New Trier High School – Then & Now

Five years into using LibGuides with 968 Published Guides and a v2 Migration – New Trier High School has a lot to talk about! So, we thought an interview was in order! Springshare first interviewed New Trier in our December 2011 newsletter and in just a few short years, a lot has changed. Let’s catch up. ;)

New Trier High School LibGuides

Q. Can you give us some background on how you’re using LibGuides?

The majority of our guides are used for library instruction at a relatively large (4,000 students) high school. Our ten teacher-librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to create the guides. We strive to be “embedded” as much as feasible, in curriculum and planning, attending other departments’ meetings, and working with individual teachers.  Many of our guides are for English and Social Studies classes, although we work across a range of subjects. We use them for professional development, too. For example, we share our New Teacher Orientation LibGuide in August when we welcome our new staff. In February 2015, our guides had over 53,000 total views!

Q. You’ve built almost 1,000 LibGuides! Tell us a little bit about how you’re able to build so many guides!

New Trier Guide ListBasically, the inherent reusability of LibGuides allows us to share with each other, to build on assignments, and to “showcase” our previous work as classroom teachers contemplate new projects. For example, the relationship that we have with our Business Education Department resulted in a teacher asking for a “current events” resource which we can now modify for Social Studies, especially AP Economics, allowing that guide to become  a “go to” resource for those teachers and students and lead to even more projects.

In addition, we love the opportunity which the LibGuides community offers for collaboration and contact between schools, including local high school colleagues and national colleges and universities.  The flexibility of LibGuides allows us to customize a list of recommendations and highlight various databases, websites and other materials which best meet the needs of students in a given class or for a particular assignment.


Q. You’ll be celebrating your 5-year SpringAversary in April! Tell us about your history using LibGuides.

Over the last five years, we have found LibGuides to be very user friendly and an attractive, engaging technique to share resources with our students as they build critical thinking and information literacy skills. We used Version 1 for several years and migrated to Version 2 last Fall. We are looking forward to making greater use of the side navigation and to seeing future modifications and enhancements (universal find and replace; full discussion boards, ability to easily change header and border colors, etc.) as LibGuides continue to evolve.

Q. In 2011, we interviewed you on your charity work rebuilding libraries in Haiti. Four years later, can you update us on your work there?

We Read for Haiti ScreenshotDeborah Lazar continues to be very involved in this effort to rebuild libraries in Haiti and  shared this update: While the library in Petit-Goave has not been rebuilt, they have been able to rent a temporary space with the help of many over the past four years. Money, school supplies and books in French are always needed. Recently New Trier’s French Classes sent school supplies and picture books – translated in French- to Petit-Goave.  Jean Midley Joseph, Library Director, remains dedicated to serving his community and works diligently, despite many challenges, to make the library a place where young minds can open, learn and imagine to live their lives again.  He recently wrote to Deborah, saying:


Gradually, thanks to some of you, the library of Petit Goave has overcome great challenges in a country where reading is secondary to the daily quest for food for the body. We can say loud and clear that today the fight against ignorance has taken major steps. The book became henceforth the most powerful weapon to change all communities… [To] all those who have contributed to making the library a meeting point of student for youth: Keep good!!

Thanks to the amazing team of librarians at the New Trier High School. Here’s to another five years and another 1,000 LibGuides – to the future, and beyond!

LibGuides 2.1.5 – Updated Release Date

As promised, we’re posting to keep you up to date with the latest release.

LibGuides 2.1.5 is now slated for release on Monday, March 23, 2015 at around 4pm PDT.

Changing the release date allows us to squash the last couple of bugs we found in testing…something I’m sure everyone can appreciate. ;)

Thanks for your patience & keep an eye on Twitter for announcements when it’s live!

Check out our original post to see all of the great stuff coming out in this release…

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or use the Support tab on the Admin side of any product.

Have a great weekend! :)

Catch a Springshare Sighting!

ACRL Flash Sticker 2015


Rarer than glimpse of Bigfoot. Scarcer than a Sasquatch sighting. Less common than a… okay, we might be exaggerating just a tad. Springshare’s heading to Portland, home to the mythical hairy beast, for the ACRL Annual Conference (March 25th – 27th) and we’re performing flash presentations on your favorite Springy Tools: LibGuides CMS, LibAnswers, and LibCal. You won’t want to miss a Springshare Flash sighting at Booth #572!

