1 content into your LibGuides v2 Beta sites!

(We’re not sure who’s more excited right now – you or us! 😉 )

Key Information:

Before we even tell you about the awesome reports we have available to you or how to request your migration, you should know:

  • Only the person who requested your beta site can schedule your content migration.
  • Once you schedule your migration, the date cannot be changed. So please be sure to discuss timing with the appropriate folks and choose your migration date carefully.
  • Migrations are limited to 10/day through May 2014.
    Starting in June 2014 it will be increased to 50/day.
  • Migration will only include data as of the day before your scheduled migration, so make sure all necessary changes are made by the end of the day the day before your migration. Example: If your migration is scheduled for May 5th, it will include content from end of day May 4th.
  • Statistics will be migrated later. Statistics migration is the next-to-last step in taking your LibGuides v2 site live.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, onward to other important info!

Preparing Your LibGuides v1 Data for Migration

Link to the Migrating to LibGuides v2 guide
In order to make your migration as smooth as possible, there’s some stuff you should work on first.

  • Read through the Migrating to LibGuides v2 guide.
    (You must be logged into your v2 site to access that guide.)
  • Download the pre-migration checklists from that guide.
  • Go through the reports / checklists and get your system ready!

The guide has a lot of details about migration and what you can do to get your system ready, including those checklists we promised so you can feel the complete satisfaction of crossing things off lists. *sigh* We love that.

In addition, your LibGuides v1 system has some awesome reports to help you with the “clean up” process! Our tech team worked hard to provide you with information so you don’t have to dig for it. These reports include:

  • List of reports available on the LibGuides v2 Migration screenContent-related reports on things like accounts that have not logged in for 3/6/9/12 months, guides that haven’t been updated in 3/6/9/12 months, guides with low hit counts this year, subjects / groups with no associated guides, and more!
  • A way to designate which links in your v1 system should migrate into your v2 system as Database Assets, which will automatically populate your Assets > A-Z Database List area.
  • A way to ensure all database links are mapped to the links you designated, speeding up migration time and cleaning up your system, all in one step!
  • A report of boxes that will not migrate into v2, because they either do not fit into the design of the new system or they’re being replaced with v2 options. This report helps you with planning how you want to integrate that content into your v2 guides post-migration.

Pointing out the LibGuides v2 Beta Request button on the Dashbaord of LibGuides v1Those reports can be accessed by admin-level users:

  1. Log into your LibGuides v1 system.
  2. Click the LibGuides v2 Beta Request button.
  3. Check out the reports in Section III.
  4. Of course, remember to read the guide and download checklists before heading into that area.

Requesting Your Content Migration

Okay, okay, we know it took a while to get here, but we promise all of the clean up stuff is worth it.

You can wait to schedule your migration until you’ve done your clean up, or you can schedule it now and use that looming deadline as motivation to get the clean up done…whichever works for you. 😉

Migration dates are currently available through May 2014. More will be added shortly.

Migration scheduling is first come, first served. As dates fill up (remember: 10/day through May 2014), those dates will not be available for selection in the scheduling area.

  1. Content migration screen with date selection area highlighted.Log into your LibGuides v1 system and click the LibGuides v2 Beta Request button on your Dashboard.
    • All admin-level users have access to this page to see reports / where in the migration process you are.
    • Only the person who requested the LibGuides v2 beta site will be able to set up your site’s migration date.
  2. In Step IV: Schedule Your Data Migration:
    • Read the information there.
    • Select a date and click Schedule It!
    • If your preferred date is not available, that means our dance card is full for that day. Please select another date.

That’s it! When the day comes, we’ll take care of migrating all of your content from your v1 system into your v2 system.

Check in your LibGuides v2 beta site the day after your migration and you’ll see all of your LibGuides v1 content! At that point, you’ll want to start in on post-migration clean up.

We’ll have more info on that in our Migrating to LibGuides v2 guide, along with information on going live…

LibGuides v2: Content Migration FAQ

Are you ready for it? We know you are. 😉

Well, we’re nearly there! We know you have tons of questions, so we’re here to answer the ones we’re getting most often…

When will I be able to migrate my LibGuides v1 content into my LibGuides v2 system?

We’re working on the scripts and will then test them; we’ll start migrating systems after we’ve run through testing and verify the scripts are working properly. Based on our current timeline, we’re planning to start migrating systems toward the end of April.

How will I request my content migration?

There will be a button in your LibGuides v2 Beta system, similar to the one in your LibGuides v1 system for requesting the beta site.

We are also working on a scheduling system where admins can schedule their migration to run within a 24 hour period of their choice.

How long will migration take?

Once we start running the scripts, it should only take a few hours. Actual run time depends on how much content is in your LibGuides v1 system.

What will / will not transfer from LibGuides v1 to LibGuides v2?

