Book Cover Art Temporarily Unavailable Saturday Night

On Saturday, February 28th from 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM Eastern Time, Bowker will be running an important update. All Syndetics book cover art images in LibGuides and LibGuides CMS (both version 1 and version 2) will be unavailable during this infrastructure maintenance window.

This is not a result of a LibGuides update, but rather the byproduct of a Bowker update. During this maintenance window, book cover art will display in your guides as a blank white space. This will *not* affect images you’ve uploaded via the image manager.

After Bowker’s update is complete, all book cover art images will display as they normally would.

LibAnswers v2.3 Now Live!

We have a fun bunch of LibAnswers features to share today! This update is all about the ticket answering process in LibAnswers v2 – we wanted to tighten things up and make the ticket answering process and ticket management faster and more intuitive.

Ticket Macros

macro2Macros are here to speed up your librarian’s workflow when answering frequently asked questions. While the existing “Reuse Answer” functionality works for this too, we though – wouldn’t it be great to create a “definitive” answer to certain questions, so librarians always know which answer is the right one without having to search? And how cool would it be to adjust other internal settings – like adding tags and changing the question status – when a macro is chosen – consistency FTW! And what if we added the ability to auto-populate key patron data – anything from their name and email address to answers they provided in your question form – to each macro in template form – how cool would that be?!

We got so psyched thinking about this idea, we had to make it happen – and now, Macros are here! System admins, head to Admin > Macros to create a new macro. Once you’ve set up a macro, it will appear on the ticket answer page as a new drop-down option.

Dashboard Views

dashboardviewsFor sites with a high volume of incoming tickets, the standard Dashboard view can feel a bit like the wild west – untamed at best, and downright deadly at worst. We figured we’d add a way to tame the madness, so we’re introducing Views. Views basically act as a saved set of filters, enabling you to create your own quick-jump menu for the tickets you need to see.

Admins and Regular level users can head to Admin >Views to create a new view. Admins will also see an option to “Share this View” – this will make your customized view available to everyone in your LibAnswers system.


Email Templates & New Reply Behavior

templatesWe’ve added extensive email templates and brand new mustache tokens to help you customize every email sent from the LibAnswers system. You can now customize all internal emails (for ticket transfers/assignments, internal notes, address book transfers, etc) with the same template type options available for public emails (ie emails sent to patrons). We’ve also vastly expanded the available mustache tokens, which makes it super easy to automatically pull key system information into an email without having to type it in manually for every email. Admins, head to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue > Email Templates to see all the new functionality.

With this update, we’re also changing a key email reply behavior. Previously, there was 1 email template shared by both internal notes and ticket transfers, and they were treated the same – when someone received an email notification in their inbox, and clicked Reply (in their email client) to respond, that email would be sent back to LibAnswers as “internal” content, out of view of patrons. As of this update, this behavior will change – replies to internal notes will still be treated as “internal” content, but replies to transferred tickets will be stripped of all previous internal notes/content, and will be sent to patrons as a public reply. This should make it easier for folks who prefer to primarily manage and answer questions via email, and it’s particularly great for your address book folks!

New Ticket Management Options

  • Auto-saved Replies – Don’t you hate it when you accidentally navigate away from the answer page before clicking on the “Reply” button? With this new update, we’re making life a little better – replies to tickets are now automatically saved, even if you navigate away from the page! When you head back to the page, you’ll see the content you were working on restored in the rich text editor. If you need to get rid of a previously auto-saved draft, just hit the “cancel” or “reply” button, and we’ll remove the draft content.
  • submitasStreamlined Ticket Status Change – we thought we’d make it easier to update a ticket’s status (new/open/pending/closed) at the same time when you submit a reply or internal note. Check out the newly expanded submission options to see what we mean!
  • Merging Tickets – Sometimes patrons are so enthusiastic, they end up submitting multiple question tickets about the same question. We added a new ticket merge option to help! Head to the ticket answer page and choose ticket settings > merge – this will let you thread the current ticket with any other ticket in your system.
  • Updated Rich Text Editor – We’ve added new text formatting options to the Rich Text Editor – this applies to both ticket answers and FAQ answers, huzzah! Head to the answer ticket or add FAQ screen to see the new options.
  • Updated displays – We’ve tweaked the information that displays in the Dashboard and Ticket Answer screens so the most relevant information displays.
  • Ticket replies can be closed without text – We removed the requirement for text in the reply field – this is useful when you need to go back and update information about a ticket (like it’s status, adding a tag, etc.) without actually generating a reply to the patron.


