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Introducing LibBNB: Bookable Book Nooks

LibBNB Opens Its Doors on April 1st

The escape from reality that you've been waiting for...

...for days, weeks, even months at a time! Explore such features as:

  • LibBNB Categories: Select from our extensive list of curated category filters to find your perfect book nook match.
  • Amenities Galore: Pillow fort? Ceiling-high TBR stack? Sound system with LibWhisper integration? Discover what each book nook has to offer.
  • Save With Monthly Stays: Book a long-term rental, enroll in auto-renewals, and read your days away!

Are you known for bragging about your impressive home library? Have you ever cataloged your kitchen?

You may be the perfect candidate to become a host for your very own book nook!

Plus! Earn host badges like Certified Libraryphile and Feline Friend.

Head on over to the Springshare Lounge to discover magical book nooks, available now!

Do you have some unique amenities to suggest? We want your input! Add a comment telling us all about your dream book nook. We're here to turn your dreams into reality!

Our Guests Share the LibBNB Hype

"When you're wondering if this is the real life or if it's just fantasy, and you're caught in a landslide, I highly suggest LibBNB to escape from reality." – Freddie Jupiter

All This – and More – Can Be Yours!

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