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Tick Tock, Time is Running Out! Submit your SpringyCamp Proposal Today

We’re seeking SpringyCamp proposals  and there are only two days left to get your submission in!

What is SpringyCamp, you’re probably asking yourself! SpringyCamp is Springshare’s bi-annual virtual conference where you can learn how colleagues from around the world are using Springshare tools. Springshare4Everyone is this year’s conference theme and we’re looking for submissions on how you’re using Springshare products – easy peasy!

Submit your proposal by March 10th.


SpringyCamp Recordings Now Live!

SpringyCamp – Focusing on UX may be over but you can still join us ’round the campfire. SpringyCamp recordings are now available! We’ve recorded each presentation separately so you can pick and choose which sessions you’d like to watch!


  • Download presenter PowerPoints;
  • Use Pru’s integrating LibGuides with Blackboard code;
  • Contact presenters with your questions;
  • Participate in our active discussion boards.

SpringyCamp Website

SpringyCamp – Registration Now Open!

SpringyCamp – Focusing on UX: Understanding & Meeting the Needs of the User

Program Information:

Date: November 8th, 2012
Time: Tentatively scheduled from 1:00pm-4:30pm EST (subject to change)
Cost: Completely, 100% free!
Program Outline: Currently calling for presenters! Submit your proposal now!
Program Level: Designed for All Audiences

Register & Learn How Libraries are Using Springshare Products to:

  • Meet users where they are;
  • Understand their needs;
  • Provide an outlet for user-driven content/services/resources;
  • Capture user experiences or assess library success;
  • Reduce the degrees of separation between the library and the user;
  • Ways to streamline work for library staff while still meeting users where they are;
  • …and more!

 How Do I Register?

  • Registration is as easy as 1,2,3
  • Our first SpringyCamp, April 2012, was so popular our registration ‘sold out’ in less than 24hours. In an effort to ensure that as many libraries can attend, we are limiting registration to one per institution.
  • Does your library have multiple branches / campuses / buildings? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!
    • Please be sure to read our instructions regarding registration here!

A Two-Way Street

Good afternoon SpringyFans! It’s not a conversation unless you hear from us and we’re hearing from you. This post covers just that!

Hearing from Us:

Check out the latest edition of SpringyNews – Going for Gold. The 2012 Summer Olympics, but our opening ceremony featuring LibAnalytics will dazzle and impress anyone looking to solve their data dilemmas. Our Olympians, Jenica Rogers and Stephanie Rollins share their real-life stories of how they’re using LibAnalytics to improve and streamline their libraries. Also, be sure to check out fan favorites Springy Tips & Tricks and our latest Product Updates! Borrowing the Olympic motto, Springshare supports “Swifter Service, Higher Standards, Stronger Statistics!”

Read SpringyNews – Going for Gold!

Hearing From You:

SpringyCamp is back y’all and we’re looking for presenters for our November, 2012 Virtual Conference on Focusing on UX (User Experience): Understanding & Meeting the Needs of Users. So we want to know:

  • How are you using Springshare Products to:
    • Meet users where they are?
    • Understand their needs?
    • Provide an outlet for user-driven content/services/resources?
    • Capture user experiences or assess library success?
    • Reduce degrees of separation between the library and the user?
    • How are you making it easier/faster/efficient for library staff to meet user needs?
    • How are you able to streamline work for the library while still meeting the needs of the users?

Program Level: Designed for all Audiences

Note: Springshare understands that your time is precious. Therefore, selected presenters will receieve an honorarium for their time and effort. It’s our way of saying thanks!

Interested? Submit your proposal today!

SpringyCamp: Call for Presenters!

Are you an agent of change? A harbinger of innovation? A cutting-edge rawking pioneer? The most integrating’est integrator the biblioworld has ever seen!?

If you answered yes to any of the above – then SpringyCamp wants you!

SpringyCamp, April 13th 2012 focuses on Integration. We need presenters who have:

  • Integrated Springshare products in cool & innovative ways!
  • Integrated your Springshare content in outside systems (Facebook, CMS, LMS & More!).
  • Integrated:
    • Realities? Blended physical & mobile worlds via QR Codes, SMS Keywords, Mobile Site Builder?
    • Across departments? Within or, outside, your Library.
    • … and more!

burst So what are you waiting for? Submit your proposal NOW!