LibGuides v2.1.4 is Live!

Changes in the way assets work

LibGuides LogoWe heard from many of you that it was frustrating that Regular and Editor-level accounts were not able to edit assets that they did not own, even on guides to which they were assigned as editors. It’s been a long time coming, but this is now fixed!  Please note this applies to all assets except databases.

Here’s a breakdown of the issues that this fix addressed:

  • Admin users can edit all assets, wherever they reside–in guides or in Content > Assets.  This has not changed.
  • Regular and editor-level accounts can edit any assets on guides they own or edit and can customize fields in assets owned by others.
  • When someone leaves your organization, you can reassign ownership of their assets when you reassign ownership of their guides.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens when you edit assets in various places.  Protip: the blue help bubbles will tell you where your changes will appear, so read them! ;)

  • When editing an asset, an asterisk will appear next to its original location.  Edits made to the original location appear wherever that asset is used except where fields have been customized:
    Screenshot of an asset edit screen
  • When you reuse an asset, you are creating a mapping of that asset.  You can customize certain fields after the fact.  Any edits you make to a mapped asset within a guide appear only in that guide.
  • Edits made to assets in their original locations are reflected in all mapped copies of that asset, except for any fields that were customized in mappings.
  • Instead of reusing and editing a single asset multiple times, consider making your own copy of that asset.  Any edits you make on your copy will appear anywhere your copy is reused.

This is explained more fully in the Managing Assets guide. Check it out!

In-Context Help!

New in-context help icons will get you help, STAT, right where you are.  The types of information you’ll see are:

  •  Links: a gray or orange question mark indicates general information.  Click the ? to be taken to a guide relating to the task at hand.
  •  Information: orange circles with exclamation points indicate related information. Hover over them to read.
  •  Warnings: important information appears when you hover over a red triangle.

More API Options!

These options have been added under Tools > API.  For full documentation and output examples, please visit the API pages in your system.

  • GET Guides v1.1
  • GET Accounts
  • GET Subjects
  • GET Assets
  • For GET Guides/:id/pages, guides/:id/boxes, and guides/:id/meta, please see the API v1.0 page that is linked from the bottom of Tools > API.

Referrer URLs for Statistics (CMS only)

  • Now see where your users are coming from by checking out the referrer URLs in guide page statistics.  Go to Statistics > Guides, run a report, and click a guide’s name.  If any referring URL information is available, you can view those by clicking the eye icon next to the number of views:
    Screenshot of statistics module showing referring URLs for a guide page

Bug Fixes and Smaller Enhancements

  • Side-nav guides with a single page now display a tab for that page, where they did not before. This allows for the display of sub-pages and box-level navigation:
    screenshot of a guide with one page, one sub-page, and two box-level navigation pills
  • Any HTML in asset descriptions is rendered everywhere that description is displayed, including on-hover popovers and the Databases tab on Subject pages:
    screenshot of a book description where HTML code is rendered properly
  • When you reuse a box, you can now rename your reused version:
    Screenshot of where to customize a box name during the reuse process
  • When the character limit for the Rich Text Editor is exceeded, a message pops up letting you know how many characters must be removed:screenshot of error message displayed when character limit is exceeded
  • Author links in Guides Lists go to the right place now. ;)
  • Publication Workflow cannot be enabled without first choosing at least one Reviewer.
  • Guide-level XML exports are available from Guide Edit (menu icon) > Request XML Export:Location of guide level XML export request
  • Email templates have a new design.  You’ll see these when you create an account or reuse a guide, and in a few other instances.
  • The LibGuides 2 support form sends your tickets into our LibAnswers 2 system!  We have switched to using LibAnswers for our customer support, and we LOVE it.

LibGuides v2 Planned Maintenance – Friday, February 13th

LibGuides v2 servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 90 minutes on Friday, February 13th starting at 10pm U.S. EST / 7pm PST.

Why the down time for this release? Well, we’re making some updates that require database changes while no one is using the system. :)

This only affects LibGuides v2. Our other products – LibAnswers, LibStaffer, LibCal, etc. – and LibGuides v1 are unaffected.

It may be happening on Friday the 13th, but don’t be scared! This scheduled down time of our LibGuides v2 servers isn’t scary – it’s exciting!