There are more FAQs below this table regarding details for accounts and guide content, so keep reading after you look over the table!

Will be Migrated Will Not be Migrated
All User Accounts System / Group Banner Images
All Guides / Guide Content System / Group Custom HEAD Code
Statistics System / Group Custom Header Code
Images in the Image Manager System / Group Custom Footer Code
Subjects Printer Friendly Custom HEAD Code
Tags Printer Friendly Custom Header Code
Friendly URLs Printer Friendly Custom Footer Code
Groups (LibGuides CMS Only) Tab / Box Color Choices
Resource Icons Custom Analytics Code
Access Rules (LibGuides CMS Only) System / Group Homepage Options
Language Options Admin Alert Box Content

If you see something missing from this list, it’s because we’re still working out details for it. 🙂

Will the migration overwrite any of the content I’ve already added to my LibGuides v2 Beta site?

Nope, it’ll just add new content. Anything you added before the migration will remain. 🙂

What if I already created accounts in my LibGuides v2 Beta system? And what account info gets migrated?

No worries! If the user’s account already exists in your Beta site, the migration will simply match up the account IDs between v1 and v2 systems so guides, etc., continue to be associated with the right account as they’re brought in.

Of course, this assumes a 1:1 match! If your v2 username is different from the one in your v1 system, it will not match and a second account will be created. So, as long as you use the same email address for your username in both sites, you’ll be all set!

As for what gets migrated: name, password, user level, profile information except: office hours, badges, custom boxes.

User Levels: LibGuides v1 Librarian and Regular account levels = LibGuides v2 Regular account level.

Password: You will use your LibGuides v1 password the first time, then will be asked to reset your password to meet the new password requirements in LibGuides v2.

Will guide content from v1 be added as the same content “type” in v2?

Yes! If you have a Links & Lists or Simple Web Links box in v1, that will be added as a General box with Link content items in v2. The same is true for books, documents & files, media / widgets, etc.

Rich text content will be added as the rich text content type in a General box as well. What will not happen is automatic translation of links within rich text areas into Link content items (a.k.a. Link Assets). You will need to make that change manually after migration is complete if you would rather change those lists of a tags into lists of Link content items / assets.

Admin level users will be able to designate which links in their v1 system should be imported into their v2 systems as Database content items.

If you have created tabbed boxes or boxes of rotating images using code from our FAQs or other code you created, those will not transfer into the system using the new Tabbed Box or Gallery Box types. That will be a manual change you’ll need to make after migration is complete.

Content will be copied in box for box. Any combining of content into one larger box will need to be done manually after migration is complete.

Will there be a guide / checklist for migration information?

Yes! We’re currently working on a whole guide all about migration: how it’s going to work and things you should do before (get your content ready to move!) / after migration (get your content ready for going live!). It’ll also include a downloadable checklist of items, so you can revel in the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. (We love that… 😉 )


LibGuides 2 Beta Code Update Yesterday

Hey everyone – hope you’re all enjoying your LibGuides v2 beta sites! 🙂

We released new code into LibGuides 2 Beta sites yesterday & there are a couple of things that y’all should know as you’re using your systems today:

Rich Text Editor Update

The first one affects everyone: we released some code updates for the Rich Text Editor, including adding in those missing buttons folks have been looking for (including us) – font size, color, etc.

If you find you cannot edit rich text areas today, please clear your browser’s cache and try again. That should do the trick!

Publishing Workflow Update

Publishing Workflow - Selecting Reviewers

The second item affects LibGuides CMS 2 Beta sites only: If you had already enabled Publishing Workflow in your system, you may find that the Publish option is gone from your Status Menu options when editing a guide. That’s because we updated the way this function works! 🙂

Admins are no longer automatically designated as reviewers. In fact, no one is automatically a reviewer. Now you get to choose who your reviewers are right from the Publishing Workflow setup screen! Just go to Content > Publishing Workflow, enable the function (if it’s not already enabled), then select who you want to designate as reviewers in the box on the right.

Only Admin and Regular level users will appear in the selection list. Also, selected Regular level users will automatically be given rights to edit all guides in the system, since they’ll need that user permission in order to be a Reviewer. 😉

So, if you find you suddenly can’t publish guides, check your Publishing Workflow settings. If it’s enabled, select some Reviewers and you should be all set!