LibGuides CMS



Wednesday, March 25th:

Thursday, March 26th:

Friday, March 27th:

Wednesday, March 25th:

Thursday, March 26th:

Friday, March 27th:

Thursday, March 26th:

Friday, March 27th:

Even cooler, we’ve tagged in two Springy Superstars to present at the Springshare Booth (#572). Stop by and watch Emilie’s Teaching from LibGuides and Monica’s Using LibGuides & LibSurveys for Conference Planning.

Emilie VrbancicEmilie Vrbancic

Teaching from LibGuides: Quick Tips for Interactive Learning

Monica Ruane RogersMonica Ruane Rogers

Using LibGuides & LibSurveys in Conference Planning

We’re even opening up the floor to you, with our Open Mic Night, Thursday 26th @10amGot something cool to showcase? Something fabulous to flourish? Something unbelievable to unveil? Okay, we’re getting a smidge excited again, but you get the idea. Swing by during Open Mic Night and flash your SpringyNess.

We hope to see you at ACRL in Portland and check-out all the other conferences we’ll be attending this year.



New in LibCal v2’s My Scheduler – Your Free/Busy Times from Google Calendar

You asked, we coded!  Many of you use Google Calendar for your personal calendaring, and until now, you had to manually remove availability times from My Scheduler whenever a new meeting came up.  Duplicate that effort no more!

Configure My Scheduler to check your Google Calendar, and your busy times will be removed from the public side when someone books an appointment:

Screenshot of a meeting in google calendar where the corresponding time is not available for booking from the public side of LibCal

On the Admin side, those busy times are shown to you when you click “Add New Booking”:

screenshot of times not available in My Scheduler admin side due to existing meetings in Google Calendar

Just follow the on-screen instructions for setting this up, or see the Google Calendar Sync guide for more details (authentication required).

We know you’re wondering–what about Calendars and Room Bookings?!  It’s not possible for those to sync automatically from Google Calendar into LibCal at this time due to the complexity of Events and Bookings, but we will be looking into more possibilities in the future.

Please note that all Google Calendar Sync features are not available in LibCal 3/3/3 free installations.

LibGuides 2.1.5 Coming Soon

LibGuides iconLibGuides 2.1.5 is coming soon, and it’s all about the little things that have big impacts…and a pretty big thing for good measure! ;)

We’re aiming for Friday, March 20, 2015 Monday, March 23, 2015 starting around 4pm U.S. PDT.*

There will be no server down time nor disruption in functionality when the update occurs.

Language Options

It’s here! ¡Es aquí! C’est ici! Det är här! To je ovdje! 它在这里!
(My apologies if Google Translate failed me… ;) )

With this update, you’ll be able to set your system to display all labels on public pages in other languages! So far we have a Spanish translation and we’ll be working with some fabulous customers to get other translations in the system as quickly as we can.

It’s as simple as going to Admin > Look & Feel > Language Options, choosing a language from the dropdown list, and clicking Save.

Boom – all of those English labels on your public pages are now in the language you’ve chosen! :)

I know what your next question is already. “Well, that’s great and all, but what if we want to change the wording? We don’t want that option on the homepage to say ‘BY OWNER’ – in any language. We want it to say ‘BY LIBRARIAN'”

You know what we say to that? AWESOME. :) Click the Language Customization section and tweak away!

Example of Language Option customization.

If you have LibGuides CMS, you can set languages / tweak specific wording at both the system and group level, too! There are some pages that are only system level, like subjects and search results, but you can change the homepage, guide pages, and global labels within a group.

Don’t see your language in the list? No problem! Click the Support tab and write in to let us know you’d like to help us create a new language file. We’ll write back with instructions on how to make it happen (and thank you for your help)!

Important Change to “Help is Just a Click Away” Homepage Box

In order to maintain consistency in where language is used / updated, we’re moving the “Introductory Text” and “Button Text” options for the “Help is Just a Click Away” homepage box from Look & Feel > Homepage to Look & Feel > Language Options.