When you come back to work on Monday morning (or over the weekend, if that’s your gig), you’ll have both shiny new and revised functionality to play with. Things like:

  • changes in the way Assets work (based on your feedback, Regular users will be able to edit Assets they don’t own on guides where they are a Guide Editor)*;
  • guide-level XML export;
  • more API options (CMS only);
  • URL referrers in the stats area (CMS only);
  • and so much more!

The actual down time may vary slightly, but will be about 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly. (Btw, this is a great use for LibAnswers’ Systems & Services Management tool!)

We’ll have more info for you about the release soon, so keep an eye on our blog.

Here’s what users will see if they go to your site during the down time:

Message users will see when they go to a LibGuides v2 site during planned down time.

* More info on the Assets thing:

  • Regular users will be able to edit Assets they don’t own on guides where they are a Guide Editor;
  • If Regular users reuse an Asset someone else created, they can edit certain fields to customize them for that particular instance of the Asset, but those edited fields do not affect the original or any other mapped version;
  • Changes to the original Asset still cascade down to all mapped versions, though customized fields will not be affected;

Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for being part of the Springshare family! :)

LibAnswers v 2.2 update now live!

We’re excited to announce the LibAnswers v2.2 update – now live for all LibAnswers v2 sites!

Systems & Status Management Now Available!

The all new Systems & Status Management Tool is now available in the LibAnswers v2 platform! We are very pleased to offer this amazing new module to all LibAnswers Platform clients for free during the 12 months from January to December 2015. If you find this module useful (and we are confident you will – it is the best and the most cost-effective way to keep track of various library systems and inform your community about the status of each) your 2016 renewal will increase marginally (by a few hundred dollars) in order to cover the costs of additional server resources/maintenance of the new functionality. For the exact amount of the price increase (which is based on FTE) head to Systems Status Management > Settings > Module Information & click “See pricing details” for the full breakdown.

If you don’t want to use this new tool, no problem – from that same screen, just set the Module Status to Disabled, and your renewal price remains the same. You’ll miss out on some really useful functionality at the best price you’ll ever find, but we won’t hold it against you. ;)

For more help getting started with this shiny new tool, head over to our Support Guide for extensive configuration instructions.

LibChat Updates

  • DeptopselectWaterfall Chat Widgets – aka Fallback widgets, create chat widgets that check for the presence of individual librarians and/or departments, according to the order you define. Just create or edit a chat widget and select Options > Department/Operator Selection, and create the sequence of “Options” you’d like to see. This makes it possible to set up a sequence like: If Sarah is online, connect new chats to Sarah; if not, connect new chats to the Reference Department; if Reference isn’t online, connect to anyone in the library.
  • Department + Personal Chat Widget Management Combined – We’ve streamlined the admin UI, so you can manage both personal and department/system chat widgets from one place! To manage all of your chat widgets, head to LibChat > Chat Widgets:
    • Admin level users can create & edit widgets for any department or user
    • Regular level users can create & edit their own widgets
  • Streamlined Queue/Chat Department Connections – We’ve made it way easier to associate LibAnswers Queues with LibChat Departments! Admins who create (or edit) a department will see the option to assign this department to a Queue. When a department is assigned to a Queue, all users assigned to that Queue are also assigned to that chat department, and Queue level administrators receive department-level administrative access.
  • Department Canned Messages – Create canned messages and share them with everyone assigned to a chat department. Head to Admin > LibChat Set-up > System Canned Messages – add or edit a message, and you’ll see a new option to assign the message to a department.
  • New Department Stats – We’ve added a new report to show you the breakdown of chats by department. Head to LibChat > Statistics > Clients/Operators to find the new report.

More Awesomeness

  • copywidgetCopy Widgets – Are your LibAnswers & LibChat widgets highly customized? We’ve made it easier to create new widgets using an existing widget as a base – just head to any widget management screen – in the Actions column, select Copy Widget. This creates a brand new widget based on the old widget, which you can customize to your hearts content!
  • Improved Selectors & Menus – This one is especially for sites managing large numbers of “things” – lots of user accounts, or lots of queues, chat departments, etc. We’ve improved the selector options across the admin interface so you no longer have to scroll through endlessly long lists of “things” to find the thing you’re looking for – now, you can search the list’s content and even select multiple list options when appropriate.

LibSurveys – New Reports Options and More!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve rolled out a stocking-stuffer-sized update for LibSurveys!

