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Springshare Support Closed for Holidays

It’s been said before, but it is worth repeating – 2020 has been a year. Springshare support is not only excited to say goodbye to this really tough year but also to take some (well-deserved) time off. ICYMI, in our recent newsletter – the Springshare Support team answered 35,000 support questions this year… up 19% from 2019. We also taught training sessions to 8,500 attendees, had 20 major product releases, and more. Phew, we’ve been busy! Therefore, our Springshare Support, Training Team, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts will be closed for a few days over the holidays.

Springshare Support Schedule
(Including Training & Social Media)


Will be monitoring for emergencies. All non-emergency questions will be answered when we reopen.

  • Thursday, Dec 24
  • Friday, Dec 25
  • Friday, Jan 1

Reduced support hours (9am-5pm U.S. EST):

  • Monday, Dec 28 – Thursday, Dec 31

Springshare 24/7/365 Global Reference Will Be Open!

Our Springshare 24/7 global reference service, which backs up your reference chat service with MLIS-degreed librarians, will be open! When we say 365 days a year, we mean it. 🙂

If you’re interested in adding 24/7/365 chat coverage to your reference outreach, contact us at

If You’re Still Working… We Have Suggestions!

If you’re still working over this holiday season, we have some suggestions for you to help make the most of your time!

SpringyU – is all about self-paced learning via short videos. Choose to learn with Blocks or beef up your skills with Courses. If you’ve got 5 minutes or a lot more than that, you can attend SpringyU right from your chair. 

Pickup Manager Blocks on SpringyU

SpringyNews – Find yourself in the midst of a slow period? Peruse our latest newsletter, which just so happens to be our 50th edition!

Springshare Buzz – Been hearing the buzz about Pickup Manager, and want to check it out? Or perhaps you’ve been hearing a lot about the LibAnswers Co-Op but don’t know what it is? Does a 5-minute LibCal Seats overview video sound exactly like what you’re capable of handling today? Check out the Product Highlights page on the Springshare Buzz Site for quick looks and more.

Catch up on Updates – It’s really helpful to keep up with all the new features and fixes for Springshare tools that are now available to you. Plus, we also released a mini-update for LibCal last week!

Opt In – for the gift that keeps on giving. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can check out the stories we’re sharing all year long.

We want to thank you for continuing to be our awesome’sauce clients in what was most certainly a difficult and turbulent year. We are so grateful for the opportunity you’ve given us and the trust you have in us to help you and, ultimately, your patrons. Thank you for sharing your feedback, suggestions, and wishlists and for your never-ending example of true dedication. We’ll see you in the New Year and goodbye 2020!

3 thoughts on “Springshare Support Closed for Holidays”

  1. Hi LibGuides,

    I know you are taking a break and that’s great as you are quite popular/busy. I’m getting my question in the queue.

    I created a page on Monday and) will not let me edit. Not even delete or move boxes.

    Sort of an issue because it was an event and I shared the link thinking I could add even more and 2. We are revamping for accessibility and I want to un-embed (is that a word) a video. Kind of embarrassing, LOL.

    I have tried on a PC and Mac.
    Other guides are fine. Just the page/tab created on Monday on an existing guide.
    There is just an outline around all the boxes and the edit icons (pencil, etc) are greyed out like its locked down.

    Just a new guide error. Bizarre.

    Thanks very much and happy holidays in the meantime!
    ~ Lilly

    1. Hi Lilly! Springy Laura here – our apologies for this accidentally getting lost in the holiday shuffle.

      Ack, I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue with your new page. I did a quick search of our recent Ask tickets and didn’t see an inquiry from you there – were you able to get this resolved? If not, please reach out to our support team from the Support tab in your LibGuides site! The timing is a bit tricky as they’re closing for the New Year holiday at 5pm ET, so I hope you’re able to see this in time.

      Again, our apologies for the delay! Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues. As always, you can find all of our help docs and reach the support team directly at: as well.

      Springy Laura

  2. Very glad to see a company (any company, really) give time off to their entire employee base for holidays. In the Americanized business world it’s a unique thing, but one that I truly believe we should be moving towards for the physical and mental health of us all. Thank you, Springshare, for deciding to continue giving your employees vacations!! Have a wonderful break, and thanks for all that your team does for its customers as well!

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