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Springy Training Resources for Everyone

We're rounding up the best ways to get to know your Springy tools! Whether you're a new user or a seasoned admin, our dedicated Training Team is here to make sure you have easy access to live and self-paced training resources.

Psst! While we're highlighting some of our more structured training options here, this still doesn't cover all the Springshare resources at your fingertips. For step-by-step documentation for all Springshare products, browse the Springshare FAQs. Ready to tackle a new project or do some customization work but not sure where to start? Get advice from the Springy community in the Springshare Lounge. And any time you need help with a sticky problem, submit your question to our Support Team!

Live Training Sessions

For practical tips and tricks, attend one of our live training sessions hosted by our super-friendly, super-knowledgeable Springy Trainers! Our calendar of upcoming sessions has something for all types of users. Plus, we regularly change up the schedule and design new trainings to meet your needs.

Say "Hi!" to Your Trainers

Springy Carrie, Springy Cate, Springy Jen, and Springy Michelle

Who are our live trainings for?

  • Beginner Users: You are new to the product and looking for an introduction.
  • Intermediate Users: You have been using the product for a while now and have an understanding of how it works.
  • Advanced Users: You have been using the product for a while now and have an understanding of how it works. You have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Admin Account Level Users: You are an admin-level user in your system and can change settings.

What types of trainings do we offer?

  • Build It Sessions: A project-based session; you will learn how to create something with your product(s).
  • Customization Sessions: Some coding and design, including template customization.
  • Setup Sessions: Setting up a product to work for you.
  • Skills Sessions: Build your skills and knowledge of a product.
  • Training Tidbit: Sessions under 30 minutes that cover an in-depth look or tips and tricks on a specific feature.

Training Calendar Tips:

  • Change the time zone for the Training calendar and on individual events to match your location.
  • Joining us from Europe or Africa? Look for sessions marked "Early Bird/EU Opt Time".
  • Use the "New Session!" filter to discover the latest additions to the training roster.

Training Session Recordings

Don't worry — if the timing of our live trainings doesn't work for your schedule, you can always watch the recording!

We've got tons of recordings and resources available for you to catch up on at your convenience.

Sign in with your LibApps login, then filter by skill level, product, or session type.

To help you get the most out of our training recordings, here are some places to check for additional resources: (Note: Some recordings, especially those that are more in-depth or advanced, will have more resources and related links than others!)

  1. Look for help articles, related sessions, example LibGuides, snippets of CSS, and more.
  2. Read the "In this Session" section for an overview of the topic. We may recommend other trainings or SpringyU courses for you here, too.
  3. Tap the CC button to turn on captions! Our recordings use transcripts that are reviewed by the Springy Training Team in post-production.
  4. Don't forget to scroll down — sometimes you'll find even more resources below the video.

Capacitación En Español

¿Ya conoce la oferta de capacitación y soporte para nuestros clientes de habla hispana? Asegúrese de utilizar sus herramientas de Springshare al máximo. Le invitamos a:


SpringyCamp is our annual virtual conference — fun, informative, and totally free for all Springshare clients. Presenters showcase the exciting and unique ways they're using their Springy tools, while attendees get to ask questions and take inspiration and ideas from their fellow Springy users.

We had a blast celebrating the 10th(!) anniversary at SpringyCamp 2022 last July! To watch the recordings, sign in with your LibApps account.

SpringyCamp 2023

We're getting ready for another fun SpringyCamp adventure this summer... Which means we're looking for YOU to present!

We want to hear all about what you've been doing with your Springy apps. Now's your chance to submit a proposal to present at this year's SpringyCamp.

The first round of applications is due 5/26.

Self-Paced Learning with SpringyU

Dive deeper with the self-guided tutorials available in SpringyU! We've got three types of instruction for you:


Coming in at under 7 minutes apiece, each Block gives you a video and list of tasks teaching you how to use a specific function of one Springy tool.


Each Course will help you set up, configure, or manage parts of a single Springy app by walking you through a group of blocks.


Tackle more advanced uses of your Springy apps, like onboarding new staff or exploring app integrations, with our SpringyU Projects.

Head's up! SpringyU is a work in progress. We'll be bringing you more Blocks, Courses, and Projects for all the different Springy apps, and we appreciate your patience as we build out this content.

To access SpringyU, sign in with your LibApps account.

Custom Training from our Consulting Team

Looking for something tailored to your training needs? Our consulting team offers custom training sessions! Choose from one of our standard sessions to get you and your staff trained on the basics or arrange for an advanced training designed for your institutional goals or workflow.

Learn more about our Consulting Services. Contact our Sales Team at for more details about custom training options.

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