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A Platinum Win for Patron Point in 2024 MLAs by LibraryWorks

Awards Season is upon us! No, we're not referring to the Golden Globes or Academy Awards; we're talking about the red-carpet event of the library world, the Modern Library Awards from LibraryWorks.

We are thrilled to report that our email marketing and engagement tool, Patron Point, has received a platinum award in the tenth annual MLAs. This is the third consecutive year Patron Point has received the honor! 


The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. Products and services were submitted in the fall using a simple application, and then were posted on a private site with an enhanced description and attendant materials. These products were batched into small groups and sent to the LibraryWorks database of more than 80,000 librarians at public, K-12, academic, and special libraries. Only customers with experience with these products/services in their facilities were permitted to judge the products/services, resulting in a truly unbiased score.  

Each judge scored the product on a numeric basis from 1-10 on a series of questions regarding functionality, value, customer service, etc. Platinum is the highest rating category, with reviews ranging from 8.5-10 across the board. 

The reviews are rolling in...

Our favorite part of the process? The evaluation process gives the anonymous judges space to leave reviews of each product. This is a great opportunity for us to hear feedback directly from our users.

Here's what the judges have to say:

"Patron Point has some of the best customer service I've encountered. They always want to help us with any obstacles we face and include us in a lot of their testing for new services we may benefit from. They are prompt and their product is PERFECT for libraries who cater to a large demographic. We've tested attendance numbers and found that when we send emails with Patron Point, our numbers and registrations rise. It's how we reach our people and they make it so easy. We meet with them frequently for check-ins and they always want to see us succeed. With that, they always give us tips and tricks to see our read rates rise! They are awesome!"

"Patron Point is a great product that keeps getting better. It has brought our email marketing to the next level."

"Patron Point has allowed us to streamline, automate, and improve so many facets of our operations and marketing. It's an incredibly powerful tool to elevate your library to the next level."

"Patron Point is above and beyond any other newsletter or customer support service I have used. Their dedicated customer support is top notch. Which company offers personally tailored training labs designed just for you? I love how you can create a variety of ways to connect with Library users, the creative approach to connect with your patrons from weekly newsletters and anniversary to welcome campaigns with everything in between. Patron Point walks you through every step of the way whether you are a new user or not. Their customer support, personal and broad training, personalization of emails with recommends book service or segmenting email content provides all the tools anyone needs to succeed in reaching out to their patrons. Patron Point is the BEST!"

Want to Learn More About Patron Point?

Patron Point is a fully-featured marketing automation tool that helps hundreds of libraries around the world drive their digital marketing and attract, onboard, inform, engage, and retain library customers through targeted marketing and automated engagement.  

With Patron Point, libraries more fully engage their patron audience across multiple channels including email, website forms, and pop-ups, web widgets and social media tracking and SMS. Libraries can benefit immediately from a foundation of Proven Programs™ or create their own workflows that are customized to their unique user communities and needs.

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Ready to take your library's marketing and engagement initiatives to the next level? We'd love to chat with you about how Patron Point can boost patron engagement and automate your marketing efforts! Fill out the form below to reach out!

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