New Blog URL and New Support Site

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

We have some exciting news to share with you all:

  1. As we told you last week, our blog URL has changed:
    You might’ve also noticed the look of it has changed, too.
  2. Our new documentation site for v2 products launched:
    • This site is customer access only – meaning you must be logged in to your LibApps account to access the site.
    • The help icon in the command bar from any v2 site (currently only LibGuides, soon to be LibAnswers, too!) will link you directly to the appropriate area of the site for that product.
  3. Our documentation site for v1 products will remain at

There are several ways for you to keep up with Springshare’s blog:

  • The Dashboard page of every product has a feed right there for you! So it’s super easy to check on anything new right when you log in.
  • Add our blog’s feed to your favorite feed reader! Grab the link from the icon at the top of the right column…or right here. 🙂
  • Subscribe using the Email Subscription box in the right hand column and get email notifications whenever we post something new.
  • Follow us on Twitter! You don’t have to have an account to keep up with what we’re tweeting, and we always tweet our blog posts. 😉

Blog URL Changing on Monday

We’ve been using as our blog URL for a lot of years now, but it’s time for a change.

As of Monday, March 10, 2014 our blog URL will be

What does this mean? Your current feeds will need to be updated to the new feed URL. If you do not update your feeds, they will break. <sad panda>

We apologize for this inconvenience, but it’s for a good reason:

We’re launching a new support site and needed the URL. 😉

That’s right! We’re launching a new support site specifically for documentation on LibGuides v2 and our other v2 products as they are released. (Have you heard? LibAnswers v2 is coming!)

Our current Help site ( will still be around as well – that’s the site for all of our v1 product documentation.

So, to summarize:

  • Our blog URL as of Monday, March 10th will be
  • You’ll need to update your blog feed URLs.
    • We’ll still have the blog feed available to you right from the Dashboard page of every product, too!
  • Starting Monday, March 10th, we’ll have 2 sites for product documentation:
    • v1 products (all of the current stuff) is staying in the same place:
    • v2 product documentation:
      (This site will be customer-access only, meaning that you need to have an account in a v2 product in order to view the documentation.)

We’ll update this info everywhere on Monday as soon as the change happens! Look for notifications in the updated blog feed on your product Dashboard, the box in the top right corner on your Dashboard, on Twitter (you don’t have to be a Twitter user to check out our tweets!), as a log in message when you log into your system(s), and any/every other way we can think of to get the message out to you!

LibGuides Sneak Peek Webinars

LibGuides iconWe’re super excited – the LibGuides sneak peek webinars start this week! 😀

We’re offering sessions for our customers a couple of times a week over the next few weeks, and yes, for those of you outside of a reasonable time zone for attending, we will be recording them. (The recordings should be available by the end of next week. Keep an eye on the “Springy News” box on your LibGuides Dashboard for more info on that, when it happens.)

So, GO! Sign up! Get all sorts of excited with us as we give you a whirlwind tour of the system.

As you register, please keep in mind that there are a lot of folks out there who would like to attend. For that reason, we’re asking a couple of favors:

  • Only register for one of the dates.
    If you register for one and realize that you can’t make it, feel free to register for a separate date and then let us know which date you’d like to cancel.
  • Share with your colleagues – have a LibGuides Sneak Peek watching party! One person registers for your institution (or your library within your institution), many benefit. (Especially with the party part of it! 😉 )

TIP: Click “Show in My Time Zone” before you choose a date from the list! If you don’t, it will default to the first available session in the list, so make sure you double check that you chose the right session. 🙂

 See you there…we can’t wait!

LibGuides: The Next Generation!


Old LibGuides Icon


LibGuides icon

It’s been 6 years since LibGuides was first released and oh, my, what a ride it’s been! Almost 4,000 live sites, 55,000+ librarians using it, hundreds of millions of page views every month, and hundreds of new features introduced since 2007.

We’re in this for the long haul, and behind the scenes we’ve been working on the next generation of LibGuides – the system that will keep things exciting for the next 6 years and then some. We’re changing the innards of the platform to make it easier to customize, easier to manage, easier to use, and easier to create beautiful content. We have so much new stuff to share with you, it’s hard to know where to begin!

We know you’re amped right now, but we also know that some of you may be having minor panic attacks at the extent of the change + your customizations, so we want to put your mind at ease:

This is an opt-in change starting this fall.

You decide the right time for your site to move to the new system.

You take however long you need to plan and execute the move.

In other words, you’ll continue to use your existing LibGuides system, just as you do now, and whenever you decide is the right time for your site to move over to the new platform – this fall or winter, next summer – we’ll make it happen. Your domain, your accounts, your content – everything stays the same in the new system, no worries.

And no, this is not an excuse to change our (awesomely affordable) pricing. This migration will not cost you a dime; our pricing will remain as it is now. The only change is that you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck…and that’s the kind of change we can all get behind. 😉

Breathing again? Super! Now let’s get to the list o’ goodies! 😀
(The big stuff, at least. There are literally hundreds of new features and enhancements we’ll share through our newsletter and emails to admins over the summer.)