New Reports View: Data Table

We’ve overhauled the initial landing page you’ll see when you head to Form and Survey Reports.


The new Data Table view includes a bunch of nice-to-have updates, including:

  • rpSearch & Filter – We’ve added a handy search box, so you can easily search across all form/survey responses by a keyword or phrase.
  • Customizable Views – Choose which columns of data you’d like to display in your Data Table. To edit your columns, head to the Builder for that form/survey and select Properties > Report Properties. You can display/hide any question, and even create a custom heading title for especially long questions.
  • Column Sort – Click any column heading to sort your table by that response
  • Delete Responses – Need to delete a test response? Just click the trashcan icon and poof, it’s outta there!
  • Edit Responses – Need to edit a response? Click the eye icon to jump to an editing view for any form/survey responses!
    • Cool Use: Set up internal tracking questions to categorize individual form/survey responses! Just create a question in your form/survey and set its Display Property to “hidden”, then collect responses from your patrons as you normally would. As each response arrives, click the edit (eye) icon to edit this hidden question.
  • privacyreportingData Collection Controls – This feature is for folks who want to ensure patron privacy in form/survey responses. Head to the form/survey builder and choose Options > Reporting to control passive data collection (including IP address, browser version data, and page referring url) for each form/survey response.

New Look and Feel Options

  • New Bootstrap Style Template: Set your form/survey to a Bootstrap-based template! Head to the form/survey builder and choose Options > Look and Feel > Template to switch between Basic and Template display.
  • New CSS Classes: We’ve added new CSS classes to make it easier to customize the look and feel of questions in any form/survey. Here’s a quickie list of the new classes:
    Field class name
    Text Field field-type-text
    Numeric Field field-type-numeric
    Date Field field-type-date
    TextboxField field-type-textbox
    Dropdown Field field-type-dropdown
    Radio Field field-type-radio
    Checkbox Field field-type-checkbox
    Rating field-type-rating
    Text Block field-type-text-block
    Line Separator field-type-line
    Spacer field-type-spacer
    Page Header field-type-header

LibGuides v2 Updates!

Admin Stuff

  • Use Your Library’s Syndetics ID for Cover Art – If you’re a Syndetics customer, you can now add your Syndetics ID to LibGuides! Any new Books from the Catalog that you add will use your images. Previously-added Books from the Catalog will stll use the default set of cover images unless you edit any of the books’ fields. Go to Admin > System Settings > Proxy & Library Systems and add your Syndetics ID.
  • Preview Your Profile Page while editing! Click your email address > My Profile > Profile Page.
  • Additional Password Security – You are now required to enter your current password before you can change your LibApps password. This follows best practices of most other websites. If you forget your current password, click “Forgot Password?” on the login screen to have a link emailed to the address associated with your account. Click your email address in the top-right corner to go to your profile.

Guide Edit Stuff

  • Spell Check as You Type (SCAYT) – Recognize those squiggly red lines when you’re composing an email or document? Now you’ll see them in LibGuides, when you’re creating or editing Rich Text content items.
  • Vanilla HTML editor – Want to write your own HTML code?  No problem! Click Edit > HTML to edit the code behind a Rich Text content item directly.
  • screenshot of the Position menu for content items

    Choose where a new content item will be inserted

    Box and Asset position options – Create boxes and place them anywhere in a column, or create
    assets and place them anywhere in a box.  Just want to add a link to the bottom of a box? No problem–“bottom” is the default.

User-Requested Features

  • Site breadcrumbs can now be individually styled or hidden:

    Screenshot of site breadcrumbs and their CSS IDs

    Breadcrumbs, left-to-right, are Customer, Site, Guide, and Page

  • Descriptions that you add to Resource Icons are used as the icons’ ALT text.  Add icons and descriptions at Content > Assets > A-Z List > Icons.
  • For clients with both LibGuides 2 and LibAnswers 2, search terms are carried over when you search LibGuides then click the LibAnswers button:

    screenshot of search results box with an arrow pointing to the LibAnswers link

    Redo any search in your LibAnswers 2 site with a single click!


Now under the blue applications menu, you will see all the systems associated with your site, even if you don’t have an account in that system. Clicking a system that you do not have access to will pop up a message for you to contact the system’s administrator:

screenshot of the blue LibGuides button with menu extended

No matter which v2 product you’re in, click the blue menu button to jump to other systems at your institution.


