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Learning Lab: Create Sold Out Events @ Your Library!

We've all been there... You've worked hard to create an amazing event at the library. Lined up speakers. Coordinated everyone's availability, which often feels like herding cats. Sent endless emails getting everything worked out. Arranged all the materials, both high-tech hardware and low-tech crafting supplies. Got there early the morning of to make sure everything's all set up for the big event, and turnout is well... lackluster. You deflate a little bit - knowing you created an amazing event but somehow, your patrons just didn't know about it.

If you're thinking, "There has to be a better way to ensure a better turnout at our events..." Then you won't want to miss this Thursday's Learning Lab: Programming with LibCal & Patron Point. Guest speaker Jill Yott, Communications Coordinator at the Indian Prairie Public Library, will discuss how she uses the dynamic duo Patron Point and LibCal to create sold out events at her library.

Following Jill's presentation, the Springy Training Team will walk you through all the steps on how you can set up your Springy Tools to ensure your events are always jam-packed with wall-to-wall attendees.

I'm NOT a Public Librarian - Does This Webinar Apply to Me?

Yes! We can and always should gather inspiration from other sectors to better serve our own user demographic. If something a public library does can give you inspiration for your library, then that's time well-spent.

So, whether you're an Academic, Public, School, Government, Hospital, or Special Librarian of any kind - if you're offering any kind of events and want to increase attendance - then join us for this helpful instructional webinar!

Thursday, February 29
12:00pm - 1:15pm US Eastern Time

** REGISTRATION CLOSES 12pm ET Wed, Feb 28 **

Can't attend live and want the recording? Register and choose 'Get Recording Notification' and we'll email you a link to the recording after the session's over.

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