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Exciting News! Announcing Springshare’s Acquisition of Patron Point

You might have heard the news earlier today that Springshare has acquired Patron Point! We are beyond excited about combining the strengths of our two companies to deliver best-in-class marketing automation and engagement software to libraries.

Both Springshare and Patron Point teams are already brimming with integration ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you about your ideas and suggestions, too.

Patron Point now powered by Springshare

Here are some highlights of the acquisition and our plans for the future:

  • Enhancing the Patron Point platform: Springshare will invest in expanding Patron Point resources and staff to help the company continue excelling and delivering great software and great service.
  • No interruption of service for either platform: Current Patron Point customers and Springshare customers will continue using their tools uninterrupted, with the same account managers, same support teams, same tech teams, etc.
  • Integrating Springshare tools into the Patron Point platform: We plan to integrate public-library focused Springshare tools into the Patron Point platform to deliver additional value and make Patron Point an even more fully featured engagement platform.
  • Adapting Patron Point to academic, special, and K-12 libraries: We are incredibly excited about the potential to adapt the Patron Point software for use by all Springshare libraries, including academic, special, and K-12.

Stay Tuned!

This is just a teaser of big and exciting things coming your way. In the meantime, we have put together a brief FAQ on the potential impact of this acquisition on current Patron Point and Springshare customers: FAQ about Springshare's Acquisition of Patron Point.

To learn more about Patron Point, visit

Your questions, ideas, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Email us at or contact your existing Springshare or Patron Point account managers and share your thoughts.

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