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Happy LibGuides Day: 16 Years of LibGuides

Happy LibGuides Day! April 30th marked the 16th anniversary of the first LibGuides install. To celebrate, we're looking back at the first ever LibGuide from 2007 and featuring some of our favorite LibGuides - created by YOU!

A Look Back at the Beginning

Temple University was the very first member of the LibGuides community! On our 10th anniversary we caught up with Temple's Steven Bell to reminisce about the early days of Springshare and LibGuides.

"I recall being quite enthusiastic after my initial exploration of this new thing called LibGuides. It was like Slaven totally got what I was looking for and he turned it into a viable product for creating turnkey web-based, multimedia research guides. I was still fairly new at Temple and my first thought was to proceed slowly in sharing this with colleagues for their feedback. I imagined we would want to evaluate it carefully and deliberate on this for a few months before making a decision.

"Once librarians had an opportunity to explore the LibGuides they were highly enthusiastic and wanted to begin using it as soon as possible. We had our demo site by May 1 and were a full-fledged customer by July 1, 2007."

The very first LibGuide at Temple University, Circa 2007.
The very first LibGuide at Temple University, Circa 2007.

From the LibGuides Community

Information Literacy Toolbox

Florida International University's stunning LibGuide channels a gorgeous Miami Vice-feel that captivates learners while giving them tips for navigating library resources.

Doing it for the Culture: Sneaker Stories

This incredible LibGuide by Virginia State University Libraries features stories about sneaker culture and the impact is has on the community. "Much of our lives are devoted to telling stories about who we are, who we love, what we ate, where we’ve been, and in the case of this project, what we wore."

The Wakanda Syllabus

Dewitt Wallace Library at Macalester College created a unique LibGuide that explores the artistic and cultural context of Marvel’s Black Panther comics, and the fictional world of Wakanda.

LibGuide as a Homepage

Shapiro Library at Southern New Hampshire University uses a LibGuide as their library homepage to provide a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website for their patrons.

Get inspired by our LibGuides Community - featuring guides from our worldwide user community.

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