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Gearing Up for the Fall Semester with SpringyU

Summer is winding down here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we know that means a lot of you are busy prepping for the upcoming semester! As such, we thought we'd throw together a list of SpringyU Blocks that will help guide you through some of the most common topics we're asked about this time of year.

SpringyU is our self-paced online learning space where Springshare users like you can learn LibApps basics at your own pace, then move on to more advanced topics. Blocks are designed to provide a quick bit of instruction on a specific function within a single Springy Tool. They're the perfect bite-sized bit of training for the busy back-to-school season!

LibGuides Cleanup

We know you want to make sure all your LibGuides are in tip-top shape before the beginning of the semester. Checking for broken links, updating language, and making sure your site is easy to navigate for staff members are likely at the top of the to-do list. Here are three Blocks to get you started:

Sync Your Calendars

Your library uses Libstaffer for scheduling, LibCal for one-on-one appointment booking, and Outlook/Google for everything else. That's a lot to keep track of, but we have syncing features to make sure your availability stays current across all apps!

Handy LibWizard Tips

LibWizard forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials are easy to set up and provide a powerful tool for instruction and data collection. These Blocks go beyond simple setup instructions and answer question that may pop up after you've been tinkering around a bit.

Dust Off Those LibAnswers FAQs & Macros

A new year likely means new staff, new workflows, and new policies. Updating your LibAnswers FAQs and Macros will ensure that patrons, faculty, and library staff can easily access the most current information - it'll also help you efficiently answer those pesky questions that patrons ask again and again.

There's more where these came from! Browse the whole site to see if there's a Block, Course, or Project that can help you whip your Springy Tools into shape before the leaves begin to fall. The SpringyU Team is working hard to bring you even more instructional content so check back regularly to see what they've added.

-The Springy Team

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up for the Fall Semester with SpringyU”

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      So glad to hear you found this post helpful! SpringyU is an excellent resource for self-paced learning.🙂 We add new content regularly so make sure to check in every once in a while for new Blocks, Courses, and Projects.

      -Springy Lilly

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