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We’re Celebrating National Customer Service Week!

If you've ever attended a Springshare training session, posted in the Lounge, or written to our Support Team, you know that Springshare customer service goes above and beyond! We may use a lighthearted tone, but the fact of the matter is that we take customer service very seriously here. And so, we're taking the opportunity to celebrate National Customer Service Week!

Please note, we'll be taking some time to celebrate our top-notch Support Team this Thursday afternoon (Oct 6) from 4pm ET - until the end of our business hours that day. We will continue to monitor for emergencies during this time! 

Springshare Customer Service by the Numbers:

To kick things off, we've gathered some statistics to showcase just how hard the Springy Team works to provide the very best customer service possible with every single interaction. These numbers are a snapshot of our customer service efforts in action over the past year.

Springshare Support & Consulting:

  • The Support Team has answered 21,000+ tickets
  • They've kept 1,200+ published FAQs updated (and you've viewed them over 738,000 times!)
  • Our Consulting group worked on 152 projects
  • Our customer service CSAT score is 91.3

The Springshare Lounge:

  • As of this month, the Lounge has 3,000+ members
  •  In the past year, there have been 330+ lounge discussions and 1,000+ comments

Springshare Training & SpringyU:

  • Our Training Team has provided 240 free training sessions
  • Those training sessions saw 5,000+ live attendees
  • SpringyU grew by 111 new blocks and 15 new courses (making a total of 368 blocks & 61 courses!)
Springshare is celebrating National Customer Service Week. Send the Springy Team some love with #SpringyAppreciation

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg! It would be impossible to quantify everything that happens behind the scenes to make all of these interactions successful. We are constantly working together to find the right answers, create the best documentation, and make the Springshare experience positive and memorable for our customers.

Join the Conversation

If you'd like to celebrate with us, we invite you to share an example (or two, or three!) of a great customer service moment you had with the Springhshare Team. Maybe a member of our Support Team quickly and effectively found a solution for a problem you were having, or the Training Team showcased an amazing feature you now use all the time?

Here's how you can share your story:

  • Comment on this blog post - We'll share any comments with the entire Springy Team, we promise.
  • Share on Twitter - You can tag us @Springshare and use #SpringyAppreciation
  • Post on Facebook - You can tag us @Springshare and use #SpringyAppreciation here too
  • Send us an email - if you're feeling shy, you can send an email directly to!

Whether the interaction happened on Twitter, in the midst of a consulting project, or in the Lounge, we'd love to hear all about it!

- The Springy Team

2 thoughts on “We’re Celebrating National Customer Service Week!”

  1. I can’t pick out one particular instance where I’ve received great service – because I ALWAYS receive great customer service from The Springshare Team! Especially the Help Desk, my questions are always answered so quickly and accurately. Thank you for the years of great customer service 🙂

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