LibCal Service Disruption, December 1, 2014

Starting at about 11:40 am EST, LibCal version 1 was responding extremely slowly or even timing out for some clients. Our support and tech teams jumped into action a few minutes thereafter, as soon as we were able to confirm the issues.

After extensive troubleshooting and two server reboots, our tech team identified the “Confirmed Bookings” box as the culprit.   Namely, a recent update caused a slowdown in the database queries related to the confirmed bookings box functionality. These slow queries then slowed everything else in the database so the entire system felt really sluggish as a result.

Confirmed Bookings BoxWe have commented out the “Confirmed Bookings” box code for the time being, and things are zippy again with LibCal v1.  If you use Public Nicknames for your room groups, you will no longer see this box on your Room Bookings pages.  Once the code for this box is tweaked, it will be restored.  If you do not use Public Nicknames for your room groups, you will see no change to your Room Bookings pages.

The bad news is that our clients were without reliable LibCal connectivity for 3-4 hours today, and we are very sorry about that. The good news is that in the process of troubleshooting this issue, we were able to speed up several other database queries – some in a major way – so taken as a whole the system should be responding much faster from now on, even faster than before this issue began.

If you are still experiencing issues with your LibCal system, would like clarification of the issue, or have any follow-up questions, please email us at

Also, if you have not yet subscribed to or bookmarked our twitter feed, please do so.  It’s the fastest way to get updates about our products and to learn tips, tricks, and even new product features!

We sincerely apologize, again, for this unanticipated downtime at what we know to be a very busy time of the year.  We appreciate all our customers and thank each and every one of you for being on board.

LibAnswers v2.1 Update Now Live!

We’re excited to share our newest LibAnswers and LibChat features, rolling out today!

LibAnswers Updates:

  • URL-based Widgets – Initiate any embedded LibAnswers widgets using a simple URL! This makes it easy to trigger any LibAnswers widget using inline text – for example, create an “Email Us” link that, when clicked, pops up your LibAnswers Question Form. To use this option:
    • Head to Admin > Widgets & API > Widgets > Create/Edit Widget
    • Choose Display Type: Embedded In Page; customize the widget as you normally would, then click Save
    • Select View Embed Code – at the bottom of that popup, you’ll see “Alternate Method” – use this permanent URL to fire up your LibAnswers widget using a simple URL
  • Ticket Tags – We’ve heard your requests for a way to tag/classify your private LibAnswers tickets, and our new Ticket Tags are here to help! Let’s say you’d like to keep track of all incoming questions related to borrowing materials. Tag all of these related tickets with tag: “borrowing” from the ticket answer screen – this allows you to generate statistics reports and filter transactions to just those that include this tag, without displaying the tag to your end-users.
  • New FAQ Group Options:
    • Restricted Internal FAQ Groups – We’re loving the new option for “Internal” FAQ groups – they’re perfect for creating an internal knowledge base, viewable only by folks who have an account in your LibAnswers system. But what if you want to go a step further – what if you want to restrict visibility of these FAQs to some, but not all, of your LibAnswers account holders? Then our new Restricted Internal Groups are for you! To use this new option, head to Admin > Groups > Edit Group > Group Availability and select “Restricted Internal”.
    • Hidden FAQ Groups – This FAQ group visibility option acts a lot like the “Private” guide status in LibGuides – it hides a group of FAQs from public view unless you explicitly navigate to its direct URL. Viewing and searching these FAQs doesn’t require an account in your LibAnswers system – if you know it exists, you can view its contents. :) To use this option, head to Admin > Groups > Edit Group > Group Availability and select “Hidden”.
    • Stats Tracking for Restricted Groups – By default, LibAnswers doesn’t track FAQ view statistics when you’re logged in to LibAnswers – but for Restricted (and now Restricted Internal!) FAQ Groups, logged in users are the only possible FAQ viewers! So we’ve updated our statistics tracking just for these FAQ group types to capture views from logged in users.
  • Close a Ticket Without Reply – Head to the Answer Ticket screen and you’ll find a new button option to Close Without Reply. This new option makes it much easier to close tickets, create FAQs from tickets, and record Reference Analytics about a ticket, without requiring text in the “Reply” field.

