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Get Ready for Fall: Tips from Your Favorite Springys

The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the weather's cooling down (or maybe not quite yet), that can only mean one thing... autumn is just around the corner! Some of us are gearing up to head back to school and others are already in the swing of things, so we've put together a list of tried-and-true tips from the Springy crew to help you get ready for fall!

1. Review Your LibApps Account Levels Suggests Springy Zin

Fall is the perfect time to review all of your LibApps accounts to make sure everyone has the appropriate access. Get any new folks set up with the access they need and double check existing accounts to confirm that your staff have the right permissions across your Springy tools. Don't forget to remove or inactivate any old accounts!

2. Springy KJ Says Make Sure Your Fall Cardigan is Primed

No librarian is complete without the perfect fall cardigan, so make sure your favorite sweater is in place over the back of your computer chair, hanging neatly in the staff break room, or in your emergency sweater surplus drawer. We all know how chilly the library gets on a late autumn evening!

3. Send a 'Welcome Back' Email with LibConnect Recommends Springy Cate

Welcome all of your students, faculty, staff, and patrons back using one of our email templates in LibConnect! Our pre-built templates enable you to effortlessly capture your readers' attention with beautiful, themed emails. Or, design and reuse your own email templates!

4. Springy Lilly Says Refresh Your Bulletin Boards

Fall is the perfect time for a fresh start - there are lots of new programs and fun activities starting, so go through and make sure your bulletin boards are clear of old flyers and ready for new postings! Don't forget to recycle!

5. Check Your Appointment Settings and Hours in LibCal Suggests Springy Talia

A new semester means it's time to update your hours and appointment settings with your current availability! With LibCal's Appointment Scheduler, patrons can book one-on-one consultations with your team, online or in-person, from their computers or smart devices.

6. Spring Isn't the Only Time for a Good Springy Cleaning Says Springy Corinne

Sure, we all love a good Spring Cleaning, but what better time for a refresh than right as you're beginning a new school year? Take a look at one of our recent SpringyNews issues for some great Springy Cleaning Edition tips and tricks!

7. Springy Kirsten Says Get Outside and Enjoy the Fall Weather

We've been outside all summer long, but it's especially important now to get a good dose of Vitamin D and savor the cool, fresh air! The best way to break up your long indoor work day is to pack yourself a lunch and enjoy it outside.

8. Don't Forget to Join the Springshare Lounge Reminds Springy Jen

If you haven't joined the Springshare Lounge yet, you'll definitely want to sign up! The Lounge is a great place to keep up to date with Springy release notes, start discussions and learn from other Springshare users, request a new feature for your Springy tools, and unlock cool features and badges!


We've got plenty more tips and tricks where these came from! Take a look at a few ways you can stay in the know about all the goings-on here at Springshare.

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