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Internet Explorer Browser Caching Issue

In the last few weeks we had several problem reports where users said that the previously deleted content magically reappears on their guides, or that text entered into the rich text editor reverts to its previous version (and/or that text changes are not being saved), or that the list of tabs is not updating after making changes to it, etc. All these (and a few other) issues have one thing in common (and the same fix) – your browser (mostly Internet Explorer)  is caching web pages so your newly entered content gets overwritten with the cached version of the same page which your browser saved earlier in the session.

If using Internet Explorer to edit your guides, it is very important (make that critically important) to make sure your browser is not caching pages. We have instructions about this on the login page (under the “Important information for Internet Explorer Users”) but it seems a lot of people miss it there, so here are the detailed instructions on how to prevent IE from caching pages. Please take a moment and make sure your IE settings are as described below:

1) In your IE, select Tools -> Internet Options. A new window should pop up, which looks like this:

2) Click on the “Settings” button circled above. This should open up another pop-up window which looks like this:

3) Make sure the the option “Every time I visit the webpage” is selected. Then click the OK button which will close this window, and then click the “Apply” and “OK” buttons on the previous window.

4) Lastly, please restart your browser and you should be good to go.

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