LibChat Updates:

  • Nickname / Alias – Prefer not to use your full name while chatting with patrons? Nicknames and aliases are here! To create a nickname, head to My Account > Nickname, and create any Nickname you’d like (maybe “Reference Librarian”, or “Sarah P.”, or “All-seeing Oracle of Knowledge” – whatever floats your boat!). Patrons chatting with you from the public side of the system will see the nickname you choose; the internal librarian/operator screen will still show your full name.
  • delayWaiting Message – We know it can be tricky to respond to tons of incoming chats, and respond to ongoing chats at the same time, so we’ve added a new customizable waiting message to help! To create this message, head to LibChat Widget Builder > Options > Delayed Claim Message. Add a custom message for long-waiting users and prompt them to submit their question via LibAnswers instead of LibChat – you can even choose how long a user should wait before viewing this message!
  • Track Missed Chats – We’ve added tracking for “missed” patron chats – ie chats that patrons initiated, but for whatever reason weren’t picked up by a librarian before the patron navigated away from the chat screen. These new reports make it easy to see how many incoming chats have gone unanswered – and, if you require a patron email address to initiate a chat, this report makes it possible to follow up with these missed chatters via email! To view this report, head to LibChat > Missed Chats.

Systems & Services Management Tool

Have you heard about our new Systems & Services Management Tool? If not, check out our 5-minute overview video – we think you’ll agree, this tool can revolutionize the way you manage communication about all of your library systems and services! We’re still putting the finishing touches on this new tool, so keep an eye out for the release announcement in our next LibAnswers v2 update, coming during the first week of December.

It’s Here! LibGuides 2 Excel Import! (and other awesomeness)

Import New Database Assets

We are super excited to announce that it’s now possible to import database assets into your LibGuides 2 A-Z list using an Excel spreadsheet.  Just go to Content > Assets > A-Z Databases List > Import Databases and choose Excel XML spreadsheet to get started.

You’ll be prompted to download and populate our Excel template with information about databases you want to add.  You can include the vendor name and whether databases should display the “New” and “Trial” icons as well.  Please note that this process creates new database assets in your system; it cannot be used to update existing database assets at this time.

Get Patrons the Help They Need, STAT

Configure the “Help is Just a Click Away” box on your homepage so that it goes directly to your LibAnswers site, where patrons can browse or search your FAQs, or submit a new question via SMS, email, or chat.  Don’t have LibAnswers yet?  No problem!  You can customize the box to include custom introductory text; when patrons click the button, they’ll jump to whatever URL you provide.



You Asked, We Coded

We are also excited (we’re an excitable lot, aren’t we? :) ) to let you know that we’ve added these features:

Improved XML Exports

Your system’s XML exports now contain the subjects and tags that are associated with individual guides.  Ingest your XML exports with your discovery system to make your LibGuides content discoverable there.

Bugs Squashed!

These improvements addressed bugs in the system:

  • Clicking on a gallery box circle indicator will take you to the corresponding image
  • Adding a link asset without a URL won’t be clickable
  • Asset links set to display description when you hover over the title will do so, all the time
  • Regular account holders can restrict a guide via IP address from within the guide (CMS only)
  • Regular account holders can assign colors to groups with the appropriate permission (CMS only)
  • When you copy a guide into your system from another system, assets in the original guide are copied into your system rather than mapped to the original.  LibAnswers widgets, LibSurvey items, and Database assets are NOT copied since they are unique to the original system.

Mini Command Bar and Custom Templates

Several of you reported that removing the {{guide_search}} keyword from a Guide Layout template also removed the Mini Command Bar (the Guide Edit functions) from the edit site of guides. To fix this, we added another keyword, {{ADMIN_MINI_CMD_BAR}}, to the system default templates. Unfortunately, separating these two functions out in the default templates did not address any custom templates, resulting in the loss of the Mini Command Bar from any guide to which a custom template was applied.  We realized our mistake quickly, and our developer was able to insert the additional keyword into all custom templates, restoring the Mini Command Bar for everyone.

We apologize for any disruption this caused and want to reassure all our customers that we have put procedures in place for this sort of thing. We don’t foresee further changes to templates, but should the need arise, we try our best to make these changes behind the scenes in such a way that it will not impact users.  If that’s not possible, we will inform custom template users of the coming change and how to address it, before the code is released.

If you are still experiencing issues with a custom template, please contact us right away: email or tweet us @springshare.

Thank you to all our Springy customers out there for suggesting new features, reporting bugs, and for being patient as we add and fix things. :) We <3 our Springy family!