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Introducing LibWhisper: ASMR for Libraries

Springshare's latest and greatest product — LibWhisper — launches tomorrow, April 1, 2023! We don't normally launch a new product on a Saturday, but we couldn't wait to announce it to the world!

LibWhisper is a brand new state-of-the-art ASMR tool, designed specifically for libraries. With LibWhisper, you can layer audio clips from our sound library to craft your ideal library setting. Your 100% personalized ASMR soundscape is the perfect accompaniment while researching, cataloging, reading — or cuddling up with LibCat!

  • Library Sounds Library: Browse our exclusive sound library, then combine your selected audio clips in our custom soundscape builder.
  • Springy-Curated Playlists: Select from a variety of themed playlists carefully chosen for you by the Springshare team.
  • Subliminal Admin Encouragement: Add subliminal messages to your audio soundtracks to get maximum productivity out of your staffers — without them even knowing.
  • Auto-Shush Capabilities: If you're deep in an ASMR moment and someone is about to interrupt, our auto-shush feature will make sure no one disturbs you.
One of our many Springy-Curated Playlists

Record-breaking decibel levels and multi-speaker bluetooth control bring new meaning to surround sound with LibWhisper Shout. Blast your relaxing library sounds from every speaker in the nearby vicinity at a decibel loud enough to drown out even the most deafening rock concert.

LibWhisper Shout: So that you quite literally cannot hear anything else.

Our Client Testimonials Speak for Themselves

"My absolute favorite soundscape is Library at Midnight! Silence never sounded so good." - Mary Shhhelley

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12 thoughts on “Introducing LibWhisper: ASMR for Libraries”

  1. Nothing better than Fountain Pen on Cardstock. An office favorite, here. Such a classic brought back to life. The rhythm is undeniable. You can almost feel the urgency and sway of the pen in the artist’s hands.

    1. Hi Brendon!
      If you love that, just wait until you hear Click of the Pen Cap. The repetitive sound of a pen cap being clicked on and off is truly music to our ears.
      Springy Kirsten

  2. This is a must for the LibApps suite! You need to post the complete playlist – we have carpet now, but we want to bring back the sound of shoes walking across marble floors!

    1. Hi Brian!
      What a fantastic idea. And you’re in luck – in Sounds of the Library Vol. II we’ll be releasing an entire playlist dedicated to the sound of shoes walking across various flooring materials. We hope you’ll enjoy it!
      Springy Kirsten

  3. Always look forward to these end of March, early April release announcements! LibWhisper Shout is perfect to combat the library renovation sounds that have been that have been cluttering the soundscape here!

    1. Hi Sharon!
      We’re so glad you’re interested in our LibWhisper Shout upgrade! Renovation noise will soon be a thing of the past.
      Springy Kirsten

    1. Hi Linda!
      What a great idea! We all love cuddling up with a good book and listening to that sharp blade slicing through a fresh sheet of paper. Keep the ideas coming!
      Springy Kirsten

    1. Hi Sanjeet!
      We’re glad your LibCats are enjoying LibWhisper! Just wait until they hear our newest soundscape – Sounds from a Cattery.
      Springy Kirsten

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