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LibAnswers Chatbot is Almost Here!

Our exciting new Chatbot functionality is coming January 2023, and will be included as a standard part of the LibAnswers Platform! Chatbot serves as the first point of contact for chat patrons, guiding them through options, and passing them on to a particular resource or staff member as needed. Depending on the Flows you set up, Chatbot can route patron questions to specific chat departments, prompt them to create a new LibAnswers ticket, execute a LibGuides or LibAnswers search, or even direct them to a LibCal resource or LibWizard form.

We make it super easy and transparent for patrons to get help from a librarian right away, so if they're not in the mood to engage with a chatbot, they won't have to jump through hoops to get live help.

Create Flows to Control the Patron Experience

With Chatbot, you'll be able to create your own "Flows" to guide end-users toward the answers and resources they're looking for, before they talk to a librarian. Chatbot is rule-based, not AI, so you'll have the opportunity to control the entire user experience.

Chatbot Can:

  • Gather basic patron information like patron name and email.
  • Ask custom questions like “What is your department?” or “Do you have a student ID number?”
  • Pass patrons off to a live chat operator or collect contact information for follow-up via email or LibAnswers Queue.
  • Provide a selection of FAQs to answer common questions like: “What are your hours? or “How do I renew an item?”
  • Connect patrons with info from other Springshare Tools like LibCal Events and LibGuides.

Don't use LibChat? No Problem

While Chatbot can start the conversation and then pass it off to a live chat operator, it doesn't have to. Chatbot can act as a self-contained system and provide an opportunity to connect patrons directly to a librarian for follow-up via email or a LibAnswers Queue.

Chatbot Provides the Flexibilty Your Library Needs

During our time working with and for libraries, we've learned that every library is different. Each institution has its own unique space, set of policies, procedures, organizational structure, etc. It only makes sense that every Chatbot will need to be different, too. That's why we've made it totally customizable!


Ways to Customize Chatbot:

  • Adhere to institutional branding by adding a custom Chatbot name and image.
  • Create a unique welcome page for your patrons, which can include text, a set of specific links, FAQs, or the option to chat with a live operator.
  • Make multiple Flows for different departments, subject areas, or places on your library website.
  • Prompt patrons to choose the type of help they're looking for using fully customizable (and natural language!) contextual Flows.
  • Decide when Chatbot is and is not available with "Always Available", "Available when chat is online", or "Available when chat is offline" as options.

Want to learn more? Watch this sneak peek of the new Chatbot functionality.*

*Please note, this video is password protected.  Contact to request the password.

4 thoughts on “LibAnswers Chatbot is Almost Here!”

    1. Hi Toni,
      Chatbot will launch before the end of February! Keep an eye here on the blog for the update on the official release date.
      Springy Corinne

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