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Five Reasons to Join the Springshare Lounge

Two years ago, we set out to build a new and improved Springshare Lounge. The Lounge Team wanted to create a community space that would empower Springshare users like you to collaborate, share innovative ideas, and help each other online. With over 3,000 users, 1,000 discussions, and 2,500 comments to date, we'd say the Lounge has been a success! Any Springshare user can join, but you need to register with an email associated with your LibApps account to access all the Loungy goodness. Read on for our top reasons to join the Springshare Lounge today!

1. Stay up-to-date with Springy release notes!

First and foremost, the Lounge is the best place to get the latest updates for new and improved Springy Tool features! Our Product Managers post release notes for each of our products almost every month. You might even learn that a feature you requested has been added to your favorite Springy Tool!

Pro tip: you can follow specific categories and even sign up to receive email notifications when people post about them. Click the bell icon on the category page to update your notification settings. 


2. Start discussions and learn from other Springshare users

The Lounge is all about community and collaboration, so it's no surprise that we love to hear about all the innovative ways our users are customizing the look, feel, and functionality of Springy products. Whether you're having difficulty working out a tricky bit of CSS or are curious about how other libraries are using a specific product or feature, there's probably another Lounge user that has faced a similar question!

Here are some of the topics we've seen discussed in the Lounge recently:

3. Engage with Springshare staff via Event posts

From coding challenges to casual discussions about summer projects, the Springy Team has been known to start discussions in the Lounge, too!

These discussions are a great way to get to know the Springy Team and the community at large. Sometimes they tie in with larger events like our annual virtual user conference, SpringyCamp!

Springshare Lounge Monthly Coding Challenge

4. Search past discussions for best practices and shared code

Speaking of Lounge users having the same questions... great minds think alike, so you could find the answer to your question without even posting a new discussion! You'll be surprised what you find among the 1,000 + discussions. For instance, this conversation about creating accordion boxes that contain only assets.

5. Unlock features and badges as you participate

Librarians are usually helpful by nature, and we believe that quality deserves a reward! We also think games are fun, so we set the Lounge up like a game - members can earn points and unlock special features and badges. Go ahead, collect them all!

Earn points when you:

  • Make and comment on posts
  • Have other users react to your posts
  • Attend SpringyCamp (Missed out on your SpringyCamp 2022 attendee badge? Just request it!)
  • Earn badges
 Photogenic Badge:  Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. Thanks!

Level up:

What happens at each level? Getting higher levels unlocks some extra Lounge features, and the highest levels also opens access to some extra discussion categories as well. Perks for each level:

  1. Springy Initiate - 0 points: Start discussions, comment on discussions. Everyone starts here!
  2. Springy Novice - 50 points: Edit your own posts for up to a day for convenience.
  3. Springy Scholar - 75 points: You can create Poll posts to get a vote on a topic from other Lounge members.
  4. Springy Expert - 100 points: Unlock access to Springy Labs. In Springy Labs, you'll get to see sneak peeks of things we’re working on plus get the chance to offer feedback on new designs in development.
  5. Springy Hero - 150 points: Receive the ability to add a signature to your posts.
  6. Springy Pro - 250 points: Get the ability to use the “Promote” reaction on a post or comment - doing this will add it to the “best of” page in the Lounge.
  7. Springy Champ - 1,250 points: We are in awe of your contributions and helpful deeds in this community! We’ll also send you a thank you card that's hand-signed by one of the Springy crew to show our appreciation.

Ready to become a member?

Any Springshare user can do it! Hop on over to the Lounge to register today. We'll see you in the discussion boards!

-The Springy Team

4 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Join the Springshare Lounge”

  1. This seems useful! But I have trouble registering.
    I got an email to confirm my email adres, but when I clicked confirm I got an error message saying it couldn’t confirm.
    When I tried to send a new confirmation email it said my email doesn’t need confirmation…
    Help? 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah!
      I checked in with the Lounge Team, and it sounds like your registration request has been approved this morning. All Lounge requests are approved by a member of the team so there can be a slight delay when someone registers outside of our usual working hours. Please let us know if you have any trouble logging in moving forward!
      All the best,
      Springy Lilly

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