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Using LibCal Appointments for Virtual Study Rooms

During the last 18 months of the pandemic, libraries had to adapt, and quickly, to meet the needs of their virtual learners. Academic libraries, in some cases, had only a few days to get their online services actually online before they had to close their doors.

The Barry University Law Librarians had a similar situation - and on top of that, they realized that a lot of law school students benefit from group study. So how could they continue to facilitate group study rooms in a virtual environment.

Many of you may be thinking, well students can get their own free Zoom accounts - why should the library get involved? Free Zoom accounts are limited in duration, with only 40minutes. law school students frequently study for long sessions, so a 40 minute limiter was a deal-break.

But how to manage a booking system for virtual study rooms?

Queue LibCal Appointments

Using LibCal Appointments, Barry University Law Librarians setup a reservation system for law school students to reserve Zoom webinar rooms for large group study without the 40 minute timer.

Learn How They Did It!

Watch our most recent Springshare Learning Lab to see how Barry University librarians configured LibCal to meet the needs of their virtual learners. Download their slides and watch!

Upcoming Learning Labs?

Due to SpringyCamp coming in August and September, we won't have any Learning Labs till October! Have you had a chance to sign-up for SpringyCamp?

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