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Springy https-a-palooza is Go!

It’s here – the release you’ve all been waiting for: the Springy https-travaganza! ūüéČ And yes, it’s “Springy” vs. a specific product, because this affects all of our products. Let’s go through the list of fun new stuff, shall we? LibAnswers & LibCal Now Support SSL Certificates (via LibApps) LibApps…

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LibAnswers Update Live!

Happy August everyone! We rolled out a couple of small LibAnswers features and a handful of bug fixes today – check it out… Features: Knowledge Base Explorer: The Queues filter now has a “Select All” option…especially helpful for folks who have a lot of Queues! Answer Page > Tags: For…

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LibAnswers 2.15 Update – Redesigned Chat Widgets!

You read that right, the latest LibAnswers release includes redesigned chat widgets for your patrons, a few awesome operator side updates, and a brand new widget type, to boot! You do not need to make any changes to your existing LibAnswers widgets to take advantage of the redesign. All of…

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New Springshare Data Center: Canada – July 2017

Springshare is pleased to announce that we are bringing data centers online in Canada on July 9, 2017! All Canadian customers will be hosted on these servers. In Q3 & Q4 we’ll bring servers online in Australia and Asia, respectively. These new servers host v2 products only: LibGuides v2, E-Reserves…

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LibGuides v1 Retirement – free update to v2

On January 31, 2018, LibGuides v1 servers will be retired.¬†All v1 sites will be updated to / live with LibGuides v2 by this date. The v1 infrastructure is 10 years old, and our hosting provider is no longer applying security or operating system updates to such an old generation of…

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New Springshare Data Center: Europe – April 2017

Springshare is pleased to announce that we are bringing data centers online around the world in order to better serve all of our clients, everywhere! As of April 10, 2017, our European clients will be hosted on servers in Europe. In Q2, Q3, and Q4 we’ll bring servers online in…

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Exciting LTI and LibAuth Updates, and Some LibGuides Fixes, Too

The year may be winding down, but here at Springshare we’re still moving full steam ahead! This latest release provides some great new features for LTI and LibAuth, and some key LibGuides fixes to boot. Let’s get started with the LTI updates… LTI Updates Just in time for spring semester…

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Updating to LibGuides v2 – New Migration Options

Tuesday¬†night we rolled out a shiny new updating-to-v2 process for our LibGuides v1 friends and we can’t wait to have you try it! We’ve reduced the number of steps it takes, so you can breeze right into the v2 experience.¬†The best part? You can easily¬†go from live with v1 to…

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New LibGuides Community Site

Hello Springyverse! We are pumped to announce that we have a¬†brand new LibGuides Community site! ūüôā We’ve completely rethought the Community site and are¬†thrilled with the results.¬†Guide Search, Institution Search, Librarian Search, and introducing….Springy Picks! Let’s take this one-at-a-time, shall we? Find Guides allows you to search v2 guides (get…

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LibGuides 2.1.9 Update Live!

Hello¬†Springyverse! On this hopefully-beautiful-where-you-are day, we want to add a little more sunshine with a bunch of new LibGuides features. ūüôā This is a long one, so hold on to your hats and enjoy the read… mSite Builder is here! mSite Builder is the next generation of LibGuides v1’s Mobile…

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