  • Redesigned UI
    From the back end admin screens to the front end public view, it’s all getting a facelift. The new LibGuides is 100% jQuery and Bootstrap. That means fantabulous stuff like:

    • Responsive, bootstrap-based layouts.
    • More layout options – no more 1-2-3 column restrictions.
    • Easily customizable CSS tabs (no longer image based!).
    • Streamlined admin menu that follows you around whether you’re on your Dashboard or editing a guide.
    • Streamlined guide editing with in-context menus/options. For example, add a new page by simply clicking the + tab to the right of the rest of your pages!
    • 20 different box types making things confusing? Not anymore – we’re down to 3 box types (general, tabbed box, and lightbox). W00t!
    • Wait, what, only 3? How are we going to do anything with just 3? (Trust us, you’ll LOVE the 3.)
      • How often did you want to mix text, links, embedded content, documents, headers, etc. all in one box?
        Well, with the new LibGuides, you can with the general box type. Limitations be gone!
        Add sections of links with headings without CSS tomfoolery…it’s infinitely flexible.
      • Wait, wait, wait – a tabbed box?? You got it! Create tabs inside boxes and add whatever content you want – it’s super easy point and click construction.
      • Hold up, now – a lightbox? Like, for content slideshows or carousel-type image rotating goodness? That’s the one! Creating beautiful and dynamic content has never been easier.
    • Did you ever want your boxes to span columns? C’mon, you know you did…we know you did…and with the new LibGuides, you can!
    • You say you want to automatically embed Previous & Next buttons inside your guides? Sure, why not! It’s all right there, in the new LibGuides.
    • I’m sure you’re noticing a theme by now: flexibility. The new LibGuides is flexible – it will adjust to your needs, whatever they are.
  • More Admin Stuffs!
    We didn’t forget the site admins in our awesome-ifying, either! Here are a few things admins will be thankful for:

    • Centralized asset management (links, documents, embedded content, etc.): view, manage, edit, reuse…all in one place.
    • An automatically generated A-Z subscription database link guide. Say whaaat? Yup, the A-Z guide is a standard part of LibGuides now and is automatically generated to boot! You specify which items should be on the A-Z guide, associate subjects, and voilà: an A-Z guide that is a joy to use and maintain. 🙂
    • Publishing workflows (optional) – guide authors “submit for review”, admins approve the guide for publishing.
    • Redesigned API – anything stored in LibGuides will be accessible via API, so you can reuse that content anywhere else. LibGuides becomes your content store for your assets and tracks their cumulative use; you distribute them anywhere and everywhere…in or outside of your LibGuides site. 🙂
    • Fully customizable guide templates – write your own HTML template, inserting special keywords where you want the guide title, description, author info, content boxes, etc. It’s as awesome as it sounds, trust us on this one!
  • Redesigned Search
    Yes, we know. The LibGuides search can be made better, it’s a comment we heard quite often. So, we’re thrilled to share the great news – we redesigned our search from scratch using Solr on the back end, so this thing is powerful – really powerful – and offers features like:

    • Customized search term weighting.
    • Faceted search options.
    • Search history (for admins – think QuerySpy in LibAnswers) – see what users are searching in LibGuides (anonymously, of course) and whether they’re finding what they’re looking for.
    • And we have plans to enable sites to tweak the relevance ranking for your site’s search. Stay tuned for more on this later this summer.

    Want more? Okay! How about indexing your LibAnswers site in LibGuides so your FAQs show up alongside your guides? If you just said “sa-WEET!”, that is correct. 😉 (We’re amped about this for our Help site!)

*Whew* That was a lot to get through! And that was just the big stuff…

Join us in booth 563 at ALA for a 20 minute Flash Presentation on the LibGuides reFresh:

See the
LibGuides reFresh
at ALA!

Springshare ALA Booth 563

  • Friday, June 28: 6:00pm
  • Saturday, June 29
    • 9:30am
    • 12:30pm
    • 3:30pm
  • Sunday, June 30
    • 9:30am
    • 12:30pm
    • 3:30pm
  • Monday, July 1
    • 9:30am
    • 12:30pm

There will be other Flash Presentations on LibAnalytics Insight and LibAnswers Enhancements as well, so make sure you drop by booth 563 to get a presentation schedule!

Whether or not you’re going to ALA, you need to check out the latest SpringyNews for:

  • Lists of upcoming features for LibGuides (refresh) and LibAnswers (yes, LibAnswers, too!),
  • deets on what you can expect functionality-wise for the upcoming release of LibAnalytics Insight,
  • and a whole lot of great information about the Springshare Community, including the article “5 Ways Into the Springy Community”.

SpringyCamp is Almost Here!

SpringyCamp -Springshare4Everyone

We are so excited that SpringyCamp is SO CLOSE, but the most exciting bit of info is for you:

There are still a few seats available!

Thursday’s Springovation program has a few seats left, as does Friday’s Techie Talk track.

So join us for awesome presentations, great company, and maybe some campfire songs / ghost stories before we tuck in for the night. 😉

Register here: