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Talia Richards-Resendes
Vice President of Marketing


Springshare: New Pickup Manager Tool for Integrated Contactless Pickups

Mobile-First, Robust, & Affordable Holds Management Tool

MIAMI (September 16, 2020) - Today Springshare is announcing Pickup Manager - a new LibApps tool designed to help libraries improve workflows around the pickup of library holds. The Pickup Manager combines Springhare’s scheduling and communication features and fully integrates them with the integrated library systems (ILS) holds functionality. The end result is an affordable and user-friendly pickup management platform.

“Covid-19 has disrupted many workflows for libraries and patrons alike. Library pickup workflows were ripe for improvement even before COVID-19 struck.” said Chief Springy Slaven Zivkovic. “We’re excited to offer a solution which brings much improved workflows for patrons and staff alike. This new tool brings a lasting, positive change that will strengthen the engagement between patrons and libraries during - and long after - the COVID-19 crisis.

Important features of the Pickup Manager:

  • Two-way communication with ILS holds and patron records, thus eliminating a lot of double-entry efforts with holds management.
  • Seamless and flexible scheduling of patron pickups with full SMS communication.
  • Powerful statistics and analytics around the holds service, helping libraries gain valuable insight into holds to enhance engagement with patrons.
  • Integration with LibCal’s Equipment Booking module for pickup of equipment available for lending, for museum/zoo passes, and for similar “library of things” offerings.

Springshare is uniquely primed to deliver Pickup Manager” said Vice President of Product Cindi Blyberg. “Libraries have been using LibCal’s scheduling and LibAnswers’ communication tools for many years so we were able to mobilize our experience to deliver this new tool in record time and make it the most affordable pickup and holds management platform.”

The Pickup Manager will be available in early October. For more information and to schedule a demo please contact ​​.

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