We are going to automatically migrate any customizations in these fields over to the appropriate fields in Language Options, so you don’t have to do a thing!

The “Button URL” field will remain in the Look & Feel > Homepage area.

Important Changes to Templates

As a result of creating Language Options, we did have to make one tweak to all templates and an additional tweak to the Subjects page template.

It will not have a negative impact on any existing customized templates!

We will also be emailing this information to LibGuides Admins this week, but here’s the deal.

Footer Template Change:
Currently, the footer information (Powered by Springshare. All Rights Reserved. Log into LibApps. View this page in a format suitable for printers and screen-readers. Report a problem.) is hard coded into the templates. So if you want to change it, you have to change it manually in every template.

  • If you’re using default templates (or wherever you’re using a default template), you can start using Language Options to customize that language in the footer immediately following the release.
  • If you’re using customized templates:
    • Since it’s hard-coded, as mentioned, this update will not affect the wording of that area. It will continue to display as it has been and you’ll have to manually update it everywhere if you want to change it.
    • If you want to take advantage of Language Options to make changes globally, you’ll need to replace that hard coded information with the keyword {{system_footer}}.

Here’s the change, should you choose to make it:

Replace: With:
<!-- BEGIN: Page Footer -->
<div id="s-lib-footer-public" class="s-lib-footer footer container s-lib-side-borders">
<div id="s-lib-footer-brand">
Powered by <a href="">Springshare</a>.
<div id="s-lib-footer-rights">
All rights reserved.
<div id="s-lib-footer-login-link">
<a href="{{login_url}}">Login to LibApps</a>.
<div id="s-lib-footer-print-link">
View this page in a format suitable for <a href="#">printers and screen-readers</a>.
<div id="s-lib-footer-support-link">
<!-- END: Page Footer -->
<!-- BEGIN: Page Footer -->
<!-- END: Page Footer -->
Or, for Guide Pages…
Replace: With:
<!-- BEGIN: Page Footer -->
<div id="s-lib-footer-public" class="s-lib-footer footer container s-lib-side-borders">

<div id="s-lg-guide-header-meta" class="pad-top-sm pad-left-med clearfix">
<ul id="s-lg-guide-header-attributes" class="">
<li id="s-lg-guide-header-updated" class="s-lg-h-separator">
<span class="s-lg-guide-label">Last Updated:</span> <span class="s-lg-text-greyout">{{guide_updated}}</span>
<li id="s-lg-guide-header-url">
<span class="s-lg-guide-label">URL:</span> <span class="s-lg-text-greyout">{{guide_url}}</span>
<div id="s-lib-footer-login-link" class="pull-right pad-right-med">
<a href="{{login_url}}">Login to LibApps</a>.
<div class="pad-bottom-sm clearfix">
<div id="s-lib-footer-support-link" class="pull-right pad-right-med">
<a href="">Report a problem</a>.
<div id="s-lg-guide-header-subjects" class="pad-top-sm pad-left-med pad-right-med pull-left">
<div id="s-lg-guide-header-tags" class="pad-top-sm pad-left-med">
<!-- END: Page Footer -->
<!-- BEGIN: Page Footer -->
<div id="s-lib-footer-public" class="s-lib-footer footer container s-lib-side-borders">

<div id="s-lg-guide-header-meta" class="pad-top-sm pad-left-med clearfix">
<ul id="s-lg-guide-header-attributes" class="">
<li id="s-lg-guide-header-updated" class="s-lg-h-separator">
<li id="s-lg-guide-header-url" class="s-lg-h-separator">
<li id="s-lg-guide-print-url">
<div id="s-lib-footer-login-link" class="pull-right pad-right-med">
<div class="pad-bottom-sm clearfix">
<div id="s-lib-footer-support-link" class="pull-right pad-right-med">
<div id="s-lg-guide-header-subjects" class="pad-top-sm pad-left-med pad-right-med pull-left">
<div id="s-lg-guide-header-tags" class="pad-top-sm pad-left-med">
<!-- END: Page Footer -->

Subjects Page Template Change:
The Subjects page template change is just like the footer change – if you want to take advantage of changing this via Language Options, you will need to make the following update to any customized Subjects template(s):

