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New from Springshare! SpringySessions

A lot of us Springys are librarians and collectively we have many decades of experience in marketing, outreach, programming, customer service, and more! Normally, our training sessions and webinars tend to focus on how to use Springy tools. From basic out-of-the-box sessions to innovative outside-the-box training webinars. But, all that's changing with our newly launched SpringySessions! These webinars are a bit different, we're going to share our experiences and expertise, in a variety of topics, with you!

SpringySessions will take place 3-4 times a year and will cover a variety of topics aimed at providing you with real-world strategies than you can implement in your organization. If you can't attend the session live, don't worry - all sessions will be recorded and made available for 24/7/365 viewing.

First SpringySession: Grow Your Email Marketing List

Our first SpringySession is all about growing your email marketing list. We'll cover how to successfully engage patrons and encourage them to sign-up to receive emails from your organization. An informed patron is an engaged patron! So let's get them engaged!

Monday, March 21
1:00pm - 1:45pm US ET.

45-Minute Webinar Will Cover

  • Low-tech tips for growing your marketing list.
  • The value of strong visuals.
  • Using social media to your benefit.
  • The importance of segmenting.
  • Quick overview of LibConnect Email Marketing.

We hope to 'see' you there - and at many many more SpringySessions in the future!

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