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Raw Weblog Statistics for LibGuides

Hello Folks,There hasn’t been much activity on our support blog because we are busy working on the new version. You’ll be impressed, I assure you 🙂

We have a question for the community, and some feedback would be appreciated. In the next release, we are thinking of making available raw weblog statistics for each library (on a monthly basis). These logs would offer a wealth of data which goes far beyond the basic statistics offered thru the LibGuides interface. You would be able to see things like user’s browser types and versions, screen resolutions, access times, busy times when the usage of your system is at its peak, the length of user sessions, search terms, search engine hits, etc. The amount of detail will depend on the weblog statistics package you use at your library (WebTrends, Google Analytics, AWStats, etc.) and what specific information is most important to you.

Would you like to have these raw logs available for download? This question is mainly for LibGuides system administrators. Let us know – either post a comment on our user community forums, or send us an email to

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