Replace the words in red: With the keywords in red:
<ul class=”nav nav-tabs margin-bottom-med”>
<!– Guide tab –>
<li class=”active”>
<a href=”#s-lg-sb-guides” data-toggle=”tab”>Guides</a>
<!– Databases tab –>
<li class=””>
<a href=”#s-lg-sb-databases” data-toggle=”tab”>Databases</a>
<ul class=”nav nav-tabs margin-bottom-med”>
<!– Guide tab –>
<li class=”active”>
<a href=”#s-lg-sb-guides” data-toggle=”tab”>{{guides_tab_label}}</a>
<!– Databases tab –>
<li class=””>
<a href=”#s-lg-sb-databases” data-toggle=”tab”>{{databases_tab_label}}</a>

On to the Little Things That Aren’t So Little…

Delete Summary Example

Delete Summary Example – Click to enlarge

  • Support Site Access: Now you can log in with your LibApps username / password right at the support site (if you’re not already logged in). So if one of our super cool support cats sends you a link to a guide, you can just click it, log in (if necessary), and learn!
  • Delete Summaries: Ever delete something and then realize…oh no, that was reused in all of these other places?!? Well, now our delete screens are going to show you the impact of deleting that original guide, page, box, or Asset. (If you have to scroll a lot, you’ll want to rethink that delete action. ;) )
  • Database A-Z page fixes:
    • The back button now takes you…well, back.
    • The alphabet links now wrap properly for smaller screens.
    • The dropdown plugin has been updated to ensure accessibility.
  • Last Update now updates when any part of the guide is updated, not just the guide information (title, etc.).
  • HTML Guide Backups: Last release, we gave you XML Exports of guides – this time it’s HTML Backups! Go to the Guide Tools menu – the middle button in the guide toolbar – and select Create HTML Backup. This saves your guide in “Single Page” mode, meaning your tabs & relative links still work in your saved version!
    Screenshot showing Create HTML Backup location.
  • CSS Change for Toggles: We added a checkmark to the toggles on the admin side of the system to make it clearer which option is selected.
    Example of checkmarks on toggles.
  • Admins Can Set Passwords: When creating accounts, you still don’t have to set a password for the user, but now you can if you want. We recommend allowing users to set their own password – just leave the password field blank and they will receive an email with a link to set their own password! :)
  • LibApps Admins: We have a new designation for accounts: LibApps Admin! This designation is associated with the “main” admin for each site. For new sites, this is the initial admin. For existing sites, this is the admin listed in the System Settings > Admin Email field. What can the LibApps Admin do? Glad you asked!
    • From the LibApps Dashboard, you’ll see a new Admin menu with Customer & Accounts options.
    • Customer allows you to see the descriptive information we have in our database about your institution and allows you to make some changes, like your time zone setting.
    • Accounts allows you to see all accounts for all of your v2 Springshare subscriptions. You can:
      • Reset Account Passwords (though we always recommend users initiate the reset password process themselves by clicking “Reset Password” on the Login page);
        Note: For security reasons, you cannot change the password for an account that is associated with more than 1 customer. This will not be an issue in most cases, but if you cannot change a user’s password, the reason is because they are associated with multiple customers.
      • Make another user a LibApps Admin.

We’re amped to bring you these updates and can’t wait for Friday Monday* to share them with you! :)

* Date subject to change. We will post again if we need to change the release date.

LibCal v2.1 Release is on its way!

LibCal version 2.1 is coming to a browser near you!  This update will be released on March 15 during the late afternoon US time, which is Monday morning, 16 March for our Aussie friends.

Why save the best for last? The best–and biggest–feature in LibCal 2.1 is the integration of LibCal Room Bookings, Events, and MyScheduler into your Google Calendars! We are super-excited to announce that you can now manage Room Bookings, Events, and My Scheduler appointments in LibCal and push them into Google Calendar practically instantly.*

What is this magic?!

You will be using the Google Calendar API to deliver LibCal information directly into your Google Calendars. Don’t know what an API is?  No problem! Just follow the on-screen directions for connecting your calendar, group of rooms, or My Scheduler, and any events, bookings, or appointments created after the configuration will appear in the Google Calendar that you select.  There is a one-time import to get pre-existing items into Google.

