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Introducing the LibAnswers NPS® Module: Your New Favorite Feedback Tool

Get Ready to Read Your Patrons' Minds

We're thrilled to launch the brand-new Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS) Module, available as an add-on upgrade to LibAnswers starting October 23, 2023! NPS® elevates your LibAnswers customer service platform by allowing you to gauge user satisfaction across your institution. You'll have the tools to create unlimited customized surveys, distribute them to your patrons, and watch the responses start rolling in. To see the NPS® Module in action, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars!

Never heard of NPS®? You're probably more familiar with it than you realize! If you've ever answered a question with a 0-10 rating scale, you've likely filled out an NPS® survey. NPS's appeal lies in its standardized simplicity. Each response includes a rating, plus any comments from an optional follow-up question.

With the Net Promoter Score℠ Module, you can:

  • Understand your dissatisfied patrons and make targeted improvements.
  • Review positive comments so you can keep up the good work.
  • Track your institution's score over time.

Want to learn more about the NPS® Module? Read all about it in our latest edition of SpringyNews!

Interested in adding NPS® to your LibAnswers site? Not yet subscribed to LibAnswers? Contact us for information!

Where and How Can You Use NPS®?

There are infinite ways to use the Net Promoter Score℠ Module to collect feedback! Here are a few ideas to get you started: Gauge the experience of patrons who visit your website or ask a question over LibChat. Use the LibCal integration to follow up with folks who attend library events or set up a one-on-one research appointment. Send an NPS® email campaign to participants in your summer reading program. The possibilities are endless!

NPS Email Campaign

Email Campaigns

NPS® comes with an email campaign builder so you can set up customized one-time or recurring emails.

Bonus: Set up recurring email campaigns tied to a recent LibAnswers or LibCal interaction, and your contact list will automatically update before each email goes out!

But email isn't the only way to share your NPS® surveys...

NPS for Chatbot

Widgets, Tickets, and Chat, Too!

Choose how to distribute each survey based on what type of feedback you're gathering.

  • Embed a widget in a webpage.
  • Share a survey's direct URL.
  • Turn on NPS® in a ticket queue's Quality of Service settings.
  • Use an NPS® survey in any of your LibChat widgets.

Keep an Eye on Your Score

Track your score and review survey responses so you can understand your patrons and give them more of what they want!

NPS® reports provide up-to-date insights, cross tab analysis to compare email campaigns, exportable graphics, and a word cloud to help you spot trends. These robust reporting tools help you measure how satisfied patrons are with your services over time.

NPS Overall Score Chart
NPS Word Cloud

Join Us for a Sneak Peek

We'll give you a quick overview of NPS® functionality, then dive into setting up an NPS® survey and building an email campaign!

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Can't attend live? Register and we'll send an email with access to the recording as soon as it's available!

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