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Code Release: New LibWizard & LibStaffer Updates Coming This Week!

Spring is in the air, and we're ready to greet the new season with a fresh crop of product releases! We're spreading our product releases out a bit more this time around: LibWizard and LibStaffer's releases will go out to all regions by the end of the day on Friday April 15, 2022, while LibAnswers, LibCal and LibInsight's releases will go out to all regions by the end of the day on Friday April 22, 2022. To read all of the details regarding these releases, don't forget to join us in the Springshare Lounge and follow the release notes category!

Coming this week:


  • We don't have a lot going on for this April 2022 release because we've been busy working on an updated LibWizard form editor interface! To see a preview of what the new UI will look like, head over to the Lounge's LibWizard April Release post where we've included screenshots of the new experience.
  • In a move toward greater end user privacy, the "Collect IP" setting will be inactive by default for all new forms.
  • We've fixed an issue with editing form submissions not displaying previously selected multi-choice options.

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibWizard April Release post!

Training resources for LibWizard: recorded sessions


  • Shift swapping bug: sites that use a "Max Hours" restriction (where people can't work more than X number of hours per day) were encountering an error message "Max Hours Reached" when swapping shifts, even when the swap would effectively keep people to the same number of hours. We've corrected this behavior so max hours are correctly calculated.
  • Scheduled Shifts Summary report bug: We fixed the calculation of the breakdown of hours per schedule when shift names were blank.
  • Schedule Widget bug: We fixed an issue where the button for the Time Off overlay in the schedule widget preview did not display correctly.

For more details on these and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibStaffer April Release post!

Training resources for LibStaffer: recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning

And coming next week:


  • Daily Space Bookings are coming, making it even easier to manage reservations for things like study carrels, long term study rooms, and the like!
  • We're introducing a series of new Bulk Update pages, to help admins view and change settings across different areas of LibCal! In this release we'll be releasing bulk update pages for Appointment Scheduler users, as well as for Space and Equipment Categories.
  • We're also adding a new permissions level for Event Registration Editors, who can manage registrations for various events but who will not have access to edit the event details.
  • Plus, we're adding a new Inactive Account Level, which will remove a user's ability to log in to your system but will preserve all stats related to that user.

Training resources for LibCal: live sessions | recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning


  • We're overhauling the LibChat Widget Builder, to make creating and editing widgets an intuitive and painless experience.
  • You can now require specific Reference Analytics fields and the READ scale field to be filled out prior to Reference Analytics submission.
  • We're simplifying the process of initiating a new ticket to a patron, so it's clearer in the UI that a librarian was the one to initiate a conversation with a patron.

Training resources for LibAnswers: live sessions | recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning


  • We've added GET API support for the following dataset types: Calendaring, Circulations, ILL, and Reference.
  • We've continued our move to Bootstrap 4, and have refactored our record data pages with this goal in mind.

Training resources for LibInsight: recorded sessions

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