To send your LibCal Calendar events to Google Calendar, go to Calendars > (click your calendar name) > Settings > Google Calendar Sync:

screenshot of the google calendar sync settings location in LC Calendar settings

Set it up for your bookable rooms by going to Room Bookings > Settings > Edit > Google Calendar Sync:

screenshot of google calendar sync tab in the group settings page

For My Scheduler, click My Scheduler > Google Calendar Sync:

screenshot of Location of google calendar sync settings in My Scheduler

Please note that Google Calendar Sync is not available for 3/3/3 free LibCal systems.  Please contact for upgrade information. :)

But wait, there’s more!

We heard from some of you that the Room Bookings confirmation process could be smoother.  Now, when there are restrictions in effect, that maximum is checked against before the confirmation process.  If the maximum has been reached already, an error message will be displayed, and other bookings must be cancelled before new bookings can be made.

Previously, this check was made only after a booking was confirmed by the user, so it was possible to request more than the maximum, but not to actually reach the maximum until after enough bookings were confirmed.

You asked, we coded….

These features and fixes were requested by you:

  • MyScheduler widget not specifying a librarian – Sometimes a user wants to make an appointment with a librarian but doesn’t have a name in mind.
  • Ability to select more than one presenter for an event – Programs and classes are often brought to you by more than one person; give credit where credit is due!
  • Move “Confirmed Bookings” to beneath Room Bookings reservation grid on mobile devices – Book and go, on the go! If your rooms are busier than Grand Central, your users won’t have to scroll through all those bookings before making their own reservations.
  • Add past appointments in MyScheduler – Sometimes folks just drop in, and you should get credit for that!
  • More accessible Room Bookings reservation slot colors – The pink and green colors on the Room Bookings screens have been replaced with more greatly contrasting colors.
  • iCal/ics feeds for individual rooms in a group – Import bookings for just a single room into your calendar program.
  • Permalinks for calendar event categories and campuses – Need to publicise only the Story Time calendar?  Give a URL to the faculty just for the Science Library’s classes?  We got you covered!
  • Ability to hide librarian profiles from public pages – Don’t want to be findable when browsing events by organizer?  No sweat! Go to Profile and uncheck the “Enable Public Profile Page” box.  Admin users you can change this for any account by going to Admin > Accounts > Edit and unchecking the same box.
  • Print-friendly options for public calendars – Want to print what you see and post it outside a room or at your service desk?  No prob, Bob!  Just look for the printer icon at the top-right of every public calendar page.


Book Cover Art Temporarily Unavailable Saturday Night

On Saturday, February 28th from 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM Eastern Time, Bowker will be running an important update. All Syndetics book cover art images in LibGuides and LibGuides CMS (both version 1 and version 2) will be unavailable during this infrastructure maintenance window.

This is not a result of a LibGuides update, but rather the byproduct of a Bowker update. During this maintenance window, book cover art will display in your guides as a blank white space. This will *not* affect images you’ve uploaded via the image manager.

After Bowker’s update is complete, all book cover art images will display as they normally would.

LibAnswers v2.3 Now Live!

We have a fun bunch of LibAnswers features to share today! This update is all about the ticket answering process in LibAnswers v2 – we wanted to tighten things up and make the ticket answering process and ticket management faster and more intuitive.

Ticket Macros

macro2Macros are here to speed up your librarian’s workflow when answering frequently asked questions. While the existing “Reuse Answer” functionality works for this too, we though – wouldn’t it be great to create a “definitive” answer to certain questions, so librarians always know which answer is the right one without having to search? And how cool would it be to adjust other internal settings – like adding tags and changing the question status – when a macro is chosen – consistency FTW! And what if we added the ability to auto-populate key patron data – anything from their name and email address to answers they provided in your question form – to each macro in template form – how cool would that be?!

We got so psyched thinking about this idea, we had to make it happen – and now, Macros are here! System admins, head to Admin > Macros to create a new macro. Once you’ve set up a macro, it will appear on the ticket answer page as a new drop-down option.

