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Code Release: New LibCal, LibAnswers, LibGuides, LibStaffer, & LibInsight Features Coming Your Way!

These releases are on their way to you next week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, August 13, 2021.

We have so much to share with you about this release it’s almost too much to put into a single blog post…so we didn’t! Starting with this release, we’re using our Springy Share blog platform to let you know when releases are coming out and highlighting some major new features and/or important changes, and using the Springshare Lounge’s Release Notes area to share the full details about each product’s release in separate posts. This updated communication format allows us to tell you about everything coming up without a single post being too overwhelming.

If you’re not yet a member of the Springshare Lounge, you will need to sign up for an account. Once that’s done, you can sign up for email notifications of new posts (even just to specific categories, like Release Notes!), browse/add/participate in discussions, and connect with other Springshare users. We have a great community there, and we’re excited to have you join!

Without further ado, here are some of the great features & changes coming your way next week.


  • Maps Module: We're introducing several new features aimed at simplifying the process of maintaining and publicizing your library's maps! Intuitive integrations of maps throughout the LibCal interface. A new LibCal homepage component linking directly to the library maps landing page. Download and edit any and adjust associations as needed. Unpublish maps, or the entire maps module, to edit maps offline, then take the map live again once your adjustments are complete.
  • Bulk Availability Editing for Appointments: Admin users can enter and manage availability for a group of users in bulk!
  • New API Endpoint for Appointments: We’ve added a new endpoint for retrieving booking form question information. Find it at Admin > API > Appointments

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibCal August Release post!

Training resources for LibCal: live sessions | recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning


  • LibAuth for LibAnswers is here! You can now limit who can submit questions via the question form, who can start a chat, or even require your patrons and users to log in using their library credentials before viewing some, or all, of your public side content!
  • New for the Co-Op: See who is online and monitoring Global Cooperatives.

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibAnswers August Release post!

Training resources for LibAnswers: live sessions | recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning


  • Updates to Daily Guide View Statistics: We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to help our guide stats run more efficiently for all of our customers. To that end, daily views statistics are now limited to the past 12 months. Stats older than 12 months are available on a monthly aggregated basis.
  • “Last Login” Dates Move to LibApps: Instead of displaying the last login date in both the LibApps and LibGuides Accounts screens, we’re centralizing this information to the LibApps > Admin > Manage Accounts screen. Since users must authenticate through the LibApps or a LibAuth configuration, this will truly represent when a user last logged into LibApps. (Note: You must be a LibApps Admin to see this data.)

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibGuides August Release post and the LibApps Release post!

Training resources for LibGuides: live sessions | recorded sessions

Training resources for LibApps: recorded sessions


  • Limit Consecutive Hours of Shift Assignments: The shift assignment process (auto or manual) now takes an account’s consecutive hours limit into consideration, if one is set. Head to Admin > Accounts > Edit account to find this setting.
  • Next/Previous Shift Info: In the shift assignment modal, we now show the three previous and next shifts for each staff member, relative to the current date/time of the shift being edited in the modal.

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibStaffer August Release post!

Training resources for LibStaffer: recorded sessions | SpringyU self-paced learning


  • Selector List Improvement: We’ve replaced our selector lists with searchable versions! It’s now much easier to find that option you’re looking for in a list.
  • UX Improvements: We’re continuing our mission of moving all pages to Bootstrap 4 and several more pages were addressed in this release. Also, the Actions column on the Dataset and Manage Dataset page just got a little narrower in order to provide more on screen space for other fields. Actions are now listed in a dropdown menu.

For more details on this and more, head over to the Lounge’s LibInsight August Release post!

Training resources for LibInsight: recorded sessions

We would like to thank you, our user community, for sharing all your great ideas with us! We love making them a reality and look forward to bringing you many more improvements in 2021. We are always here for you if have any suggestions or questions.

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