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Introducing: Readle!

Springshare is pleased to announce the launch of our very first readers' advisory tool, Readle! Readle gamifies the RA process and invites you to play favorites... and recommend them to your patrons. Plus, you can tackle that all-too-familiar challenge "brain on" with our new game. You know what we're talking about. We don't know the title or the author but the cover is blue! 

Let the Guessing Game Begin!

"I believe it took place during World War II," "The protagonist was an amateur detective," "I think it was on the bottom shelf?" Sound familiar? Pinpointing that mysterious title with only a few details can feel like finding a needle in a haystack but with Readle, it's a fun challenge! Patrons supply a few esoteric facts about a book, and then librarians play the ultimate guessing game.

Fun Features Include:

    • Springy Signal - Two heads are better than one, so Readle comes with a brainstorm Springy Signal. If you're stumped -- get pumped. The system allows you to trigger a call for craniums to help you solve the puzzle and get back to your patron. Say goodbye to emailing the regional listserv for help, the Springy Signal projects a call for help into the night sky.
    • Advanced Bragging Functionality -If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Not sure, but if a tree solves a Readle and helps a patron branch out or fall into a new literary adventure -- we're sure that tree is not about to stay silent! Speaking of which, if you're loving Readle - Tweet about it using #Readle and tag us @Springshare!
    • Customize Your Readle with CSS - When it's important to get your game face on, you can count on us. Springshare understands how advantageous it is to have your Readle interface call out to your institution's branding. Get in there and match the box colors and fonts with CSS. It's easy, and your patrons will know right away that they're engaging with the right Readle system.

 The Rave Reviews are Rolling In:

"We just love the Springy Signal here at my library! I get so excited every time we see it. We've answered several calls for help and it truly never gets old." --  Spruce Waine

"Before Readle, I dreaded the readers' advisory process - it just wasn't fun! I haven't enjoyed a product this much since LibCat" -- F. Scott Fitz-feral

Want to learn even more about this exciting new offering from Springshare? Hop on over to our Readle product page for all the juicy details!

- The Readle Team at Springshare

P.S. Don't forget to share your Readle love with us on Twitter using #Readle and @Springshare!

4 thoughts on “Introducing: Readle!”

  1. Tried accessing the Readle product page, but it’s not working. I get a 404 error: The requested page could not be found
    This could be because the link you clicked was not formed properly or because the page has been deleted.

    1. It’s a prank within a prank! Just kidding… that one is on us. Thanks for letting us know! We’ve updated the link and hope you enjoy learning all about Readle.
      -Springy Lilly

    1. Hi Goerge, we’re so glad you like the idea of Readle! We wish it could be a real thing too! If only we could figure out how to implement the Springy Signal IRL…

      -Springy Lilly

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