Dashboard Views

dashboardviewsFor sites with a high volume of incoming tickets, the standard Dashboard view can feel a bit like the wild west – untamed at best, and downright deadly at worst. We figured we’d add a way to tame the madness, so we’re introducing Views. Views basically act as a saved set of filters, enabling you to create your own quick-jump menu for the tickets you need to see.

Admins and Regular level users can head to Admin >Views to create a new view. Admins will also see an option to “Share this View” – this will make your customized view available to everyone in your LibAnswers system.


Email Templates & New Reply Behavior

templatesWe’ve added extensive email templates and brand new mustache tokens to help you customize every email sent from the LibAnswers system. You can now customize all internal emails (for ticket transfers/assignments, internal notes, address book transfers, etc) with the same template type options available for public emails (ie emails sent to patrons). We’ve also vastly expanded the available mustache tokens, which makes it super easy to automatically pull key system information into an email without having to type it in manually for every email. Admins, head to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue > Email Templates to see all the new functionality.

With this update, we’re also changing a key email reply behavior. Previously, there was 1 email template shared by both internal notes and ticket transfers, and they were treated the same – when someone received an email notification in their inbox, and clicked Reply (in their email client) to respond, that email would be sent back to LibAnswers as “internal” content, out of view of patrons. As of this update, this behavior will change – replies to internal notes will still be treated as “internal” content, but replies to transferred tickets will be stripped of all previous internal notes/content, and will be sent to patrons as a public reply. This should make it easier for folks who prefer to primarily manage and answer questions via email, and it’s particularly great for your address book folks!

New Ticket Management Options

  • Auto-saved Replies – Don’t you hate it when you accidentally navigate away from the answer page before clicking on the “Reply” button? With this new update, we’re making life a little better – replies to tickets are now automatically saved, even if you navigate away from the page! When you head back to the page, you’ll see the content you were working on restored in the rich text editor. If you need to get rid of a previously auto-saved draft, just hit the “cancel” or “reply” button, and we’ll remove the draft content.
  • submitasStreamlined Ticket Status Change – we thought we’d make it easier to update a ticket’s status (new/open/pending/closed) at the same time when you submit a reply or internal note. Check out the newly expanded submission options to see what we mean!
  • Merging Tickets – Sometimes patrons are so enthusiastic, they end up submitting multiple question tickets about the same question. We added a new ticket merge option to help! Head to the ticket answer page and choose ticket settings > merge – this will let you thread the current ticket with any other ticket in your system.
  • Updated Rich Text Editor – We’ve added new text formatting options to the Rich Text Editor – this applies to both ticket answers and FAQ answers, huzzah! Head to the answer ticket or add FAQ screen to see the new options.
  • Updated displays – We’ve tweaked the information that displays in the Dashboard and Ticket Answer screens so the most relevant information displays.
  • Ticket replies can be closed without text – We removed the requirement for text in the reply field – this is useful when you need to go back and update information about a ticket (like it’s status, adding a tag, etc.) without actually generating a reply to the patron.


LibGuides v2.1.4 is Live!

Changes in the way assets work

LibGuides LogoWe heard from many of you that it was frustrating that Regular and Editor-level accounts were not able to edit assets that they did not own, even on guides to which they were assigned as editors. It’s been a long time coming, but this is now fixed!  Please note this applies to all assets except databases.

Here’s a breakdown of the issues that this fix addressed:

  • Admin users can edit all assets, wherever they reside–in guides or in Content > Assets.  This has not changed.
  • Regular and editor-level accounts can edit any assets on guides they own or edit and can customize fields in assets owned by others.
  • When someone leaves your organization, you can reassign ownership of their assets when you reassign ownership of their guides.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens when you edit assets in various places.  Protip: the blue help bubbles will tell you where your changes will appear, so read them! ;)

  • When editing an asset, an asterisk will appear next to its original location.  Edits made to the original location appear wherever that asset is used except where fields have been customized:
    Screenshot of an asset edit screen
  • When you reuse an asset, you are creating a mapping of that asset.  You can customize certain fields after the fact.  Any edits you make to a mapped asset within a guide appear only in that guide.
  • Edits made to assets in their original locations are reflected in all mapped copies of that asset, except for any fields that were customized in mappings.
  • Instead of reusing and editing a single asset multiple times, consider making your own copy of that asset.  Any edits you make on your copy will appear anywhere your copy is reused.

