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Back to School Checklist

The telltale signs are starting to show. Campus orientation tours are rolling past office windows. Freshmen are enrolling in classes. The energy on campus is starting to build. These are all signs that school is about to start! It’s time to spruce up those guides, ready the study room sign-up, update the FAQ, and give a lift to the digital branch.  We’ve put together a quick check-list to help you get organized.

  • First things first: guide cleanup time!
    • Summer’s come to a close; time to unpublish LibGuides about summer programs and readings.
    • Update your student employee/volunteer LibGuide with this year’s shifts and policies. LibGuides CMS users: remind students and volunteers to sign up for email alerts, then send out alerts any time you update the guide.
  • It’s time to kick that E-Reserves program into high gear!
    • Remind teachers and faculty to send in their E-Reserves with our handy E-Reserves Request Form.
    • Get those E-Reserve items and courses loaded; check out our help guide for tips!
  • It’s a great time to freshen up LibAnswers, too!
    • Review any policy-related LibAnswers, to make sure they’re up-to-date.
    • It’s a great time to advertise your LibAnswers service! Post an ad in the student newspaper, create promotional materials, check out our session on Advertising LibAnswers, and grab more tips on Advertising your SMS service.
  • Get those dates and schedules in order with LibCal!
    • If you’re using the Room Booking tool, now’s a great time to post fresh QR codes outside available study spaces – they make booking with mobile devices super easy!
    • Make sure your personal scheduler is up to date & publicized – make it easy to consult the experts!
    • Create a calendar for special events, & publicize it – share the iCal subscription link, and anyone who subscribes will see newly added events automatically!
  • Make sure your LibAnalytics data collection is ready to go! Check out our Dataset Ideas for suggestions on what types of data to capture.

What are you doing to get ready for school? Share your suggestions and strategies in the comments!

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