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LibGuides v2: Content Migration FAQ

Are you ready for it? We know you are. 😉

Well, we’re nearly there! We know you have tons of questions, so we’re here to answer the ones we’re getting most often…

When will I be able to migrate my LibGuides v1 content into my LibGuides v2 system?

We’re working on the scripts and will then test them; we’ll start migrating systems after we’ve run through testing and verify the scripts are working properly. Based on our current timeline, we’re planning to start migrating systems toward the end of April.

How will I request my content migration?

There will be a button in your LibGuides v2 Beta system, similar to the one in your LibGuides v1 system for requesting the beta site.

We are also working on a scheduling system where admins can schedule their migration to run within a 24 hour period of their choice.

How long will migration take?

Once we start running the scripts, it should only take a few hours. Actual run time depends on how much content is in your LibGuides v1 system.

What will / will not transfer from LibGuides v1 to LibGuides v2?

There are more FAQs below this table regarding details for accounts and guide content, so keep reading after you look over the table!

Will be Migrated Will Not be Migrated
All User Accounts System / Group Banner Images
All Guides / Guide Content System / Group Custom HEAD Code
Statistics System / Group Custom Header Code
Images in the Image Manager System / Group Custom Footer Code
Subjects Printer Friendly Custom HEAD Code
Tags Printer Friendly Custom Header Code
Friendly URLs Printer Friendly Custom Footer Code
Groups (LibGuides CMS Only) Tab / Box Color Choices
Resource Icons Custom Analytics Code
Access Rules (LibGuides CMS Only) System / Group Homepage Options
Language Options Admin Alert Box Content

If you see something missing from this list, it’s because we’re still working out details for it. 🙂

Will the migration overwrite any of the content I’ve already added to my LibGuides v2 Beta site?

Nope, it’ll just add new content. Anything you added before the migration will remain. 🙂

What if I already created accounts in my LibGuides v2 Beta system? And what account info gets migrated?

No worries! If the user’s account already exists in your Beta site, the migration will simply match up the account IDs between v1 and v2 systems so guides, etc., continue to be associated with the right account as they’re brought in.

Of course, this assumes a 1:1 match! If your v2 username is different from the one in your v1 system, it will not match and a second account will be created. So, as long as you use the same email address for your username in both sites, you’ll be all set!

As for what gets migrated: name, password, user level, profile information except: office hours, badges, custom boxes.

User Levels: LibGuides v1 Librarian and Regular account levels = LibGuides v2 Regular account level.

Password: You will use your LibGuides v1 password the first time, then will be asked to reset your password to meet the new password requirements in LibGuides v2.

Will guide content from v1 be added as the same content “type” in v2?

Yes! If you have a Links & Lists or Simple Web Links box in v1, that will be added as a General box with Link content items in v2. The same is true for books, documents & files, media / widgets, etc.

Rich text content will be added as the rich text content type in a General box as well. What will not happen is automatic translation of links within rich text areas into Link content items (a.k.a. Link Assets). You will need to make that change manually after migration is complete if you would rather change those lists of a tags into lists of Link content items / assets.

Admin level users will be able to designate which links in their v1 system should be imported into their v2 systems as Database content items.

If you have created tabbed boxes or boxes of rotating images using code from our FAQs or other code you created, those will not transfer into the system using the new Tabbed Box or Gallery Box types. That will be a manual change you’ll need to make after migration is complete.

Content will be copied in box for box. Any combining of content into one larger box will need to be done manually after migration is complete.

Will there be a guide / checklist for migration information?

Yes! We’re currently working on a whole guide all about migration: how it’s going to work and things you should do before (get your content ready to move!) / after migration (get your content ready for going live!). It’ll also include a downloadable checklist of items, so you can revel in the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. (We love that… 😉 )


18 thoughts on “LibGuides v2: Content Migration FAQ”

    1. Hi Michele –
      That’s in the new support site for our v2 products! 🙂

      • Log into your v2 system and click Help in the orange command bar.
      • Select the Updating to LibGuides v2 (including Migration) guide.