This is explained more fully in the Managing Assets guide. Check it out!

In-Context Help!

New in-context help icons will get you help, STAT, right where you are.  The types of information you’ll see are:

  •  Links: a gray or orange question mark indicates general information.  Click the ? to be taken to a guide relating to the task at hand.
  •  Information: orange circles with exclamation points indicate related information. Hover over them to read.
  •  Warnings: important information appears when you hover over a red triangle.

More API Options!

These options have been added under Tools > API.  For full documentation and output examples, please visit the API pages in your system.

  • GET Guides v1.1
  • GET Accounts
  • GET Subjects
  • GET Assets
  • For GET Guides/:id/pages, guides/:id/boxes, and guides/:id/meta, please see the API v1.0 page that is linked from the bottom of Tools > API.

Referrer URLs for Statistics (CMS only)

  • Now see where your users are coming from by checking out the referrer URLs in guide page statistics.  Go to Statistics > Guides, run a report, and click a guide’s name.  If any referring URL information is available, you can view those by clicking the eye icon next to the number of views:
    Screenshot of statistics module showing referring URLs for a guide page

Bug Fixes and Smaller Enhancements

  • Side-nav guides with a single page now display a tab for that page, where they did not before. This allows for the display of sub-pages and box-level navigation:
    screenshot of a guide with one page, one sub-page, and two box-level navigation pills
  • Any HTML in asset descriptions is rendered everywhere that description is displayed, including on-hover popovers and the Databases tab on Subject pages:
    screenshot of a book description where HTML code is rendered properly
  • When you reuse a box, you can now rename your reused version:
    Screenshot of where to customize a box name during the reuse process
  • When the character limit for the Rich Text Editor is exceeded, a message pops up letting you know how many characters must be removed:screenshot of error message displayed when character limit is exceeded
  • Author links in Guides Lists go to the right place now. ;)
  • Publication Workflow cannot be enabled without first choosing at least one Reviewer.
  • Guide-level XML exports are available from Guide Edit (menu icon) > Request XML Export:Location of guide level XML export request
  • Email templates have a new design.  You’ll see these when you create an account or reuse a guide, and in a few other instances.
  • The LibGuides 2 support form sends your tickets into our LibAnswers 2 system!  We have switched to using LibAnswers for our customer support, and we LOVE it.

LibGuides v2 Planned Maintenance – Friday, February 13th

LibGuides v2 servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 90 minutes on Friday, February 13th starting at 10pm U.S. EST / 7pm PST.

Why the down time for this release? Well, we’re making some updates that require database changes while no one is using the system. :)

This only affects LibGuides v2. Our other products – LibAnswers, LibStaffer, LibCal, etc. – and LibGuides v1 are unaffected.

It may be happening on Friday the 13th, but don’t be scared! This scheduled down time of our LibGuides v2 servers isn’t scary – it’s exciting!

When you come back to work on Monday morning (or over the weekend, if that’s your gig), you’ll have both shiny new and revised functionality to play with. Things like:

  • changes in the way Assets work (based on your feedback, Regular users will be able to edit Assets they don’t own on guides where they are a Guide Editor)*;
  • guide-level XML export;
  • more API options (CMS only);
  • URL referrers in the stats area (CMS only);
  • and so much more!

The actual down time may vary slightly, but will be about 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly. (Btw, this is a great use for LibAnswers’ Systems & Services Management tool!)

We’ll have more info for you about the release soon, so keep an eye on our blog.

Here’s what users will see if they go to your site during the down time:

Message users will see when they go to a LibGuides v2 site during planned down time.

* More info on the Assets thing:

  • Regular users will be able to edit Assets they don’t own on guides where they are a Guide Editor;
  • If Regular users reuse an Asset someone else created, they can edit certain fields to customize them for that particular instance of the Asset, but those edited fields do not affect the original or any other mapped version;
  • Changes to the original Asset still cascade down to all mapped versions, though customized fields will not be affected;

Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for being part of the Springshare family! :)