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Slalom your way to a 2014 Olympics LibGuide

We’re t-minus 9 hours away from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia! Are you ready for it? LibGuide built and ready to go? Beads of sweat trickling down as you carefully select those subjects and tags? Finger hovering over the published button in Olympic anticipation?
Wait, what? Can you repeat that please? No LibGuide? You didn’t have time to create one?

Ahh, no sweat! You don’t have to spend weeks and months training like the Olympic athletes to have an amazing LibGuide for your patrons. Our BestOf LibGuides site features two brand new Olympic 2014 LibGuides that use a variety of Free Resources to showcase the Winter Games. Since they’re featured on our Bestof LibGuides site, feel free to reuse these guides without having to ask permission first. Simply copy the guide into your system and edit at will. And before you know it, you’ll have a medal-worthy LibGuide all your own!

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