      That’ll take you through the whole “moving to v2” process, from requesting a beta site through going live, including prepping your v1 site for migration and going through the migration process.
      If you have any other questions, just let us know!
      Anna 🙂

    1. Hi Lucy –
      Nope! There is no cost associated with moving from LibGuides v1 to v2. 🙂
      Thanks, hope this helps!

  1. Do we have to migrate from LibGuides v1 to v2 & if so, when will Springshare stop supporting v1? Also, I know that you need to use ‘modern’ browsers to create guides in v2 but do you need to use these same browsers to view v2 LibGuides (i.e. many of our work computers have I.E. 7 or 8)? Thanks, Karen.

    1. Hi Karen –
      Eventually, you’ll want to migrate to v2, but you have plenty of time! 🙂
      We’re currently planning on supporting v1 at least through 2015, so if you need/want to wait until next summer to migrate, that’s totally fine.

      As for browsers…it is true that you need to use modern browsers on the admin side: IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
      Also, we only technically support the latest 2 versions of any of those browsers.
      That being said, we’re currently going to support IE9 on the public side, and will currently do our best to make things look reasonable in IE8 on the public side, since many of our healthcare industry customers use that browser. Since IE8 does not support some of the functionality/CSS that modern browsers support, we can’t make promises that we’ll be able to fix issues in IE8, though. But as I said, we’ll do what we can to make things display in a reasonable manner on the public side.

      All of this info is subject to change over time, of course.
      Anna 🙂

    1. Hi Jill –
      Apologies for the very delayed reply! Users who’ve migrated to v2 will not be able to copy your v1 guides (nor can the opposite happen – v1 sites can’t copy v2 guides). Guide copying has to happen between sites of similar type (ie v1-> v1 or v2-> v2). Thanks, and again apologies for the delay!!!

  2. Hi, I was trying to add a script on the Rich Text (Libguides v.2) box but I don´t see the “Plain Text Editor” tab. How can I add codes or scripts? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Eola – In the LibGuides v2 Rich Text editor, you’re actually looking for the “Source” button. When you open the Rich Text editor, you’ll find the Source button all the way to the right, in the second row.
      You can also choose to use the Media/Widget content type to add code.

  3. Hi Sarah
    Is there any timelines which we definitely have to move to LibGuides V2? What about support for IE8 as mentioned in the earlier post? I am asking because the default browser for this organisation is unfortunately still IE8. 🙁 Thus thinking, twice about migration in December 2014 even though it is the less busy period for us.

    By the way, when the mobile version is ready for use? The V1 mobile support is sooooooo handy.

    Thanks for the wondeful product, my colleagues are in love with LibGuides. 😀

    1. Hi Serena – Not to worry! We know there are a multitude of reasons why folks might not be ready to migrate to LibGuides v2 right away, so we haven’t put a hard deadline on when you must make the switch. If you need to hold off on migrating for a year or two until your organization moves away from IE8 as the primary browser, that’s not a problem – we’ll be ready as soon as you’re ready. 🙂
      The Mobile Site Builder for v2 is coming soon – I’d expect it to be available by early 2015. Thanks for the kudos – we’re psyched to hear your colleagues love LibGuides as much as we do!! 🙂
      Best, -Sarah

    1. Hi Qi –
      Unfortunately I don’t have a firm release date to share for the Mobile Site Builder in v2, thought it is high on our to-do list! In the meantime, just so you’re aware, v1 sites with Mobile Site Builder won’t be taken offline post-migration until the Mobile Site Builder in v2 is completed, so if you’re using the mobile redirect in other non-libguides sites, it will continue to work after you migrate.

    1. Hi Emily –
      No, you won’t get a notification email. We ask that folks don’t mess around in their v2 system the day of their migration. You can log into your v2 site the next day to check on how things went. 🙂
      If you really want, you can check in your system later in the day, the day of your migration, but by “later in the day”, I mean “later in the day using the U.S. Pacific time zone”. 😉
      Anna 🙂

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