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Talia Richards-Resendes
Vice President of Marketing


Springshare Joins IMS Global and its LTI Alliance

MIAMI (March 17, 2022) – Springshare is pleased to announce that we have joined IMS Global, the worldwide non-profit collaborative dedicated to edtech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact.

“Thousands of libraries worldwide rely on our LibGuides CMS LTI module to embed library content directly inside LMS course pages in a targeted fashion,” said Slaven Zivkovic, Springshare’s Founder & CEO. “Springshare joining IMS Global means that our LTI tool will continue to offer the highest level of interoperability and compatibility with various Learning Management Systems which support the LTI standard.”

Springshare’s newest iteration of the LTI module supports the LTI 1.3 protocol, which contains additional security features. Joining IMS Global and adhering to its specific standards will allow Springshare customers to move through the integration process quickly and smoothly.

“The LibApps LTI provides a critical, focused resource that helps students complete their work,” said Anna Burke, VP of Customer Experience. “Once the tool is installed in your LMS, the librarians can ensure the right content and connections are available in each course directly through LibApps and LibGuides. There is no requirement for additional permissions within the LMS itself!”

For more information about LibGuides CMS, visit our LibGuides CMS product highlight page.

About Springshare

Springshare software helps libraries engage with their communities and deepen relationships with users. Our SaaS suite is used by over 7,500 institutions in 85 countries worldwide.

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