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Post-ACRL Recap: Amazing Guest Speakers & More!

Springys had an amazing time at last week's ACRL Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Was there a gorgeous river view from the conference hall (if ya know, ya know)? Absolutely. Did we all enjoy some amazing tacos at Condado's? Also yes. Was everyone bummed to get in their cars or planes to head home? Without a doubt.

But the best part about this year's ACRL conference, aside from the fact that we hadn't seen anyone in-person since 2019, was hearing how all of you are using Springshare Tools to meet the needs of your users. From guest speakers presenting at our booth (recordings linked below) to poster sessions on LibApps tools... we learned so much from all of you.

And for those of you who were #ACRLleftbehind - have no fear, we're bringing some of what we learned back to you.

Tessa (University of Louisville) presenting on creating student-centered LibWizard tutorials
Tessa (University of Louisville) presenting on creating student-centered LibWizard tutorials
Olivia & Jackie (Temple University Libraries) presenting on their new digital copy service
Olivia & Jackie (Temple University Libraries) presenting on their new digital copy service
Jacqueline (Montana State University) presenting on connecting users with disabilities to services
Jacqueline (Montana State University) presenting on connecting users with disabilities to services

Guest Speaker Presentations - Recordings Available

View high-quality recordings of guest speaker presentations and download their slides and resources!

Slide Into Success: Making LibWizard Tutorials Student-Centered and User-Friendly - Tessa Withorn, University of Louisville

Do students find your LibWizard tutorials easy to navigate? Do they understand what they're being asked to do? Hopefully the answer is yes! This presentation will provide practical tips for communicating effectively with your audience, fixing embedded content, and engaging students with user-centered design.

Get Help Finding a Digital Copy: Connecting our Catalog, LibWizard, and LibAnswers to Launch a New Online Service - Olivia Given Castello & Jackie Sipes, Temple University Libraries

When Temple University’s library buildings closed early in the pandemic, Temple Libraries staff saw an opportunity to enhance our virtual reference services and keep the library "open" virtually even though access to our physical materials was suddenly cut off. We established a new service, Get Help Finding a Digital Copy (GHFDC), that connected users to library staff who could help them find digital copies of inaccessible physical items. GHFDC has since become a permanent and valued part of our service offerings.

Connecting Users with Disabilities to Accessibility Services with Springshare - Jacqueline Frank,
Montana State University

How can you connect users to the accessibility resources they need, at the right time? Come see how the Montana State University Library uses both LibAnswers and LibGuides to facilitate accessibility requests, and share accessibility resources with users.

Catch Up on These Springy Flash Presentations (18 minutes or less!)

Watch a sneak-peek about the new LibGuides A-Z functionality coming soon, plus learn about Springy Consulting, our integration with Lean Library, recent updates to the LibInsight ACRL dataset, and more!

All videos are available on Springshare's Facebook page. While you're there, give our page a follow to make sure you don't miss out on any future updates and posts. Don't have a Facebook account? Don't worry, you can still watch our videos! Ignore all the prompts to sign-in or create an account and enjoy.

New LibGuides A-Z Features

The LibGuides A-Z List is getting a bunch of new features like individual database A-Z landing pages, card-style layout, pagination, access mode filtering, and more.

LibGuides Nested Subject Categories

We just released nested subject categories in LibGuides! This 8-minute flash presentation covers best practices for moving to the new two-tiered organization setup.

Updated LibInsight ACRL Dataset

LibInsight's ACRL Dataset got a makeover in 2022 and you won't want to miss out on how you share and benchmark your ACRL data.

Explore Springshare Consulting Services

The Springshare Consulting team can help you with any project, large or small, and they've designed some beautiful LibGuides homepages to boot.

Lean Library's Integration with LibGuides & LibAnswers

Learn about Springshare's partnership with Lean Library and how you can integrate your LibGuides and LibChat right inside the patron's workflow, without them ever having to navigate to the library's website.

Building an Assessment Survey

With LibWizard, you can build Pre & Post Instruction Assessment Surveys to accurately gauge student learning.

Hybrid LibCal Appointments

Sometimes you're available for f2f appointments... and other times you're only available for online appointments.

New LibConnect Email Templates

Explore LibConnect's powerful email marketing functionality with 30+ new email templates!

Where Can You Find Springshare Next?

Computers in Libraries, March 28 - 30

Come say hi to Springy Dave at booth #218 during the Computers in Libraries annual conference!

Technology from Sage, Insight 2023, April 26 - 28

Springy Talia is crossing the pond to Birmingham, UK for the Technology from Sage Insights Conference. She's also sitting in on a panel session on Emerging Technologies on Thursday, April 27 from 10:30 – 11:00am.

Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference, May 8 - 9

Springy Jen is heading to Falmouth, MA, for the annual MLA conference.

ELUNA Annual Meeting, May 9 - 11

Springy Talia is heading to sunny (hopefully!) Los Angeles for the Annual ELUNA meeting. If you're attending, in-person or virtually, be sure to check-out her session on Springshare Integration with Ex Libris Tools (Wed, May 10 @ 4:45pm PT).

View our conference schedule to see a full list of everywhere we're going to be in 2023!

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