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Webinar Recordings You Might’ve Missed

We've made it through the first half of 2024! Here at Springshare, we're looking ahead to all the new features coming soon to your Springy Tools, but first, we're taking a moment to catch up on the past few months. The Springy Team has been busy! We hosted two Learning Labs with outstanding guest librarian presenters. We ran not one, not two, but five webinars about our big data tool, LibInsight. If all of that sounds great, you're in the right place - we're rounding up those webinars (and more!) into one great big mid-year wrap-up for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Learning Labs: Part Guest Speaker, Part Training Session

Sold Out Events with LibCal & Patron Point

LibCal and Patron Point took center stage in this Learning Lab with Jill Yott from the Indian Prairie Public Library! Jill discussed how she uses these Springy Tools to support her library's "sold out" events and weekly newsletter with over 28K subscribers! Then, we took a tour of LibCal and Patron Point so you’ll be ready to boost your own programming and outreach efforts.

>> Watch: Creating Sold Out Events with LibCal & Patron Point

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Leveraging NPS for Continuous Improvement

In our second Learning Lab of 2024, Sara Hull joined us from SUNY Empire Online Library to talk about how her library has used NPS surveys with LibAnswers to improve their reference services and to align library services with objectives from the university's strategic plan. After Sara's presentation, Springy Cate demonstrated how to set up NPS for your LibAnswers site.

>> Watch: Leveraging NPS for Continuous Improvement

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Sharing Our Springy Expertise

SpringySession: Creating Instructional Videos Like a Pro

Are you creating instructional videos and looking to improve the quality of your audio, video, and more? Springys Talia and Kirsten share insider tips for creating high-quality professional videos, from building out your scripts to broadcasting your finished product.

>> Watch: Creating Instructional Videos Like a Pro

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Marketing and Outreach for Patron-Centric Libraries

Given the right tools and methods, you can shape your public messaging to communicate value and get patrons excited about library offerings. This webinar explores proven marketing and outreach methods designed to ensure you are reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

>> Watch: Marketing & Outreach for Patron-Centric Libraries

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Get to Know Springy Tools

Deep Dive Into Data: LibInsight Webinar Series

Explore the LibAnswers NPS Module

Get to know the Net Promoter Score, an add-on module for LibAnswers that measures patron satisfaction with your library's services, resources, or the institution overall. With the NPS Module, you can collect feedback from patrons, make targeted improvements, and track your institution's score over time.

>> Watch: Explore the LibAnswers Net Promoter Score Module

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Happy watching! If you prefer to attend live, be sure to check our Springshare events calendar regularly and sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the know about Springy happenings.

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  1. We would like to create an ‘Online Escape Room’ but we only subscribe to LibWizard Lite. Is there any tutorials on creating an escape room uisng surverys?

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